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This How-To Geek School series will teach you how to use SysInternals tools like a pro, and even the most hard-core geeks will probably learn something new. Join us as we take a deep dive into SysInternals.

Lesson 1: What Are the SysInternals Tools and How Do You Use Them?

This How-To Geek School series will teach you how to use SysInternals tools like a pro, so your geek cred will never be in question. Not that we are questioning your geek skills. You do use SysInternals tools, right?

Lesson 2: Understanding Process Explorer

This lesson in our Geek School series covers Process Explorer, perhaps the most used and useful application in the SysInternals toolkit. But how well do you really know this utility?

Lesson 3: Using Process Explorer to Troubleshoot and Diagnose

Understanding how Process Explorer’s dialogs and options work is all fine and good, but what about using it for some actual troubleshooting or to diagnose a problem? Today’s Geek School lesson will try and help you learn how to do just that.

Lesson 4: Understanding Process Monitor

Today in this edition of Geek School we’re going to teach you about how the Process Monitor utility allows you to peek under the hood and see what your favorite applications are really doing behind the scenes — what files they are accessing, the registry keys they use, and more.

Lesson 5: Using Process Monitor to Troubleshoot and Find Registry Hacks

In today’s edition of Geek School we’re going to teach you how to use Process Monitor to actually accomplish troubleshooting and figuring out registry hacks that you would not know about otherwise.

Lesson 6: Using Autoruns to Deal with Startup Processes and Malware

Most geeks have their tool of choice to deal with processes that start up automatically, whether that is MS Config, CCleaner, or even Task Manager in Windows 8 — but none of them are as powerful as Autoruns, which is also our Geek School lesson for today.

Lesson 7: Using BgInfo to Display System Information on the Desktop

If you have ever done system administration, you probably have the problem where you connect to so many servers that you have no idea which computer you are connected to half the time. BGInfo is a great utility that lets you display useful system information right on the desktop. And it works for regular Windows users as well.

Lesson 8: Using PsTools to Control Other PCs from the Command Line

In today’s lesson in our Geek School series covering SysInternals, we’re going to show you how to use the PsTools set of utilities to perform all sorts of administration tasks both locally, and on remote computers as well.

Lesson 9: Analyzing and Managing Your Files, Folders, and Drives

We’re almost done with our Geek School series on SysInternals tools, and today we’re going to talk about all of the utilities that help you deal with files and folders — whether you are finding hidden data or securely deleting a file.

Lesson 10: Wrapping Up and Using the Tools Together

We’re at the end of our SysInternals series, and it’s time to wrap everything up by talking about all the little utilities that we didn’t cover through the first nine lessons. There are definitely a lot of tools in this kit.

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