Lesson 1: How to Use Android Effectively

Lesson 2: Managing Your Installed Applications

Lesson 3: Extending Your Android Device’s Battery Life

Lesson 4: Keeping Your Device Secure

Lesson 5: Managing Your Device’s Storage and Backups

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Minecraft

Lesson 2: Improving Minecraft Performance on Old and New Computers

Lesson 3: Meet the Biomes of Minecraft

Lesson 4: Exploring Minecraft’s Structures

Lesson 5: Meet the Mobs of Minecraft

Lesson 6: Exploring Minecraft Game Modes

Lesson 7: Surviving Your First Night In Survival Mode

Lesson 8: Your First Mine, Armor, and Further Exploration

Lesson 9: Advanced Mining and the Magic of Enchanting

Lesson 10: I’m a Farmer, You’re a Farmer, We are Farmers All

Lesson 11: Engineering with Redstone

Lesson 12: Creating Custom Minecraft Maps

Lesson 13: Downloading and Installing Custom Maps

Lesson 14: Setting Up Local Multiplayer and Custom Player Skins

Lesson 15: Exploring Minecraft Multiplayer Servers

This How-To Geek School class is intended for people who want to learn more about security when using Windows operating systems. You will learn many principles that will help you have a more secure computing experience and will get the chance to use all the important security tools and features that are bundled with Windows. Obviously, we will share everything you need to know about using them effectively.

Lesson 1: Securing User Accounts and Passwords in Windows

Lesson 2: Preventing Disaster with User Account Control

Lesson 3: Windows Defender and a Malware-Free System

Lesson 4: Windows Firewall: Your System’s Best Defense

Lesson 5: Using Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Lesson 6: Using the SmartScreen Filter to Screen Out Suspicious Websites and Applications

Lesson 7: Using the Action Center for Extra Security and Maintenance

Lesson 8: Keep Your System Updated for Security and Stability

Lesson 9: Beyond Defender: Third Party Security Products in Windows

Lesson 10: General Security Tips for Windows Users

This series teaches you how to use Windows Administration tools like a pro.

Lesson 2: Using Task Scheduler to Run Processes Later

Lesson 3: Using Event Viewer to Troubleshoot Problems

Lesson 4: Understanding Hard Drive Partitioning with Disk Management

Lesson 5: Learning to Use the Registry Editor Like a Pro

Lesson 6: Monitoring Your PC with Resource Monitor and Task Manager

Lesson 7: Understanding the Advanced System Properties Panel

Lesson 8: Understanding and Managing Windows Services

Lesson 9: Using Group Policy Editor to Tweak Your PC

Lesson 1: Understanding Windows Administration Tools

This Geek School class will teach you everything you need to know about sharing files and resources like printers in a Windows-based network.

Lesson 1: User Accounts, Groups, Permissions & Their Role in Sharing

Lesson 2: The Basic Concepts in Network Sharing

Lesson 3: Customizing Your Network Sharing Settings

Lesson 4: Sharing with Others Using the Public Folder

Lesson 5: Sharing With the Homegroup

Lesson 6: Sharing With the Network Using the Sharing Wizard

Lesson 7: Sharing with the Network Using Advanced Sharing

Lesson 8: How to Work With Network Drives & Network Locations

Lesson 9: How to Share Devices With Others On the Network

Lesson 10: How to View & Access What’s Shared on the Network

This How-To Geek School series will teach you how to use SysInternals tools like a pro, and even the most hard-core geeks will probably learn something new. Join us as we take a deep dive into SysInternals.

Lesson 1: What Are the SysInternals Tools and How Do You Use Them?

Lesson 2: Understanding Process Explorer

Lesson 3: Using Process Explorer to Troubleshoot and Diagnose

Lesson 4: Understanding Process Monitor

Lesson 5: Using Process Monitor to Troubleshoot and Find Registry Hacks

Lesson 6: Using Autoruns to Deal with Startup Processes and Malware

Lesson 7: Using BgInfo to Display System Information on the Desktop

Lesson 8: Using PsTools to Control Other PCs from the Command Line

Lesson 9: Analyzing and Managing Your Files, Folders, and Drives

Lesson 10: Wrapping Up and Using the Tools Together

Microsoft Word is the tool that every company uses or requires as their file format. But how do people really use it in a team environment to get the most out of their experience? This Geek School series will teach you just that.

Lesson 1: Using Templates to Ensure Common Layout and Formatting

Lesson 2: Keeping Track of Changes Made to a Document

Lesson 3: Using Comments to Indicate Changes in a Document

Lesson 4: Restricting and Protecting Documents and Templates

Lesson 5: Versioning, Comparing, and Combining Documents

This Geek School series will give you the skills necessary to maintain your own PC by performing regular maintenance — cleaning the computer, keeping things updated, making sure that your data is all backed up, and a lot more.

Lesson 1: Don’t Spend Money, Cleaning Your Own PC is Easy

Lesson 2: Cleaning your Computer Inside and Out

Lesson 3: Securing your System

Lesson 4: Keeping your PC Updated and Running Smoothly

Lesson 5: Protecting your Data

The Complete Guide to Gmail will help you learn how to be a power user.

Lesson 1: Getting to Know Gmail

Lesson 2: The Mobile App, Composing Mail, and Conversations

Lesson 3: Inbox Management and Labels

Lesson 4: Mail Filters and the Star System

Lesson 5: Attachments, Signatures, and Security

Lesson 6: Invitations and Vacation Responders

Lesson 7: Use Gmail as a Task List

Lesson 8: Multiple Accounts, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Remote Signout

Lesson 9: Use Your Gmail Account to Access Other Accounts

Lesson 10: Power Tips and Gmail Labs

Microsoft Word is the global standard for word processing. At the same time, it’s one of the most maddening applications to master, which is why this Geek School series is all about learning how to format documents in Word.

Lesson 1: The Interface, Fonts, and Templates

Lesson 2: Paragraph Formatting and Creating Lists

Lesson 3: Tables and Other Formatting Controls

Lesson 4: Working with Pictures, Shapes, and Graphics

Lesson 5: Mastering Styles and Document Themes

This How-To Geek School class is intended for people who use Excel, or try to use Excel but are intimidated by the concept of formulas and functions. Its objective is to make you an Excel pro, or at least a competent amateur, in just a few lessons.

Lesson 1: Why Do You Need Formulas and Functions?

Lesson 2: Defining and Creating a Formula

Lesson 3: Relative and Absolute Cell Reference, and Formatting

Lesson 4: Useful Functions You Should Get to Know

Lesson 5: Lookups, Charts, Statistics, and Pivot Tables

This series covers how to use Windows Search.

Lesson 1: Stop Hunting and Start Finding!

Lesson 2: A New Look and Some New Tricks

Lesson 3: Using the Desktop for Maximum Search Mastery

Lesson 4: Use Boolean, Dates, and Wildcards to Give Your Searches a Boost

Lesson 5: Use Advanced Query Syntax to Find Everything

Lesson 1: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Lesson 2: Making the Start Screen Fit Your Needs

Lesson 3: Personalizing Your Start Screen

Lesson 4: Using the Windows Store and Windows Store Apps

Lesson 5: Working with PC Settings

Lesson 6: Working with Accounts and Exploring Sync Settings

Lesson 8: The Rest of the Settings

Lesson 9: Using the WIN+X Menu for Essential Administration

Lesson 10: The Rest of Windows 8.1