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Test Your Puzzle Solving Skills with Amazing Stick’s Puzzles HD

Do you have what it takes to solve wicked shape-based puzzles? Then get ready to test your puzzle solving skills with Amazing Stick’s Puzzles HD. This matchstick based game will definitely make you think, and quite possibly scratch your head in frustration as you work to find the solutions to each level!

The game currently has four sets of puzzles with a total of 176 levels, so there is plenty of puzzle solving fun to keep you busy for quite some time. Even better is that more sets are due to be added in the future!

The game has some basic rules that need to be kept in mind while playing, such as the rule about border sticks.

Things start off simple enough, but grow more complex with each successive level. Some of the solutions to the puzzles may seem odd at first, but stay with it and you will succeed. Keep in mind that you can also make use of hints if needed when a particular solution is not apparent.

The further you go, the trickier the game becomes! Good luck on solving all the puzzles and have fun!

This short video lets you see what game looks like in action…

Price: 0.99 (U.S.)

Amazing Stick’s Puzzles HD [iTunes App Store]

There is a free version of the game available as well…

Amazing Stick’s Puzzles [iTunes App Store]

Amazing Stick’s Puzzles HD Homepage [Facebook]

Amazing Stick’s Puzzles (Trailer) [YouTube]

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  • Published 05/17/13

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