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Supersonic is an Awesome Music-Driven 3D Racing Game

What do you get when you mix music, racing, and an awesome set of 3D racing circuits? Supersonic! Jump into the driver’s seat and prepare for speed-fueled fun as you race your way through track after track, all with an awesome soundtrack that will pump up your need for speed.

The game literally turns your device into a steering wheel. You can calibrate your device’s tilt sensitivity (Tilt) and orientation (Calibrate) using the controls shown along the bottom of the screen.

Time to step on it!

Racing along ever so smoothly…for the moment…

Once you get far enough into a track, things will start to become really hectic as you work to avoid smashing into differently shaped walls at high speed! Good luck and good driving to you!

You can see what Supersonic is like in this game play video…

Price: Free

Supersonic [iTunes App Store]

Supersonic [Google Play]

Supersonic [HP webOS Applications]

Special Note: There are HD (ad-free) versions available for iOS, Android, and webOS. You can find the entire list with links at the bottom of the homepage linked directly below. Prices will vary based on the platform.

Supersonic Homepage

Supersonic Support Page

Supersonic HD gameplay on iPad [YouTube]

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  • Published 06/14/13

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