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Leap into High-Flying Fun with ‘Fish Out Of Water!’

Are you ready to soar through the air as you help a group of adventurous fish explore the world above the waves while competing in their latest game? Then grab your swimming gear and prepare for water-based gaming fun with ‘Fish Out Of Water’. Whether it is skipping across calm seas, dealing with changes in the weather, encountering icebergs or jellyfish swarms, you will never get bored while playing with this group of feisty fish!

Note: Our set of screenshots were taken during the ‘evening’ period with a bit of weather adding to the fun.

Your starting point will be in the pool beside the beach with all six fish casually swimming around waiting for you to choose one of them. When you decide which fish you want to launch simply press down over it with your finger and move it near the top of the water or directly above it. Then swipe quickly to the right to launch the fish and watch as it tears through the course going for as long a distance and high a number of skips as possible.

You will get to launch three different fish each round. Each one has their own stand-out abilities when it comes to soaring through the air, skipping on top of the water, average distance they can travel, and more. After a little bit of experimentation you will learn how each performs and most likely choose some favorites. You can see Micro flying through the air here while on a special speed run challenge…

You can also enhance the results of your launches with special crystal charms. A good example is increasing the number of skips made by a particular fish when launched. To create the crystal charms you combine various colored crystal pieces that you win along with way. The crystal pieces are stored in a small wooden treasure chest until needed (see lower right corner of second screenshot above).

With a little bit of practice and persistence you can start impressing the judges and earning higher scores!

You can see what game play looks like as well as ‘meeting’ the colorful cast of characters in this official trailer…

Special Note: We were extremely pleased with the game since we were never once asked (read: bothered) to make an in-game purchase or forced to wait a set amount of time to play again. ‘Fish Out Of Water’ was always ready to go whenever we were ready to play! There are in-game purchases available if you want them, but they are never pushed on or at you.

Price: $0.99 (U.S.)

Fish Out Of Water! [iTunes App Store]

Fish Out Of Water! Homepage

Fish Out Of Water! Wallpapers

Fish Out Of Water! Official Trailer [YouTube]

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  • Published 04/29/13

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