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Enjoy Addicting Dot-Connecting Fun with Flow Free

Are you ready for a fun and challenging puzzler? Then Flow Free is the game you are looking for! Flow Free tests your ability to correctly figure out how to connect the dots with pipes, all without breaking other pipes or leaving any squares on the game board unused. It starts off simple enough, but soon grows much more challenging. Do you have what it takes to win or will you give up in frustration?.

You can choose which level of challenge you want to start off with from the game menu and each section is set up in easy to navigate blocks as shown here. The only section you can not start off with immediately is the 9×9 Mania Section…you will have to earn your way into that one!

Note: There will be occasional pop up ads for other versions of Flow Free appear on the screen, but they can be easily closed (they do not appear very often).

Things start off simple enough in the Regular Pack Section, so you can relax and enjoy things as you work your way into more complicated levels.

The first level from the 8×8 Mania Section… Once you get this far, then it starts to get a bit more interesting with the complexity of each level!

You can see what game play looks like in this iPad version review video from last year.

Price: Free (All Platforms)

Flow Free [iTunes App Store]

Flow Free [Google Play]

Flow Free [Windows 8 App Store]

Flow Free Homepage

Flow Free iPad App Review – CrazyMikesapps [YouTube]

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  • Published 05/22/13

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