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Embark on a Wild Run Through the Jungle with Banana Kong

Are you ready for some wild and crazy fun? Then prepare to join Banana Kong on his journey through the jungle as he runs to avoid the great banana avalanche. Watch out because the pace is quick and danger is always looming just behind! Can you help Banana Kong escape or will it be game over for our hero?

Banana Kong lets you use a combination of running, jumping, bouncing, swinging, and more to explore all parts of the jungle. During one part of your run through the jungle you may be at ground level only to find yourself swinging through the trees, travelling above the tree canopy, or even underground!

Note: One important thing to keep in mind is that if you do have to retry a level, then expect it to be different from what you just encountered.

The game provides a quick and easy to follow tutorial to help you master the game’s controls. From there it will just be a matter of getting your timing to be as precise as possible while you work your way through the jungle.

You will find all manner of obstacles such as pieces of planes, rolling logs, rock pillars and more along the way. Just be ready to jump, glide, or power-dash your way through as needed at a moment’s notice!

You can see what Banana Kong looks like in action with this official game play video…

Price: 0.99 (U.S.)

Banana Kong [iTunes App Store]

Banana Kong Homepage

Banana Kong (iOS) Gameplay Video #2 [YouTube]

Bonus Video

We also found a 15 minute game play video that may provide a useful look ahead in the game for those who are interested…

Banana Kong – Universal – HD Gameplay Trailer [YouTube]

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  • Published 05/10/13

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