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‘Dots: A Game About Connecting’ is the Perfect Choice for Quick Gaming Fun

While playing games with serious story lines, goals, and a need to save your progress can be fun, sometimes you just want something a bit simpler. That is where ‘Dots: A Game About Connecting’ comes in. This easy to master game is elegant in its simplicity, perfect when you only have a short amount of time for gaming, and can definitely be addicting to play!

Each new round begins with a random set of colored dots arranged in a grid pattern as seen below. From there you may draw horizontal or vertical (but not diagonal) lines to connects as many dots as possible. The more dots you connect, the further the colored border will spread around the outside of the screen. If you are lucky enough to connect dots into a square, then the entire background will switch from white to a matching color for a few moments along with eliminating all dots of that color from the screen.

As you go along you can earn trophies for accomplishments as well as easily monitor your scores and progress in Dots. Have fun!

This game play video provides a good look at what playing Dots is like…

Price: Free

Dots: A Game About Connecting [iTunes App Store]

Dots [Google Play]

Dots Homepage Special Note: We found different homepages listed in each of the stores, but only one active one (iTunes Store listing). Keep in mind that the homepage we did find is rather barren at the moment.

Dots: A Game About Connecting – iPhone Gameplay Video [YouTube]

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  • Published 05/13/13

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