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Chomp Your Way to the Top of the Food Chain in Zombie Fish Tank

Evil scientists took away his love, freedom, and finally his life…but the story does not end there. They are getting ready to learn the hard way that they messed with the wrong fish as he comes back from the dead! Your job is to help this mistreated fish take on the laboratory’s terrifying creations and monstrosities as he chomps his way to the top of the food chain in his quest for vengeance.

The game will start off with a short video that tells the background story for Zombie Fish Tank and takes you right up to the moment this angry fish returns from the dead.

Time to start chomping! Move the aquatic world’s newest zombie around by tilting your device up, down, left, or right. The more severe the tilt, the faster you will move.

Special Note: Make sure to avoid the clam seen in the lower right corner, otherwise you will become its latest mid-day snack!

Once you reach a certain point in each level, you get to kick into Rage Mode. Let the other inhabitants of the fish tank beware!

The first boss level pits you against the scientist responsible for your death after he realizes you are ‘alive’ once again. Good luck and have fun with this non-stop chomp fest!

You can get a quick look at game play in this official release trailer…

Price: 0.99 (U.S.)

Zombie Fish Tank [iTunes App Store]

Zombie Fish Tank Homepage You can view additional screenshots here.

Official Zombie Fish Tank Launch Trailer [YouTube]

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  • Published 05/29/13

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