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Become the Ultimate Bridge Builder with Bridge Constructor

Disaster has struck the island nation of Camatuga and their bridge system now lies in ruin, but not all is lost! You get to come to the rescue by using your bridge building skills and expertise to help reconnect the island nation. The question is though, can you successfully rebuild Camatuga’s bridge system or will the challenge prove to be more than you can handle?

This highly addictive game will certainly challenge your thinking skills as you try out different bridge designs and test them against the terrain and conditions you encounter along the way. You will also be working against financial as well as material limits, so get ready to be creative!

You will start your bridge building spree in the Westlands section of Camatuga. With each successfully completed bridge you will move further along the road system and eventually work your way into the deeper parts of this island nation.

The game provides a terrific step-by-step tutorial to help you get started on building those awesome bridges!

Construction on the first bridge is now complete. At this point you can make any desired last minute changes or move on to the testing stage by selecting the play button in the lower right corner.

Time to start testing the bridge’s durability using either cars, or for a heavier ‘challenge’ the trucks. Choose the vehicle type you prefer to use by selecting it and wait for the fun to start. If a bridge’s design does not hold up to testing, then simply select the hammer in the lower right corner to return to the construction screen and modify your design from there.

Before long you will be moving onto new parts of Camatuga and building even more awesome bridges!

Bridge Constructor [iTunes App Store] Price: 1.99 (U.S.)

Bridge Constructor [Google Play] Price: 0.99 (U.S.)

Bridge Constructor Homepage

Links for the Sequel

Bridge Constructor Playground [iTunes App Store] Price: 1.99 (U.S.)

Bridge Constructor Playground [Google Play] Price: 1.99 (U.S.)

Additional Notes

It is worth noting for those who may be interested that there are free versions of both games available. The free versions do carry their own price though…an ad that must be manually closed will be displayed each time you get ready to start building a new bridge.

Bridge Constructor FREE [iTunes App Store]

Bridge Constructor Playground FREE [iTunes App Store]

Bridge Constructor FREE [Google Play]

Bridge Constructor PG FREE [Google Play]

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  • Published 05/3/13

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