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The Best Documentaries on Netflix in 2023

Documentaries are one of the hottest genres on Netflix, so it can be tough to wade through the sheer number of educational and informative options to find something to watch. To help you find a good watch, here are 10 of the …

Intel’s New Tiny PC Has a 13th Gen Core i7 CPU

What if you had the power of a current-gen Intel Core i7, in a computer that you can fit under, or behind, anything? Tiny PCs are a market that’s growing slowly but surely, and Intel’s NUC lineup is among the best. The newest…

The Best Smart Displays of 2023

Smart displays offer an elegant solution to all your smart home needs and make it easy to check your calendar, listen to music, or catch up with a video call. Here are the best smart displays you can buy right now….

The Best Gaming Keyboards of 2023

A great keyboard is important for PC gaming. Speed, stability, and build quality are all huge factors. But with so many styles available on the market today, it’s hard to tell which keyboards are the best for you. We help nar…

The Best Smart Speakers of 2023

A good smart speaker does more than pump out impressive tunes; it often serves as the centerpiece for a connected smart home.  Here are the seven smart speakers for every budget, ecosystem, and audiophile….

How to Run a ChatGPT-like AI on Your Own PC

Chatbots are all the rage right now, and everyone wants a piece of the action. Google has Bard, Microsoft has Bing Chat, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT is practically synonymous with AI at this point. But what if you don’t want to rely…

ChatGPT: How to Use the AI Chatbot for Free

AI tools have been making waves. First, it was AI image generators, then came ChatGPT with the ability to generate human-like text conversations. The potential for this technology is incredible, and you can use it right now….

How to Watch the 2023 Masters Tournament

From April 6 to 9, up to 100 of the best golf players from around the world will compete for millions in prize money during the 2023 Masters tournament. The 87th annual golf competition allows public attendance, but those tha…

The Best USB-C Hubs of 2023

Laptop manufacturers are forgoing additional ports for slimmer designs and increased portability. This leaves you to rely on wireless technology such as Bluetooth to connect. Want more ports? Add a USB-C hub….

This New SSD Can Reach 10 GB/s

MSI probably isn’t the first company that comes to mind for the best internal SSDs, but the company does sell a few models aimed at high-end workstations and gaming PCs. MSI has now announced a new super-fast SSD that is push…

The 10 Best Comedy Movies on Hulu

From beloved classics to brand-new original movies, Hulu has a range of comedies that span decades and styles, overlapping with other genres like romance, drama, and family. Here are 10 good comedy movies to watch on Hulu….

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