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Add Sudo to Your Last Bash Command With "!!" Syntax

How often have you typed in a command in your linux shell, and then realized that you forgot to type sudo, so you end up with an error or editing the dreaded read-only file? This happens to me much more than I'd like to admit, so I'm writing about it.

Customize Your Welcome Picture Choices in Windows Vista

Everybody knows how to change their Vista logon picture, but if you select a new picture, Windows Vista removes the last picture from the list entirely, leaving just the new picture and the default pictures. Does anybody really use the robot or the fish picture?

Easily Resend an Email Message In Outlook 2007

A lot of times people at the workplace try creative ways to claim ignorance about important matters...  Excuses like "I didn't get your email" is one that seems to come to mind.  In Outlook 2007 you can easily resend the message in question.

Replacing Task Manager with Process Explorer in Vista

If you are unfamiliar with the Sysinternals Process Explorer utility, you should really check it out... it gives you so much more information than the default task manager, including a tree view of all the processes so you can see which processes launched other processes.

Using Secure Login in Firefox

If you allow Firefox to store your passwords you might be worried about the recent security holes found in the password manager. The solution to these problems is to use the Secure Login extension to prevent Firefox from automatically filling in password fields

The How-To Geek Bounty Program

A common frustration of non-programmers is that you don't often get to inspire new software programs that work the way you want them to, you simply have to wait and hope that somebody comes up with something... until now.

Disable Delete Confirmation Dialog in Windows 7 or Vista

Every time you delete a file, Windows asks you "Are you sure you want to move this file to the Recycle Bin?" This is typically a good thing, to prevent you from deleting files by accident, but if you are trying to do some cleanup and need to delete a lot of files, you might not want to be prompted every single time.

Disable ProFTP on CentOS

In my efforts to ban the completely insecure FTP protocol from my life entirely, I've decided to disable the FTP service running on the How-To Geek server, which is running the CentOS operating system.
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