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Remove the Ugly "Send Feedback" Link in Windows 7 Beta

<img src="/geekers/SendFeedbackWindows7-thumb.png" />One of the things our articles have always focused on is how to remove annoyances from your computer, and after installing the Windows 7 Beta we noticed the ugly Send Feedback link in the upper right-hand corner of every window, and found out how to disable it.

Make the Windows 7 Taskbar Work More Like Windows XP or Vista

<img src="/geekers/Windows7TaskbarVista-thumb.png" />The single most visible change in Windows 7 is the new "dock style" taskbar, which shows icons instead of buttons, with all application windows combined within a single button. I'm quite certain that the very first question many people will have is "How do I turn it off?", and this article will show you how.

List of Spyware Protection Software Compatible with Windows 7

<img src="/geekers/antispyware-win7-thumb.png" />If you are one of the many people testing the beta release of Windows 7, you should still make sure to keep your computer safe and secure. The other day we created a list of Anti-Virus software compatible with Windows 7, and today we'll be covering a list of compatible Spyware protection utilities.

How To Print Out Blank Calendars in Outlook 2007

<img src="/geekers/blankcalendar-thumb.png" />Do you ever print out a calendar so you have a paper copy to write on? This can be very useful for putting up on the fridge and scheduling events like soccer practice or the next episode of Dexter... or maybe just for writing out this week's goals.

Extend the Windows 7 Trial from 30 to 120 Days

<img src="/geekers/windows7activation-thumb.png" />Did you know that you can install Windows 7 without any license key and use it for 30 days? What you might not know is that you can also extend that trial mode to 120 days, without requiring a key.

List of Anti-Virus Software Compatible with Windows 7

<img src="/geekers/windows7-antivirus-thumb.png" />Within a few hours of Windows 7 being released my inbox started filling up with readers asking what Anti-Virus software they should install in Windows 7. Since this seems like such an important topic, I decided to make a list of packages that work.

What You Should Expect from the Windows 7 Beta

<img src="/geekers/windows7-thumb.png" />If you haven't already heard, the Windows 7 Public Beta is going to be released today through the Microsoft website, and the first 2.5 million people to register with Microsoft will receive access to the Beta 1 version. Today we'll run through the features and what you should expect.

Geek Fun: Remember the Old-School SkiFree Game?

<img src="/geekers/skifree-thumb.png" />I was stumbling around the web yesterday when I came across a blast from the past: The original SkiFree game for Windows, written by a Microsoft programmer on Windows 3.0 back in 1991. Imagine my surprise when I found out the same game actually works just fine on Windows Vista.

How to Create and Share an iGoogle Tab

I can remember back when the big deal about Firefox vs IE was that Firefox had TABBED BROWSING. And just what was so cool about that? If you're the type of surfer I am who likes to have multiple sites open at once, it was a royal pain to have to use the back button or click through open windows to go from site to site. I found out during a training class in HTML that Opera had always had tabbed browsing. Hey, I even used Opera before I tried Firefox, just because my instructor said it had tabbed browsing (and loaded fast).

Activate Flip 3D With Your Mouse in Vista

<img src="/geekers/flip3d-thumb.png" />Over the last few years I've had many people ask me if they can somehow activate Flip 3D by moving the mouse to a corner of the screen, and I've always told them to use the much more powerful Switcher replacement instead, but that's about to change.

Put Your Pidgin Buddy List into the Windows Vista Sidebar

<img src="/geekers/pidglet-thumb.png" />Have you ever wondered how to get your Instant Messenger contacts into the Vista Sidebar? Sure, you can use the previously mentioned AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Gadget for Vista Sidebar, but what if you are a fan of the multi-protocol Pidgin client instead?

Easily Re-Size Photos in Windows Vista or XP

<img src="/geekers/resizephotos-thumb.png" />Now that the presents have been opened, large dinners consumed, and relatives (good or bad) have visited it is time to take all of those digital images and get them organized. Today's digital cameras take great, detailed photos but the images are often too large to easily send.
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