What is Focal Length in Photography?

In photography, we use focal length as a primary descriptor of lenses. It’s the measure (in millimeters) of the distance between the rear nodal point and the focal point of the lens, while the lens is focused to infinity. Yep, that’s quite a mouthful, so let’s break it down.

What Is A Wi-Fi Hotspot (and Are They Safe to Use)?

A Wi-Fi hotspot is really just a wireless access point. Typically, they are public locations where you can access the internet through Wi-Fi on your mobile devices. They are convenient, but there are also some security issues to be aware of when using them.

The Best Alternatives to Slack for Team Chat

If you have ever worked with a team on a project, you might be familiar with Slack, one of the better-known tools for group communication and collaboration. It’s not the only tool of its kind around, though, so let’s take a look at some alternatives.

What is the Latest Version of macOS?

The latest version of macOS is macOS 10.13 High Sierra, which was released on September 25, 2017. Apple releases a new major version roughly once every year. These upgrades are free, and are available in the Mac App Store.