Quick Tip: Darken the Outlook List Grouping Headers

One of the nicer features of Outlook 2007 is the way it neatly groups your messages by date or other criteria, but it’s not always easy to see at a glance. There’s a little-known option buried in the settings that will shade the group headings to make them more easy to distinguish.

Upgrade Ubuntu from Feisty to Gutsy

Ubuntu Gutsy is the latest major release of the most popular Linux distro, released on October 18, 2007. Like all Linux distributions you can upgrade easily even while the release is in beta, but now that it’s been released you should have much better luck with it.

Save To PDF From Microsoft Office 2007 Applications

In continuing with my apparent PDF theme this week, I thought it would be good to point out a nice Add-In for Microsoft Office 2007 which allows you to save or email documents in PDF format.  Just download and install the Microsoft Save As PDF Add-In.  Installation is very simple, only takes about a minute and you are ready to use a feature long ignored by Microsoft.  There are actually 2 different Add-Ins, one allows only PDF and the other allows both PDF and XPS format.

Firefox: Backup Everything With MozBackup

In a typical day I will use up to 8 different PC’s.  When I am on these machines I want all of my custom settings to be there for me.  Having a user profile on a Windows machine is easy.  However, what to do with all the customizations I make to my favorite web browser?  MozBackup solves this issue by allowing me to back up all Firefox settings, including extensions (although the program author does not guarantee they’ll all transfer successfully) stick them on a flash drive and restore them on a separate machine.  I have been able to use this with both Vista and XP.

Creating a FavIcon the Easy Way

I recently decided to update the FavIcon for this site (the little icon in the address bar). The old one was something I’d hacked together myself in visual studio, and just didn’t seem friendly enough for me.

Easily View Source of Included Files in Firefox

In the web development world, most of the design isn’t in the page HTML anymore, it’s been moved to the included CSS and Javascript files. The problem is that when you want to take a peek into the code there’s not a really simple way to view those CSS/JS files.