How To Copy a DVD with VLC 1.0

VLC 1.0 has gotten several cool new features, one of which is the ability to record what is playing in the screen.  Here we will take a look at how easy it is to record a DVD or other video formats using VLC.

The Last Ripper

Do you love listening to your favorite tunes on Last.FM but wish there was a way to store the songs on your local hard drive?  Today we take a look at The Last Ripper which is a cross platform utility that allows you to record Last.FM songs and cover art to your computer.

Launch Windows Apps Faster With Executor

If you are a busy Windows user it can get annoying navigating through menus and endless directories to get to the apps and data you need.  Executor is a free application launcher that allows you to quickly run programs and search for anything from one central location.