Change the Online Store Window Media Player

You do not have to settle for MTV’s Urge music store when using Windows Media Player 11.  In fact you have a several stores you can choose from.  The list of stores include Napster, emusic, puretracks and others.  You also can use video download stores also such as MovieLink. 

Green Computing: Switch To LCD Flat Screen Monitors

I don’t know about you but anytime I have to use a CRT monitor anymore I just cringe. Yes there are still high quality CRT monitors out there, but they are such dinosaurs. CRT’s are so huge, clunky, and in the way. I am a huge fan of saving space in my computing work area and flat screens certainly accomplish that. Not to mention the other important benefit of LCD monitors which is power consumption.

Replacing Task Manager with Process Explorer in Vista

If you are unfamiliar with the Sysinternals Process Explorer utility, you should really check it out… it gives you so much more information than the default task manager, including a tree view of all the processes so you can see which processes launched other processes. You can look at pretty much every piece of data concerning a process, including associated registry key handles, open files, dlls. There’s even a search function.

The First Thing to Disable in Access 2007

I have just started to play around with Access 2007 and so far my thoughts are indifferent. I am not sure how well the “Ribbon” is going to play out. I work in Access Databases a lot with my job and I am pretty comfortable with the way things have been. I have gotten used to the Ribbon in Word, Excel, and Outlook. In fact it seems to make those tasks more fun. I have been really holding off on Access though.

Using Secure Login in Firefox

If you allow Firefox to store your passwords you might be worried about the recent security holes found in the password manager. The solution to these problems is to use the Secure Login extension to prevent Firefox from automatically filling in password fields, but at the same time giving you the automation that saves you time. In fact, using the hotkey means that this method is probably even quicker.

Local Security Authentication Server

Today a reader had a very good question about lsass.exe is the Microsoft security management process for domain access and local security policies.  Simply put it manages who logs on to your PC and/or Server.  There are a few viruses that mimic this process.  The Sasser virus was one of the more popular attacks a few years ago.  The Sasser worm would exploit lsass.exe so that XP would start a countdown of 60 seconds advising you to save your work.  Every time you rebooted your machine this would keep happening.  This process is located in C:WindowsSystem32 in either a PC or Server.  If you were to find it in any other location in your system … it is a virus.   

Make Grub Bootloader Wait Indefinitely for OS Selection

If you are doing a lot of testing of different builds, there’s nothing more annoying than rebooting and then having the system boot into the wrong choice on the grub menu before you have a chance to pick the one you want. Reader Victor wrote in with this tip: You can just comment out the timeout line entirely to stop grub from picking anything, giving you time to get your morning coffee.

Send Large Files Over Internet with yousendit

I have been a fan of for a few years now. This is a decent and reliable service to email large files to others. The maximum size is 100 MB for the free version. You can send larger files for a fee. The way the service works is you upload your file to their server which sends an email to the recipient including a hyperlink directly to the file for them to download. The cool part is that your recipient does not need to be a member or sign up for anything. If the recipient wants to send files they will have to create an account though.

Disable Delete Confirmation Dialog in Windows 7 or Vista

Every time you delete a file, Windows asks you “Are you sure you want to move this file to the Recycle Bin?” This is typically a good thing, to prevent you from deleting files by accident, but if you are trying to do some cleanup and need to delete a lot of files, you might not want to be prompted every single time.

Foobar2000 My New Audio Player?

In a previous post I mentioned that I am ready for a new audio player application. This all came to fruition because Apple pissed me off with their last iTunes update. It includes unnecessary software for the iPhone. Sure I could choose not to update … but that’s counter productive. Software updates should enhance the end user experience, not degrade it.