Be Careful Not To Install Junk Software with Digsby

If you are interested in trying out the newest version of Digsby, use caution during installation so you don’t end up with a bunch of extra junk software you don’t need.  Today we will show you what to avoid and also where to download the clean version that doesn’t include the extra hassles.

Use Problem Steps Recorder to Help Troubleshoot Windows 7

If you have provided computer support you know it can be a challenge to diagnose the problem a user is experiencing based on their description.  Depending on the environment doing a remote session or standing over their shoulder may not be a practical solution.  New in Windows 7 is neat utility called Problem Steps Recorder which records user actions and allows you to troubleshoot the problem easier.

Understand Words Using DictionarySearch

Personally, I used to look up words with fervor in the belief that it would make me seem incredibly clever in standard conversation. When I didn’t see an immediate payoff, the effort of physically opening up a dictionary and finding the word didn’t seem worth the trouble.

Subscribe To Fun And Interesting Web Calendars With Outlook 2007

In previous articles we have shown you how to Share an Outlook Calendar and How to View Your Google Calendar in Outlook.  These are great for sharing scheduling tasks with co-workers and colleagues which may not always be much fun.  But today we will take a look at way to subscribe to more interesting and fun Web calendars.  These calendars are for sports, movies, music, and other areas of interest.

GeekNewb: Get to Know These Windows 7 Hotkeys

Even if you’re not much of a keyboard ninja, there are certain shortcuts that simply seem ridiculous not to know: Ctrl+V springs to mind as an obvious example. But even uber-geeks will agree that much of the time it really is a lot easier for the average user to just grab the mouse.

Highlight Text Online Using Wired-Marker

If you work in an office, you probably look up and bookmark quite a few things over the course of the day. They may not be work related, but either way you don’t want to lose them. If you study, this is doubly true. For those who bookmark every little thing that interests them – this is a category that I certainly belong to – we simply don’t have time to label them all.

Save Money and Energy With Monitor ES

Saving money on the cost of electricity and reducing our so called “carbon footprint” is very important these days.  Today we take a look at a free utility that turns off your monitor(s) every time you lock your computer.  In addition to shutting down energy wasting monitors it pauses some multimedia players and sets your IM status to “Away” until you return.