In the past, if you wanted to add your Gmail to macOS Mail and your Google Calendar to macOS Calendar, you’d enter your Google credentials separately into both applications. It didn’t make sense: it’s the same account, so why do you need to sign in separately?

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The Nest Cam is a simple-to-use security camera for everyone. However, if you’ve got one laying around, you can use it for a lot more than deterring criminals. Here are some uncommon, but useful things you can do with your Nest Cam.

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It’s every little kid’s dream: getting someone to pay you to play the games you already enjoy. And like most dreams, the reality is somewhat underwhelming. A career as a game tester boils down to being an elaborate quality control worker. But there are other ways you can make extra money by gaming at home. Here are a few.

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Google+ is sort of an anomaly—the folks who love it really love it. The folks who don’t, well…don’t. If you signed up at some point but don’t really use it, there’s a chance you still get unwanted notifications.

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While Facebook is more personal than Twitter—you’re less likely to get into a shouting match with a random, anonymous stranger—it isn’t without its problems. Since everyone is using their real names, or at least real identities, it’s easier for abuse to get more personal.

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New computers use UEFI firmware instead of the traditional BIOS. Both are low-level software that starts when you boot your PC before booting your operating system, but UEFI is a more modern solution, supporting larger hard drives, faster boot times, more security features, and—conveniently—graphics and mouse cursors.

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Why manually dim the lights during movie time when your media server can do it for you? With a little tweaking, you can set Plex Media Server to automatically adjust your Hue smart bulbs with custom lighting schemes for movie time, intermission, and the end of the film.

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The imperial system that’s used in the US isn’t all that complicated, but it’s amazing how much easier the metric system can be when used in certain situations.

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Ubuntu and many other Linux distributions use the GRUB2 boot loader. If GRUB2 breaks—for example, if you install Windows after installing Ubuntu, or overwrite your MBR—you won’t be able to boot into Ubuntu.

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When you tell your kids it’s time for bed, they’re going to push that limit as much as possible. But, why not let a bed time “bouncer” enforce your rules by automating your kids’ routine with Stringify and your smart lights?

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Multiple monitors are awesome. They really are—ask anyone who’s used a two- or three-screen setup for their desktop, and they’ll tell you that they have a hard time going back to just one. Laptops have a built-in advantage here, since they have one screen: to boost productivity, just add a monitor.

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The classic desktop versions of Solitaire and Minesweeper are gone in Windows 8 and 10. Instead, you’ll find shiny new versions with advertisements, Xbox integration, and optional subscription fees. But you can still play Solitaire and Minesweeper without ads, and without paying a cent.

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RSS readers are a great way to keep on top of the news. Unfortunately, a lot of sites have moved away from RSS and towards just publishing all their articles on a Twitter stream. This isn’t so good if you want to make sure you keep up to date with a particular site; anything they post will get buried in your timeline with a million other Tweets. What you can do, however, is convert their Twitter feed to an RSS feed. Here’s how.

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It’s 2017, and I still see people criticizing Android for “fragmentation”. This gives Android in general a bad name, and I want to make the facts clear: this isn’t Google or Android’s fault. It’s the fault of your manufacturer.

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If you’re an Android user, Android TV is a great way to bring your mobile OS (and your favorite apps) to the big screen. And if you’re looking to get more from your Android TV box, this is a collection of few tips and tricks to help supercharge your experience.

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Sometimes, Mac users need to run Windows software. Maybe there’s a program you need for work that doesn’t offer a Mac version, or maybe you occasionally need to test websites in Internet Explorer. Whatever you need Windows for, Parallels is the best tool for the job.

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Saving the output of a Windows Command Prompt command is a great way to get a nice neat copy to share with support staff, analyze longer outputs using your favorite text editor, or otherwise interact with the output with more flexibility than staying in the command window allows for.

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