Disable System Restore in Windows 7

If you need a way to save some hard drive space one trick is to decrease the size or completely disable the System Restore feature.  We like to share all options on how to take control of your operating system, so for readers living on the edge this tip is for you. 

How To Manage UAC Notifications in Windows 7

One of the more annoying features of Windows Vista was UAC (User Account Control) popping up and asking permission for about everything.  Now in Windows 7 it is a lot more manageable and today we take a look at how to manage it or completely disable it too.

Install Windows Live Essentials In Windows 7

So you’re starting out fresh with the new Windows 7 operating system but notice there are some of your favorite Windows applications missing.  Today we take a look at the Windows Live Essentials installer for getting your favorite Microsoft applications set up.

Migrate XP to Windows 7 with Easy Transfer Over the Network

If you get a new computer with Windows 7  and your current machine is running XP, the thought of transferring your files and settings can be quite daunting.  Microsoft has created a program called Windows Easy Transfer that is already included in Vista and can be download for XP and 2000.  Here we will take a look at the process of using it to transfer files and settings from an XP machine to the new Windows 7.

Avant Window Navigator for Ubuntu Linux

Avant Window Navigator (AWN) is an application launcher and dock which would redefine your Linux experience. The good part is it’s highly customizable and hence will fit perfectly well with your Ubuntu theme. Let’s see how to install and customize AWN on your Ubuntu machine.