Our Hands On Look at Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0

While Outlook may run the business world, at home you can use whatever email client you want, and Thunderbird is an awesome choice. It has been a while since a major new Thunderbird release, and today we take a look at version 3.0 features and what you can expect. 

Launch External Apps from Firefox

Do you need an easy way to access external apps such as Notepad or other apps while you are browsing? See how simple it is to set up customized launch buttons for your favorite apps with the External Application Buttons mod for Firefox 3.0+ extension.

How to Purge Memory in Google Chrome

The latest development builds of Google Chrome include a way to make the browser clean up its act and stop hogging RAM. It’s easy to enable, and even easier to use. Just keep in mind that you must be running a dev channel build.