Backup Your Ubuntu Machine Easily with SBackup

Your computer’s data is very critical and losing it can can occur due to variety of reasons. A complete (or even partial) backup of your system is always a good idea. SBackup is a tool that’ll help you backup and restore data on your Ubuntu machine with utmost ease.

Rants: We Hate the Scam of Bundled Crapware

One of the things we hate most is all the free software applications scamming less knowledgeable users by trying to sneak extra toolbars or other software onto their computer. Sadly, the practice is getting even more common, and we’re going to rant about it.

Foobar2000 is a Fully Customizable Music Player

If you are sick of iTunes or Windows Media Player because they’re bulky and won’t play certain formats, then it’s time to look for another player. Today we take a look at Foobar2000 which is light on system resources, extremely configurable, and plays several types of music format.