Setup Parental Controls in Windows 7 Media Center

If your family uses Windows 7 Media Center to watch a lot of Movies and TV, you might want to block certain programming from your younger ones. Today we take a look at the Parental Controls feature in Windows 7 Media Player which will let you block certain TV and movie ratings.

Integrate Boxee with Media Center in Windows 7

Looking for a way to get access to more content through Windows 7 Media Center? Maybe you’d like a good way to jump back and forth between Boxee and Media Center with just a click of the remote? Today we show you how to get access to Boxee through Media Center with Boxee Integration 1.0.

Understanding User Account Control in Windows 7

User Account Control, otherwise known as UAC, was regularly cited as one of Vista’s problems and was even the subject of an Apple advertisement.  However, this feature has greatly increased the security of Vista computers, and today we’ll see how it’s been improved in Windows 7.

Play Avalanche!! in Google Chrome

Everyone needs a few minutes to relax and unwind during the work day. For some people visiting their favorite social network is the perfect solution, but if you love games then you will definitely want to have a look at the Avalanche!! extension for Google Chrome.