How To Make an RSS Feed from a Forum Thread

We spend a lot of our online time in an RSS reader, but not everything we want to follow has an RSS feed. There are web apps to monitor pages for changes, but forum threads spill over onto many pages – how can you get an RSS feed for a specific thread?

Edit Your Text in Style With Bend

Would you like a new Notepad replacement that incorporates the latest technologies while staying slim and fast?  Text editors are usually bland, boring programs, but here’s a new one that makes your text come to life beautifully.

Test Drive the BlackBerry OS on Your PC

There’s a wider selection of smart phones and mobile OS’s than ever before, but you can’t just go buy every phone available and try them all out. Here’s how you can test out the latest version of the BlackBerry OS for free on your PC.

Easily Replace a Locked File Once it Becomes Unlocked

If you try to update certain Windows files (such as programs or word documents) while they are in use, you get the the standard “access denied, file is in use” error. While the reasoning behind this is obvious, it can be quite annoying if you need to update a small executable which is currently in use by another user. In these situations, you have, among others, the following choices, all of which take up your valuable time: