Automating the Process of Deleting Old Log Files

Many services and programs out there produce log files as an audit trail for everything they are doing, however few have a function which removes these files as they outlive their usefulness. As a result, these log files sit on your system eating up space (sometimes more than you know) and cluttering directories for those times you need to access them.

Automated Strategies for Managing Outdated Backup Files

Backups are something which, usually, run on a very frequent schedule. If left unmanaged, a direct result of this is a large number files eating up a potentially large amount of hard drive space. Remembering to manually go in and remove backup files certainly is one method of management but shouldn’t be a long term strategy, especially when there are easy to implement automated procedures available.

How to Setup milter-greylist Spam Blocking in Sendmail

Virtually all linux distributions include sendmail as the default MTA. Which is okay – it has been around for a long time, is stable and it works great (although the postfix afficionados might disagree!). But it has nothing built in for spam control which is good; it was not designed for that. So you’ve installed spamassassin and it works good but you still are getting unflagged spam emails through. Perhaps you need to try greylisting.

Use OneNote to Make Memorizing Information Easier

Whether you’re just getting started in the new school year or have been out of college for years, most of us have to regularly remember new information and often teach it to others.  Here’s a neat way you can use OneNote to help you memorize information with digital flashcards.

How to Prevent Yum from Updating the Kernel

When you’re running production servers, the one thing you don’t want to do is upgrade the kernel every time a new update comes out. Why? Because that’s the only Linux update operation that requires a reboot once it’s done—and in a production environment you often can’t have downtime.

How to Change Your Linux Hostname Without Rebooting

If you’ve worked in the admin world for any length of time, you’ve probably run into an instance where you needed to change the hostnames on your server to match some corporate naming standard, but you can’t have downtime either. So how do you change the hostname without rebooting?