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Quite a few people have been unanimously vocal in their dislike for the Modern UI, lack of a Start Menu, and more in Windows 8. Enter Windows Blue, a.k.a. Windows 8.1, and the rumors that Microsoft may be ready to compromise on some of the UI changes users want. The question is, if the rumors are true will it be enough to turn things around for Windows 8 or is it too late?

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If you get an error message like “Documents.library-ms” is no longer working when you click on a built-in Windows library, there’s a simple and easy fix for the problem.

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Macro photography–or, taking photos of things under high magnification–is really fun; the price of dedicated macro lenses, on the other hand, is not. Read on as we show you how to use low cost tricks and techniques to enjoy macrophotography on a budget.

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Recently, we showed you how to add a watermark to a document in Word 2013. You can also add a watermark to worksheets in Excel 2013; however, you must add them manually using the header and footer tools. We will show you how.

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Today’s Question & Answer session comes to us courtesy of SuperUser—a subdivision of Stack Exchange, a community-driven grouping of Q&A web sites.

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Oracle is due to release an update to patch critical vulnerabilities that malware authors have been exploiting in current (and older) versions of Java later today. Anyone who needs or actively uses the Java Runtime Environment for work or gaming should watch for the update to go live and promptly install this update as soon as possible.

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We have already shown you how to disable notifications for the Metro mail app, but the majority of users will still be using Outlook.

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By default, when you paste text copied from elsewhere into Word, you automatically get all the formatting with it. This formatting most likely does not match the rest of the content of your document and may not come in neatly.

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When every single file you have is stored directly on your computer, it’s easy to find what you need. There are great search tools like Everything from VoidTools that rip through your master file table in a fraction of a second to find exactly what you’re searching for.

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The last few years have seen the rise of closed platforms — operating systems that only allow you to install software approved by the operating system’s developer. However, many popular platforms — even mobile ones — are still open platforms.

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In recent years it has become common for Microsoft to release trial or preview versions of its big-name products. This has been the case with Windows 8 as well as Office 2013 giving consumer the chance to try before they buy. If you downloaded the trial version of the suite, you can gain some extra try-out time with this handy hack.

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Did you accidentally delete one of the default libraries by mistake? Here’s how to get it back.

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A watermark is a faded, background image that displays behind the text in a document. It can be used to indicate a document’s status (confidential, draft, etc.) or to add a company logo. We’ll show you how to add watermarks to documents in Word 2013.

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If you’re like most people, your Internet service provider hands you a single Internet Protocol address and your router shares it amongst all the connected devices in your home.

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The XPS format is Microsoft’s alternative to PDF. It was introduced in Windows Vista, but never gained much traction. However, modern versions of Windows continue to include better support for XPS files than PDF files.

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Taking photos with your Android phone is great, but there comes a time when you need to get those photos onto your computer. A little while back we took a look at SnapPea, a handy tool for managing phones and tablets from Windows; SnapPea Photos is a Chrome extension designed specifically with photo management in mind.

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Microsoft will be ending support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014 after 12 and a half years of supporting it. Microsoft has gone out of their way to extend support on several occasions, but the 2014 deadline looks like the final one.

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