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How to Change Watch Faces on Apple Watch

One watch face is never enough. You might want to customize your Apple Watch with multiple watch faces depending on the time of the day and activity. Here’s how you can quickly change watch faces on Apple Watch….

How to Save Posts on Facebook to Read Them Later

There so much happening on Facebook that it can feel a little overwhelming. What if you miss a post and you can’t find it later? Thankfully, Facebook has a bookmarking feature¬†to help you keep track of things and save them f…

What Is Computational Photography?

Computational photography is responsible for most of the amazing strides our smartphone cameras have taken in the last decade. Here’s how it works, and how it makes our photos so much better.

What’s New in Chrome 88, Available Now

Google released Chrome 88 to the stable channel on January 19, 2021. The new browser version includes some cool changes, including an improved dark theme for Windows 10 and the beginning of less intrusive permission prompts. …

How to Flip an Image on Android

Photo editing on Android smartphones and tablets has come a long way over the years. There are a lot of powerful tools built-in at your disposal. However, one thing seems to always be left out: the ability to simply flip a ph…
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