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Vista Style Analog Desktop Clock for Windows XP

One of the features that regular users seem to love in Windows Vista is the sidebar’s analog clock. Every time I glance at somebody’s desktop in a coffee shop they are using one. Windows XP users are not left out in the cold with the ClocX desktop clock that works similarly.

The clock really looks slick, especially if you choose a nice looking theme:


If you right-click on the clock you can change some of the common options, and also get to the options panel.


The options panel has loads of different options you can choose from… note that you can use the Pin to Desktop option in here and remove Always on top if you want the clock below all the other windows.


On the Appearance tab you can change the theme to any one of the preloaded themes.


From the clock’s right-click menu you can also access the Alarms feature, which is surprisingly full-featured.


Clicking on the New button brings you to the Alarm editor, where you can use the standard options for time, date and recurrence, but you can even set it to launch an application, sound or even a video.


I’m not a big fan of these types of clocks, but it seems like everybody I know loves them, so here you are!

Download ClocX from

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  • Published 12/19/07

Comments (80)

  1. Len Palmer

    My original question was ‘why is my Media Manager Services icon disabled’ in my task bar ?


    My original question was ‘why is my Media Manager Services icon disabled’ in my task bar ?


    My original question was ‘why

  4. Atef

    Thanks indeed nice

  5. Atef

    I’ve seen many people just assume UAC is nothing more then annoying prompts (Even an Apple advertisement did so and they should know better) and a roadblock to them doing things.
    I’m going to explain in this post why it is more then that.

  6. Mubeen Ul Haq

    Thank you so much. for making me download your clockX

  7. vuong kymtuan

    simply the best….fantastic stuff…

  8. arafa

    it is very well ………………………..
    so nice man

  9. enis kenny

    1 have got the vista style clock on my xp can you pleade tell me how to start it

  10. Ravi kumar .S

    its wonderfull

  11. Abdul Wahab

    thanks very nice for xp

  12. kaadj

    My original question was ‘why is my Media Manager Services icon disabled’ in my task bar

  13. ria

    this gadet is really cool…i must say i had been is search of this for ages n this one…wow…it is really upto standard…keep up the good work!!

  14. ria

    hey guys…i hope u’ll bring up other new stuff here too… like for example…virtual plants…solar or lunar phase proceedings and wether n temperature indications for the desktop too!

  15. Sonny Jakarta Indonesia

    Wow…This is so Great!!!, Thanx Man

  16. fred

    i tried to add the analog clock to my XP taskbar as you explained but when i right-click on the clock all i get is the taskbar options screen, not the one pictured in your graphics above. is it me or what?…thanks

  17. Michele

    It looks great on my desktop, Thanks!

  18. Mihail

    It realy is great tool!!
    I searched for such think since some time and now I found it! The alarm feature is realy helpfull for me!!
    Probaby a quick and easy add-on would be a stop watch and also atimer/countdown just to be able to start it when you say you will call the colleague X in 5 min .. or what ever .. in case you do not want to forget something.
    Again .. it is a great tool and I thank you for it!!

  19. Wallys

    A superb tool. Thank You very much. I agree with Mihail though. I think it would benefit from a stopwatch/countdown timer plug in. However, even without this, it is still probably the best clock utility I have seen.

  20. Zephyrus

    This application crashed my windows xp display driver FAR too often with unexplained reboots. It may be eye candy but in good conscience, I cannot recommend it. AT ALL.

  21. junaid

    waho this is so nice

  22. john

    its very good looking for windows xp

  23. ehsan

    it is so beautiful………………………………

  24. mukesh

    Sometime my voice does not listen on the other end user but i heard their voice,some voice setting problem as it is resolved by shopkeeper easily by changing some setting,please let me know that setting.

  25. Eva

    very pretty, what knid of program is used to make these and screensaver clock.. would love to learn this . thank you.

  26. bismillah

    i like it so much.

  27. aftab

    i like so much

  28. shanker

    pantastic like so much

  29. amz

    i wanted to know if i could get this clock on my desktop on windows xp

  30. sunny

    i know it’s better, but i want to much better and deeply modifed clock

  31. Amy

    Perfect, exactly what I was looking for!!

  32. pankaj kumar jena

    i want to download the clock to my computer desktop

  33. Albert

    I could download this analog vista clock on my computer.

  34. Nelson

    thanks…cool clock :D
    God Bless you all

  35. beam

    Can I use this clock to keep track of the time in another country without changing my system time?

  36. Ezoey

    This is so cool, thanks… now my XP looks great^_^

  37. falak

    how i can download this application

  38. ahmed

    wow clock cool wo0o0o0o0o0w

  39. Sujoy

    Fine,but I need smart another one

  40. pear jan


  41. Harrish-INDIA

    Hi i want Vista clock

  42. Harrish-INDIA

    Hi Post Any Useful Software’s

  43. abbas

    hi iam abbas my yahoo id is sh.ababs1996 add me my friends

  44. gaurav kumar

    there is not good stock for clocks

  45. thommykunju

    i love it yaar…………… really good work…………………… thanks a lot brother!

  46. aamer_adla

    thank you very ma……….

  47. saheb ali

    i like to use this clock

  48. monir


  49. robin achten

    ik ben robin achten van de living van leuven en ik heb deze klok

  50. mada

    thanx so nice

  51. BOOMA

    really superb but inform me how to download the clock

  52. moudi

    nic one

  53. akram

    oh wah very nice

  54. Aziz

    really very nice. but i want add the different time zone(not my pc saved time)?????

  55. ASAs


  56. adn

    this clock very good

  57. sayan

    hi!it is very nice

  58. waseem ahmed

    im waseem ahmed and student in uniwersty of gujranwala my id mr.waseem_ahmed

  59. krutin

    i want analog clock

  60. What the

    F_ _ K

  61. bijoy.pal

    he is best

  62. john

    Thanks Team SMART CLOCK for my Smart Computer :-}

  63. Ross Brisbane

    The Seven Transformation load in MSconfig seems to go looking at your registry for email adresses. AVG detects and reports Malware and trojan behaviour.

    The offending code line goes looking under the key root HKLM\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\ […root sourcing of email addresses] in the registry.

    If I am mistaken apologies but I think not as this is with a new install of WindowsXP. I had not created any email addressing in Outlook or other email applications. In searching for my email address it crashed on this Malware trojan like code. Programs that do such things without your permission betray trust in the authors. The code that is embedded should be removed. It only happens when it loads clock and other widgets onto your desktop on WindowsXp start up.

  64. Naveed

    it,s a very nice Software. i want to download it but it create a error in downloading…. i don,t know way.

  65. Muhammad Naveed

    , yahoo. i am successful for download it. its my Downloading software error. that,s create a trouble in downloading……….. Really it,s very nice Clock……. :)

  66. daud

    love genius work

  67. me

    what a beeeeeutiful little clock

  68. o joy


  69. faqir


  70. faqir


  71. HUSAIN

    I do not know how the clock is, first i have to bring the clock on my xp desktop, Which is already down loaded. How?

  72. kumar

    hiiiiiiiiiii m.c.

  73. nouman

    i like it very much so nice

  74. Prince SS

    i want beautiful digitel & analog clock themes

  75. Shailesh Tripathi

    Your article on vista and desktop clock is very interesting and appealing to readers. Thanks and wish to post you more article about it.

  76. nisar sayyad nalni

    sayyad nisar nalni samarthnagar bhokardan disd. jalna

  77. Mohammad Sohail

    Asalam u Alakom; This is very lovely clock, every person know this clock,

  78. Riaz Hussain

    nice clock in the name off allah

  79. Deeepak

    nice clock

  80. mohd.zeeshan

    very2 nice clock.

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