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Turn Off the Annoying Windows XP System Beeps

When you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, the annoying beeps start to drive you mad after a while. I really don’t need to be told that I hit the wrong key anymore, so I’ve compiled a list of how to turn off all the system beeps in Windows XP.

One of the most irritating beeps happens when you use the Volume control… but there are other beeps, such as on error dialogs or when you hit the wrong key.


Disable Beep in Device Manager

Open up Device Manager by right-clicking on Computer and choosing Properties, then on the Hardware tab you’ll find the button for Device Manager.


Select View \ Show hidden devices from the menu.


Find Non-Plug and Play Drivers in the list, and then right-click on “Beep” and disable it:


When it prompts you to reboot, select no, and then right-click again and choose Properties this time. On the Driver tab, change the Startup type to “Disabled” and then click the “Stop” button if you are able to.


This should disable the system beep speaker, but it probably won’t change the volume control beep, so continue on.

Disabling Beep in Registry

Open up regedit.exe through the run box, and then navigate down to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Sound


Find the “Beep” key on the right-hand side and change the value to “no”.

Disable Beep in Sounds Panel

Open up Control Panel and find the Sounds and Audio Devices panel, choose the Sounds tab and then find “Default Beep” in the list.


Change the sound drop-down on the bottom to “None” and then click Apply. This should disable the volume control beep.

You’ll want to also change Critical Stop to “None” as well, and should probably also turn off some of the other items.

You can also use TweakUI to get rid of some of the beeps, but if you follow the items on this page you shouldn’t need that.

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  • Published 01/11/08

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  1. Gil

    The steps are;
    1. Right-click on My Computer
    2. On the Hardware tab, click on [Device Manager]
    3. On the “View” menu, select “Show hidden devices”
    4. Under “Non-Plug and Play Drivers”, right-click “Beep”
    5. Click “Disable”
    6. Answer [Yes] when asked if you really want to disable it
    7. Answer [No] when asked if you want to reboot
    8. Right-click “Beep” again.
    9. Click “Properties”
    10. On the “Driver” tab, set the Startup type to Disabled
    11. Click [Stop]
    12. Click [OK]
    13. Answer [No] when asked if you want to reboot

  2. Insomnic

    This is one of the first things I do when I have to rebuild a PC. I didn’t know about the registry tweak though – that can come in handy for unattended installations. Thanks!

  3. Michele Herrmanns

    re: “Turn Off the Annoying Windows XP System Beeps?
    I did all these things and my computer still beeps when a download completes. In the registry I even went back and tried this:

    {default] REG_SZ {value not set} I changed this to 0
    Beep REG_SZ no
    ExtendedSounds REG_SZ yes I changed this to no

    I am grateful that while trying this I noticed in the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties where to turn off the Windows startup and shutdown annoying sounds and that worked.

  4. Michael Zawadzki

    This is a sanity-saver!
    I was using a database that was beeping at me twice for each data item (there are a couple of hundred of them to be processed), and I was slowly starting to become ‘beep-happy’ when my colleague sent me this link.
    Pure, silent bliss!
    Thanks sooooooo much!

  5. Hannes

    Phew… thanks a lot. I was right about smashing my box to pieces ;-) What a relief…

  6. Dnick1one

    I followed every step twice but , my pc still beeps anoyingly

  7. flollop

    Which annoying beep does the disabling beeps in registry step get rid of?

  8. tdc

    Thanks for the help. I use mysql for school and every time I make a mistake in the syntax of a command, the beep for the error is louder on my laptop than any other computer beep I have heard elsewhere.

  9. sbw07

    Following these instructions will disable ToggleKeys; the setting which sounds a beep whenever you hit the CAPSLOCK or NUMLOCK keys.

  10. Ciaran

    That was very helpful indeed thank you

  11. thanks!

    you rock – great article!

  12. Estevam

    God! You saved my life! You dunno how mad I used to get while I was in a library or stuff and I got these annoying scandalous beeps just because I mistyped my pwd!
    Thank you a lot!

  13. Ben

    Thanks for the sanity !!!

  14. Jrgen

    thank you! I love you for this, I would hug and kiss you if you were here. I have been so angry about this for years. Our environment is so sound-polluted it’s driving me mad. Now I can go on to the next task, to mute colleagues and their cell signals.

  15. Joe

    thanks very much- that beep noise was so loud it was driving me crazy.

    thanks again.

  16. Kaushal

    Thanks a bunch! This post helped me solve that irritating problem. That beep was horrible when wearing ear phones, it seemed to beep at full system volume into the hears.

  17. Shotsie

    No beeping annoyance for every Windows pop-up! Bliss! Thanks!

  18. Lauren

    Thanks a million! Always hated the beep, but nearly killed my brand new laptop when it piped that beep FULL FORCE through my headphones while gaming! My husbnd found this site and together you saved my sanity!

  19. Terry Nobbe

    I’ve made all the system, device manager and registry changes suggested, the beeping persists. One reference I’ve found suggests that since I use the Award bios version, the cause is a memory or video issue. I’ve re-seated both the video card and the memory sticks, issue re-occurs. What shall I do next?

  20. Oleh

    Author. You are the best. The best “how to”article I ever came across. Well done.

  21. vlad

    This article is a lifesaver. This method was the only thing that allowed me to finally shut off the sounds in the guest machines running windows under VMWare. THANK YOU!

  22. Mudassir Ahmed

    Excellent man! its awesome, really wanted to get rid of this and couldnt find the solution. its great that sound was driving me crazy.errrr

    Thanks alot!

  23. Terry Nobbe

    I’m still awaiting reply to my entry of 6/4/08.

    Even XP Smoker Pro hasn’t done anything for my issue during the few hours I’ve used that utility thus far.

  24. AGA

    Oh thank you. Thank you. I thought I was alone; & was considering putting a switch on the speaker. Now life has become bearable. However:-
    a) On implementing all of your recommendations, I still got a lot of beeps until I entered ‘No Sounds’ in the ‘Sound scheme’ box of the ‘Sounds and Audio Devices Properties’ panel – ref the last picture of your article.
    b) I still get beeps during the close-down/re-start following a new software installation. Any ideas?

  25. Matt

    Thanks for the help. The software I run has a system beep every time you shut it down. Well, one day i was listening to my headphones, I forgot about the beep and well lets just say I’ll never do that again.
    At least I won’t be able to have it happen again.

  26. Mac

    Thank you very much. My ears are still ringing from the last beep through my headphones. One time i was in the library and connecting to wireless network and it beeped so loud in my headphones that i jumped up…i was humiliated by the beep.

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  39. Yoyo

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  40. aga

    I followed your procedure but still got sporadic beeping. Eventually I discovered that the CPU temperature was just exceeding the trigger level that I had set in the BIOS. The problem would have been trival to solve if the person who wrote the BIOS had thought to program a written message to accompany the beeping.

  41. Jyothirmayee

    Generally useful advice but this a hack for the particular mySQL problem you faced.

    Simpler options are to run your mysql with –no-beep.

    A simplex global solution is to run ‘net stop beep’ the beep service would be stopped.


  42. Daniel

    Awesome. I have suffered my whole life under the cruel tyranny of the system beep. It is a hateful foe. This article has greatly encouraged my confidence that mankind will continue to overcome great obstacles, and will continue to thrive on the earth. Thank you.

  43. LaRae

    I cannot tell you how much this helped me. I have a digitizing program that started beeping after an upgrade I did to it. I called the company, I went to several computer shops and NO ONE knew what to do! I could not draw my own designs anymore because the sound drove me and everyone around me crazy. I was thinking maybe of just getting a new computer. You saved me big bucks! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  44. Clint

    Hey thanks for this!!! I set up computers all day long at my desk and it gets soooo freakin annoying. Much appreciated!

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  52. pasx

    Thank you very much indeed,
    Listening to music or watching vids on the computer, the beep was killing my ears.
    The steps in the Device Manager are enough to disable the volume beep but one must also stop the service on the properties tab of the driver to see the immediate effects.
    Thx again.

  53. Chris

    Thanks for the article. I followed the steps and was very hopefully that I was telling AutoCAD to shut the hell up, but after the steps, it still beeped. I re-rentered the control panel item and looked through the list and found one called Exclamation, which I set to none and BINGO!! no more annoying beeps from a window asking me if I want to keep the changes for 6 billionth time. YES! Computer, learn my patterns… sheesh. :P

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  58. harry

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  60. Comp Wiz

    you can also goto system properties and just turn off the system speaker that way

  61. deepz

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  66. J.

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  75. DD85

    WindowsKey + Pause|Break –> Hardware Tab –> Device Manager is a useful shortcut for this one…

  76. drugninja

    start->run, put this line and hit enter
    sc stop beep && sc config beep start= disable

  77. razeen

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    how to troubleshooting… and why it’s beeping?

  78. lynn

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  80. hello

    From command line:

  81. Mo

    My computer “purrs” to me – I have narrowed it down by watching Task Manager “processes” & when it purrs the only process that runs at exactly the same time is BCMWLTRY.exe or WLTRYSVC.exe
    This is quite annoying and I would like to get it to stop…but how?

  82. Nicole

    Thanks so much! I just recently wiped my computer clean and put XP on it. . . Vista was awful. . . And for some reason I was getting all of these system beeps every time I clicked on something twice etc. I use my computer a lot in class and did not want to have to deal with this lol. Your instructions were very simple. I appreciate it!

  83. Greg

    I watch webinars and listen to training calls all the time and have to adjust volume for each. I prefer to use earphones which helps drown out ambient noise but when I adjust volume, that beep just about blows my eardrums out. Why someone thought it imperative to add this “feature” is beyond me but a million thanks for the instructions on how to disable it.

  84. Martin

    I don’t have access to the registry or Device Manager on my work PC, so I have put drugninja’s command:

    sc stop beep && sc config beep start= disable

    in a .bat file in my startup folder.

  85. urri

    To disable the PC Speaker beep from the command line type the following: net stop beep

  86. David

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  89. Hellemans lieve

    I need the different beep explicatation for my computerlessons on Thursday 19 November 2009.
    Can You help m please?

    Where can I find this?

    Thank you very Much.

    Kindly Regards,

    Lieve Hellemans

  90. Derek Domino

    Unlike almost everyone here I find the volume beep really useful. It’s a quick test that sound is working and is handy to set the level befroe you start doing something. They could have made it a settable option though, as it obviously annoys lots of people.

  91. Reed

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  105. Manny


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    On implementing all of your recommendations, I still got a lot of beeps until I entered ‘No Sounds’ in the ‘Sound scheme’ box of the ‘Sounds and Audio Devices Properties’ panel – ref the last picture of your article.


  106. OutputLogic

    Disabling beep in registry did the trick

  107. Akber


    after installing windows 7 my pc is overheating very quickly but when I reinstalled XP it works fine, I have installed all the updated drivers but still have the same issue, any suggestions???

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  109. ibbzuk

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    I have saved them in a file to copy back whenevery I reinstall windows again but there isn’t any way to upload it here or I would so others can use it.

    Perhaps the author can do it and share the results. All the WAV sound files reduced 6db. All the WAV files reduced 10db.

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    I prepared myself to hear the beep again as I tried volume control.

    When I tried volume control though, I noticed that the sound is now coming from the windows xp theme I’m using (e.g. Nature, Da Vinci, Space, etc)–which is how I wanted it in the first place. Not sure if it’ll stay that way after I reboot, but if it doesn’t, I’m so happy there’s a solution here!

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  166. Naresh

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  168. Fritz

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    If I move it up to the 11th it just snaps back to the 8th. They will go down but not up.
    Any way to fix that?

    If I had scrolled down to cut the wires first, THAT, is what I would have down instead of going to >Start >Run etc.

  169. Quagmire

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  172. Christine

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  173. jon

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  174. 3ff

    you’re my savour

  175. moneeb

    Thanks alot.

    It was great hint that worked for me. But the main problem of overheating (compaq presario 701ea) still there.
    I hope I will find an approach to that as clever as you.

  176. Ted

    Thanks. Makes a huge difference if you have headphones plugged into your laptop. That beep goes right through you !!! Now it is gone forever :)

  177. jolamac

    My work laptop was reimaged and was having that LOUD beep when logging in. Was so nice to look up my issue and see the resolution on line – worked for me!Thanks again!

  178. vidis

    Thank you very much. :-))

  179. yogini

    I stopped some service from control panel> Admin tools >services. and now getting system beeps. I guess that its not recognising the sound drivers and hence firing system default beeps. Can any one help me please?

  180. iblees

    thanks gill for the solution – no more bleepin bleep

  181. Cap'n

    Have to admit it would’ve taken a lot longer (forever?) without help.
    Shame it’s so complicated in the first place.

  182. Rover


  183. Tklemko

    thank you .. My dogs appreciate the quiet!!

  184. Manoj

    This article saved my day and my ears.
    Thanks so much for putting this here god bless.

  185. copicuk


    specifically for that annoying volume beep. Because I want to keep my “Caps Lock” beep (yes that is an option in XP!)

    as above: Open up Control Panel and find the Sounds and Audio Devices panel, choose the Sounds tab and then find “Default Beep” in the list.
    Simply replace that beep with a .wav consisitng of silence. Any basic audio software should let u record that.

  186. Satya

    My laptop beeps for two seconds with a black screen and then starts normally .So can you please help me to solve this problem ?

  187. Kyle

    My beep comes from the computer, not the speakers, and I have done EVERY SINGLE THING posted on this and it won’t stop.

  188. IDEAMAN

    Kyle, im idea_man. im the hero rumored to be saving people like you. im best at this in solving any problem before it become a crisis. my idea always counts like i know all the planet and you were just a pitiful creature to me.

    try unplugging the computer socket. and sleep.
    if it helps, please donate $6 directly on my house.

  189. Rob

    My ears thank and salute you, great tip

  190. Oulala

    Problem solved.. thankx mate..! but i want to know what is the reason behind that problem? anyways million Thankx and hats off..! :) sorry 4 my bad english………..!

  191. Richard

    I love you.

  192. Robert

    Thank you! PC-Speakers should be forbidden!

  193. Julie

    Simple,.effective… amazing. Thank you so much!

  194. Matt

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, much better. Thank you. The dreaded beepy computer that no one at work wants to use is now the nice and actually most modern computer that everyone will want to use all the time!
    People used to laugh at whoever had to use it. I made it my mission to destroy that awful sound so there can finally be peace in the office.
    Why the hell they think anyone would want to hear these horrible noises every time they press Ctrl etc I will never know. What an absolute hero you are.

  195. Zaron

    Lot better. Really appreciated

  196. Susa

    Thank you SO MUCH! The beep was so loud when I requested certain actions that I jumped out of my skin every time, and was unable to work in the same room as anyone else. Phew!

  197. Linh

    Thank you very much, this article helps me a lot. Now I can rid of the beep

  198. Chris

    very very happy to finally crack this annoyance..thank you

  199. Thanks

    One hundred milion thanks to you, your children, grandchildren and theire grandchildren.

  200. Dirkk

    Thanks indeed!

  201. JJ

    Thanks Gil, your instructions worked great for that annoying volume beep!!

  202. Ludwig

    Thank You.
    Please! Teach me! How can one discover such things?

    There is another (simpler) solution. I’ve killed all wav files from \vindoze\Media…

    Why they (usoft) HIDE this – or anything?
    Why they put things into places where they can be found by chance only? For another example hibernation has nothing to do with “power options”.

    Our world is a difficult one…

  203. Nick L

    Just tried this – couldn’t find the registry bit – but the rest works – and thank God it has! Won’t be changing the profile settings of XP again – before it was fine – now it is again – thanks so much!!!

  204. nanjunda v patil

    Your information is very nice (Easy). Thanks lot

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