Tabbed Remote Desktop / VNC Client for Windows

Anybody that works in a multiple server environment knows that it can be annoying to have half a dozen remote desktop windows open at any given point. Thankfully there’s a slick application called Terminals that gives you tabbed remote desktop capabilities.

Not only can you do Remote Desktop, but you can use VNC or even Citrix if you choose, and all within the same tabbed window.

When you first install the application you’ll be prompted for a master password, which is probably a good idea:


You can create a new stored connection of any supported type:


I’m connected to my Kubuntu Linux server box here in this tab…


And also connected to an ancient server at work…


One of the rather cool features is that you can have the terminals window minimize to the system tray.


There’s dozens of other features in this application, including the ability to upload screenshots directly to flickr.

It’s definitely worth a look, although I did have a few problems with it crashing on me. Since it’s in active development, I assume these issues will be worked out over time.

Download Terminals from

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