You might have considered the susceptibility of your wrists to carpal tunnel. You might be trying to prevent your invasive friends and family from using your PC without looking like you have something to hide. You might even be trying to ward off Alzheimer’s by intentionally subjecting yourself to the frustration of feeling like you’re five years old again.

The Dvorak keyset aids in all of these endeavors, and making the switch is actually far easier than typing with it enabled. For those game to make the switch, here’s how it’s done.

Note: Switching the keyboard layout will actually move your keys around, so you’ll want to print out a guide before you actually make the switch. For more information, read the Dvorak layout article on Wikipedia.

Switching to the Dvorak Keyboard Layout

Get yourself to the control panel.

Once you’re there double click Regional and Language Options.

Click on the Languages Tab.

Then Details.

Then what you need to do is click the add button. Note the current US keyboard setting.

Once you’re in there click the keyboard layout/IME box. Select United States-Dvorak from the dropdown menu.


Click the OK button and you’ll be taken back this screen. Now, however, there’s the addition of the United States-Dvorak setting.

All that’s left to do is to select it from the top drop down box, then hit apply.

You may have to restart the first time, and you may be prompted for your windows installation CD or a download at some point during the installation. If so, just follow the prompts. When all that’s completed, you’ll be able to type pain free and with ease… well, maybe in a few weeks.

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