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Stupid Geek Tricks: Shrink the XP Volume Control

If you’ve just done something in front of a non-geek that surprises them enough to ask “How’d you do that?”, you’ve probably performed a Stupid Geek Trick. Usually these tricks aren’t anything complicated, just little known fun tricks that we like to share.

For today’s Stupid Geek Trick, we’re going to show you how to shrink the XP volume control with a keystroke. And just so I can use my favorite wallpaper, we’re talking about the volume control when you double-click on the Volume icon in the tray.


Once the dialog is up, hit the Ctrl+S key combination…


And your volume control should shrink down to a mini version! Using the same key combination again will change it back to the big version.


Note that you can also remove some of the sliders that you might not use by going to Options \ Properties, and then unchecking everything you don’t need.


In case you are wondering, this doesn’t work in Vista. Got any more fun geek tricks? Share them in the comments.

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  • Published 09/29/08

Comments (15)

  1. sul2005tan

    That is funny tricks ^^ thank you Geek

  2. David

    pretty kool!!!

  3. kbmxpxfan

    Why is this not in the settings? I actually NEED this in order to see all my sliders!

  4. skrollan

    don’t know why, but i love this one, volume control looks better right now :)

  5. Chris

    In Vista, if you want rename multiple files in Explorer without having to resort to mouse + click + f2 each time. When renaming a file, instead of pressing enter when you’re done, press tab. Explorer will automatically advance to the next file in the list.

    Not sure if this works on folders, but you can try.


  6. zmtin

    I like this. Thanks Geek

  7. Vostromo

    If you close the shrunken dialog with CTRL+CLOSE, it will stay that way next time.

  8. Shkumbin

    Thanx CHRIS, that works on folders too.

  9. _AbE_

    It works on windows 2000 too

  10. Nipuna

    Nice Trick! it’s very useful… don’t anyone know how to reduce volume without even clicking the volume button..

  11. Lobelia

    the geek shall inherit the earth :D

  12. Neil

    Nipuna wrote:

    > do[es]n’t anyone know how to reduce volume without even clicking the volume button..

    I just got a keyboard with a volume-control knob on it. It controls the Master Volume slider in the Volume Control window. Yes, you can adjust the volume without having to mess with any windows. The Volume Control window doesn’t have to be in Front.

    This is a cheap keyboard that came with a Dell-Outlet computer. It’s a safe bet there are other keyboards with a volume control, also. For an online retailer, I like (just one of a million satisfied customers).

  13. mihi

    what I like a lot (on XP) when copying a lot of files onto an external drive where I already copied some of them before: On the confirm overwrite dialog there is a “yes to all” button, but no “no to all” button. However, if you hold Shift while clicking “No” you get a “No to all” which is exactly what you want at that moment.

  14. ivan

    is there anyway to show volume control on vista? I mean those wave, line in, etc. controls…. :)

  15. Anoosh

    You forgot that you are not talking to stupid Geeks, and needed to tell them that what the devil was “Valume Control” and what does it do to or for computer owners. Anoosh.

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