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Resolving "Setup did not find any hard disk drives" during Windows XP Installation

One of the most popular topics among our readers is installing Windows XP on your new Windows Vista computer – sometimes for compatibility reasons, but also because a lot of people just don’t like Vista very much.

The problem that people keep running into left and right is getting to the point where XP starts to install and getting the message “Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer”. This error happens because your new computer has a storage controller that isn’t supported natively in XP, usually an SATA (Serial ATA) controller.


If you don’t have a floppy drive in your computer (who does anymore), then you’ll need to use a process called slip-streaming to integrate the storage drivers into your XP installation CD.

It should go without saying that this is an advanced topic, so proceed with caution.

Creating a Custom XP Install

We’ll use a software called nLite to create a new XP install cd, so you’ll first need to download and install it. Once it starts up, you’ll be prompted for your Windows installation, so you’ll want to click the Browse button.


First you’ll be prompted for the “Windows installation”, which really means your XP install CD. Find it and select the root of the installation, and then click OK to go to the next dialog.


Next you’ll be prompted on where you want to save the temporary files used during the slip-streaming process. I chose to create a new directory and called it XPISO, but you can put it wherever you’d like. I just recommend to use a new directory.


nLite will copy all the necessary files off the XP installation and into the temporary folder. When it’s done, you’ll see all the information on which version it is.

image image

Hit the next button until you come to this screen, where you can select what options you want. Select “Drivers” and then “Bootable ISO”.


Side note: You can select any of the other options if you’d like. nLite will let you bundle updates, set tweaks or automatically remove components from the installation, but that all goes beyond the scope of this article.

Hit the next button until you get to the screen for selecting drivers. If you click the Insert button, you can choose between adding a single driver or adding a folder of drivers. Since we’ll just be loading a single driver, you can choose that option, but you might want to first read the section below about finding drivers for XP.

image image

 Browse to the directory where you extracted the driver files, and then select Open. Note that it doesn’t really matter which of the *.inf files you choose, because it will select all files in the folder anyway.


 nLite will prompt you to select your driver. If you don’t know which exact one it is, you can either use Device Manager in Vista to find the exact model, or you can just select all of them. Just be careful not to select a 64-bit driver if you are using 32-bit, or the wrong OS version. 


I would recommend including both Storage and Network drivers, as those are the most common drivers that are missing in XP. image

Once you proceed to the next screen, now we can finally finish the process. You can choose to directly burn the cd here, or you can select Create Image to create an ISO file that you can burn to a CD using whatever burning tool you have.

Note: If you chose to create an ISO, make sure to use the “Make ISO” button before you click Next.

image image




At this point you can burn the ISO image to a CD, and then start your XP installation process.

Finding Drivers for XP

The best place to search for drivers for your hardware is at the manufacturer’s support website. The only problem is that almost every manufacturer seems to distribute their drivers in floppy disk image form, even though the computer they are for doesn’t have a floppy drive. Guess nobody has alerted them to get with the program.

We can still extract the drivers using an application called WinImage. Let’s run through a quick example… Here you can see the Intel SATA controller driver for my HP computer.


I downloaded and ran the executable, which extracted a file called f6flpy32.exe into a temporary directory. Don’t bother trying to run this one, because it’ll just prompt you for a floppy drive.


So how to get the drivers out of this file? There are a few options that you can try, depending on how the manufacturer packed the files.

  • You can use Winimage to extract them, which is a shareware software, but you can use it during the trial period for free.
  • You can try and use WinRar to extract the file. In many instances this will extract a *.flp file, which you can mount in a VMware virtual machine or potentially with some ISO mounting software.
  • Some drivers will allow you to automatically extract into a directory. You’ll have to try it and see what happens.
  • Other methods? If you’ve got other ideas, leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to this list.

Here’s the list of files that Winimage can handle, which is quite a lot.


Start WinImage and then open the file, and you should see the contents. Just extract them to a folder, preferably with a useful name so you can remember it later.


Good luck with your installation, and be sure to leave any support questions on the forum.

Download WinImage from

Download nLite from

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  • Published 09/3/07

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  1. Scott

    Classic. Should be sticky in the Vista/XP forums.

  2. yogesh

    I have a Toshiba satelite M200 Laptop . I am facing problem that is hard disk not found. i had used nlite utility but i won’t.

  3. Ira

    This walk through was great. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. It saved me hours of time. I appreciate it.

  4. Chip

    nLite worked like a champ. Thanks for the walk-through! One snag I hit was nlite didn’t really burn the disc when I asked it to. I ended up compiling the iso with nlite and then burning that using Nero. I was using the latest beta version of nlite, so that may have something to do with it. Anyway it seems to have written the iso correctly so I’m happy.

  5. Pravin

    Great work ! thanks a million for putting all together , your work is highly appreciated

  6. Hugh

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the needed guidance. I got an error, can you please help me out:
    I installed nLite, created XPISO diirectory on my newly partitioned drive. Then I launched nLite, given the path of XP CD as English-PRO-i386. Gave the path to XPISO new directory and it started…
    After around 20 minutes it gave me an error: “Data error (Cyclic redundancy check)” I hit OK button it worked for 20 minutes, without progress and gave me the same error again.

    I cancelled and now got no clue how to resolve it.

    Please help,
    Many Thanks….

  7. Mick

    Thanks champ!!!

    after the troubles ive had with Vista, i was really looking forward to getting back to XP… teh fact that i had to screw around with the extended install really made things crappy.. But, now after following your guide its back to XP glory..

    Thank you x 10000000000000000!!!@@@@!!

  8. Cheeno

    Im sorry where in the hp website do you get the drivers i cant find it

  9. Wil

    Well, i had the same problem. trying to downgrade to XP my laptop (HP COMPAQ 6510b) that came with Vista Business, I was reading your guide, it was cool, but I Kept looking for more info, and read another source even easier, I just had to go into my Bios and DISABLE the NATIVE SATA CONTROL which was ENABLED and thats all I had to do, my system would detect the Hard drive right away. Not saying that your guide its useless, just giving you guys more options, this one saves you like 10x the time.


    Wilman Reyes

  10. Nicolas Stears

    A more simple solution. Go into your bios and change your SATA Device Operation to ATA instead of AHCI. Install the OS then update all your drivers while in Windows XP and change it back when completed.

    I used this method on a Dell inspiron 1420.

    Nicolas Stears

  11. iepure


  12. fadi halabi

    Im so thankfull I have a laptop stopped from 7 days without floppy ,the solution was by disabling sata native controll , I know that there is a winxp cd that contain all the hard drives and I didt get it yet

  13. Mohan

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    Thanks friend.


  14. Andrew

    Nice one! Worked wonderfully; using nLite, I was even able to strip out the HP Restore Plus! CD dependency to give myself a completly clean Windows XP installation CD.

    Now I can dual boot XP 64 (Primary) and XP 32 (Secondary)!

  15. jet431

    Where did you get those drivers in your example pic???? I have a HP Pavilion DV6570ED, Vista Home Premium, same problem. Could not find any BIOS entry concerning the SATA support???
    Ran Nlite, but still need the drivers to add to the ISO. Please email the drivers….been at it for hours now…

    Thanx in advance!
    Greetings mariette

  16. Tom

    Had to wipe the hard drive from a ex-company laptop before I was allowed to use it for personal use, used many programs from the Techie toolkit to try and create a new active logical partition, but still got the same message. I tried this and to my supprise, it works!! If this method didnt work, then I would have tried norton ghost with the wrong image, just to see if I can make the hard drive readable to windows.

    Thanks for your help, but also thanks for introducing this powerfull program, I can use this for all my PC builds!


  17. jet431

    Thanx for the great guide, last night I finally got it all installed and working………

    (Though the internet port still isn’t working, but that is another issue….)


  18. Ozzie

    I faced the same problem with a Compaq C714NR laptop and DISABLING the NATIVE SATA CONTROL from the BIOS window worked for me as well.

    Thanks for saving me the time Wilman

  19. Ben

    what happend for me is….
    i formated the hard drive first not relay noing
    and when tried to install windows xp and i cant do nothing
    in windows because i have no operating system so how can i do this
    what is explains up above


  20. Bryan

    After vista crashed and died, I tried to restore XP using the HP recovery disks with no success. One hour later, after using this fix, I am up and running.

    Thanks for your help.

  21. Nikolas

    Solved my problem.
    Crystal, simple and 100% working instructions.
    Of the very few on web.
    Fantastic Job.


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  25. Mike Schuler

    Has anybody accomplished this on a Gateway Computer? After the eula I get the page that says:

    “The following list shows the existing partitions and unpartitioned space on this computer.

    Use the UP and DOWN keys to select an item in the list.”

    But the only thing in the list are the words “Unkown drive” and “” repeated four times. Nothing is highlighted. I’ve read and tried everything on this site to no avail.

    I’m a sign maker, not a computer tech. My art station computer was worn out and I bought this new Gateway not realizing that my $4,500 worth of sign making software won’t run on Vista. It would be nice if I could just convert this thing to straight XP. I don’t need Vista for anything. I was able to download the XP drivers for this computer from the Gateway support site and updated the BIOS with them and it still just shows “” in that list.

    If nobody has accomplished this on a Gateway, then I guess I’ll just have to give up, take my loss, and order a Dell. They are still selling XP computers, thankfully.

  26. Irene

    I have created winlite iso bootable cd. However, my laptop doesn’t recognize the disk. It gives me a message “Missing operating system”. I have a brand new disk drive installed without any OS.
    I have HP nx9420. What can you suggest to do? Thank you in advance.

  27. David

    Can anyone tell me where to find the device drivers for an HP 530 laptop? It has a Toshiba MK8037GSX hard drive but I’ve searched both the HP and Toshiba websites and can’t find anything useful.
    Many many thanks in advance,

  28. salah eldin

    Where did you get those drivers in your example pic???? I have a HP Pavilion DV6570ee, Vista Home Premium, same problem. Could not find any BIOS entry concerning the SATA support???
    Ran Nlite, but still need the drivers to add to the ISO. Please email the drivers..

  29. The Geek

    I got the drivers from the HP website. Just go to their support/downloads section and pick the model of your computer.

  30. Mark

    Did just all explained and it is still not able to find the Mass storage devises!! Ewerythink just as it is writen as downloadet the latest Intel drivers and nothing??? What did I do wrong! Disk does boot but it still dont recognise the HDD´s ???

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    Dont bother will all this, first try to disable the sata scsi stuff in the bios, it will work then.

  32. preet

    i used nlite & it works fine for me to downgraded from vista to xp on my Gateway Mt6705. everythin is workin fine except my wireless card. its a realtek rtl8187 wireless. xp has found the driver, but its just not working. i downloaded the drivers from from realtek site too, but none is seem to be working. it just says “an error has occured”. can anyone help me this?

  33. manuel

    this is for david… i got the same computer hp530 the way to install winxp is going to the bios setup and in the device option you hata to disable the sata native option and thats it your copy of win xp it gonna see your hdd

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  38. abhijit

    I am having windows vista home basic in my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop.
    But i want win XP an additional OS to be installed. I can try the way
    you said but i tried the following: Changed SATA Device Operation to
    ATA instead of AHCI.I heard that it too works. But the problem is as soon
    as i tried to ” save and exit” it warns that you might end with an error
    or the OS might have to be reinstalled. Should i proceed with “save & exit”
    from then onwards???

  39. Bruce Luna

    I have a laptop with AMD processor , I wonder if these drivers will work with my laptop or I need to look for other drivers.

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  40. SAM88

    hi ,
    The Geek, I have a Fujitsu Siemens pi 2530 laptop. When I go to the company website
    and choose my laptop type , they ask about the OS . Once I choose XP Pro , a messege appears “These operating systems have NOT been tested or released for this component” . They say : the only supporeted system for this coputer is Vista !!!
    I went ,also, to Intel website and searched for ((Intel® Matrix Storage Manager )) , but I got four types and NO one support (ICH8M )
    How can I get the driver for XP ????
    help me plz .

  41. george22

    I am trying to install Windows XP in my HP Pavillion dv2660.
    I will create a new Installation CD with the procedure that you explained.
    Before, i was tried with the F6 key when the windows is instaling and i can select the driver from the floppy.
    The problem is when the Windows reestart ti begin to install the OS in the local disc.
    It is trying to detect again the iaastore.sys and .cat but does not find the files.
    I have only 2 options. Enter to retry or F3 to exit. In all the moment i have the floppy connected and the diskete with the drivers files in the unit of 3.5 but the instalation still asking for the driver files.
    Someone know why i have this problem and hot to fix it?

    Thanks a lot

  42. Viraj

    I have HP Pavilion dv6516tx. I tried all the things what u mentioned, but unfortunately it did not work & i get same message with blue screen.
    I have Win XP genuin copy. Please let me know how to solve this

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    Can someone help me with this?

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    Excellent man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I tried this with my HP pavilion dv2601 it worked only problem is with graphix drivers that i downloaded from nvidia site itself . Initially i also faced problem with hard drives not detecting . I checked drivers with proper model ie intel’s SATA chipset comes in various model intel 82801HEM/HBR GS etc so we need to get the apt driver and incorporate it with iso image through nlite

    Anyway thanks A lot

  52. pavan

    i have hp dv6516tx laptop its comes preinstalled vista.i want to install xp but when i installing the xp hard disk will be not detacting & also install the sata driver from usb floppy driver & installation Completely finished after restarting the laptop its will showing blue screen error. please give me suggestion

    thank u

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    How do I know which drivers I need to download?

  55. B

    I’m trying to dual boot Vista and XP. I looked on the HP website for the drivers needed for XP and the only ones there were some EXE files. Does this mean I don’t need to integrate any drivers for the iso?

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    Great! Thanks!

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    Thank you so much for this wonderful site to help a newbie like me to install XP on my laptop with Vista pre-installed. I appreciat it.

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    Hi there thanks for this – i have HP 530 – i disabled the SATA from the Bios … its working fine but ONCE i enabled the from the BIOS ( SATA ) — so the system keep restarting !!!! any Idea

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  61. Shaahin

    I’ve been messing with same problem. I have just purchased a Compaq 3630 UT.

    I did all that was mentioned in this post. However XP setup still cannot go further. I also checked the bios options to disable support for SATA but there was no such option available.

    Is there any other way left? maybe I should buy a USB floppy drive :(

  62. v3688e

    I got this
    and create folder at “c:\drivers”, use this command “iata78_enu.exe -A -Pc:\drivers”
    then I got the correct driver.

    Hope this information can help those need the drivers, big hint. ^_^

  63. vipashwa bajracharya

    Thanks a million, billion, zillion and whatever number comes after that.
    I really had a hard time installing OS before i came across ure tips.

    Nice to know that people like you are here to help us for free.


  64. Jozef ka.

    God bless you man!!!! Many thanks…for Toshiba users here is the European website with xp drivers……it is in French but who cares…drivers worked for my L45 (i selected l40 series)…happy hunting…

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  66. jacob

    Hi, thanks for this post, it is truly useful. I stumbled my way through the majority of these steps before I came across this site. Per the instruction, I used nLite and slipstreamed the chipset drivers from Intel’s website, but I still get this error message about the hard disk when I try to install XP. Does anybody have any advice. Thank you very much.

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    This technique is not working for my Hp dv 6560ee Notebook. And i think other people who have HP notebook having same problem.

  68. Sonia Thomas

    My laptop recently fell down and the hard drive got damaged and i had to replace it. I was using windows xp all along though my laptop is windows vista capable. But after changing the hard disk i tried windows xp setup and a blue screen appers saying “setup does not detect hard drive”..but the bios detects it. I took it to the shop from where i bought the hard drive and they installed chinese xp because they didn’t have english xp. I am an indian living in China. And its become very difficult to use my laptop because i don;t understand a word..its all chinese. I tried installing xp english again but it gives the same message ” setup does not detect hard drives” . But at the same time it working on chinese xp. What should i do? I tried downloading nLite software but i coulnt get it. I hope you can mail me the setup file. Thankyou.

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    How do you edit the bios settings? I’ve tried VistaBootPRO and EasyBCD but I saw nothing about disabling SATA. Thanks.

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    This worked great for installing xp on my HD dv2660se. I am still having driver problems though. Although I’ve downloaded Intel chipset drivers, devise manager still shows:

    3 base system devices, ethernet controller, pci device and 1 other unknown device.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you very much for your help.

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  75. Robin


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  76. The Geek


    You can’t always disable SATA in the BIOS… sometimes, but not always.

    Also, doing so means you are going to have a much slower computer than if you properly fix the error by using the right drivers.

  77. Brandon

    I have an IBM Lenovo. I ran into a similar problem to robin. My computer doesn’t have an option to disable the SATA in the Bios, but instead the options were eaither SATA or COMPATIBILITY. I chose COMPATIBILITY and it worked great! Thanks for the great advice. Stupid Lenovo sent me a new hard drive, because mine failed. Instead of sending me proper installation discs, the fuckers sent me a burned copy of windows XP setup disc?!?!! Microsoft would shit their pants over this. Talk about good tech support…not.

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  83. grateway

    For everyone who keeps saying “JUST DISABLE IT IN THE BIOS” please be aware that many machines, including my Gateway MT6223B have a super-crippled BIOS that allows practically zero in the way of tweaks (presumably to keep noob fingers away from such things).

    I have followed all the steps above (ironically I had already figured them out after scouring the net for a whole day, if only I had seen this incredibly clear and helpful page earlier – ho hum…) and like many others, still get that damn “there is are no hard disk attached” bluescreen message. I’m ready to throw the thing out the window, but before I do, if anyone has any input as regards this Gateway (also known as the MA7) I’d sure love to hear it.

    For the record, I downloaded the Intel 943GL chipset drivers (no need for Winimage, they were simply zipped) and added the “All” folder to my NLite slipstream CD (then burned it at 4x with Nero, DAO, closed session).

    I am seeing hundreds of people like me, who are fed up with Vista and want to return to XP, yet are being stopped from doing so by the ridiculous combination of needing a FLOPPY DRIVE in 2008 (the RIGHT floppy mind, not all usb drives will work, naturally) and then having to create 500 coasters and reboot 9 million times. I really thought these days were gone, absolutely bizarre how we are back in this position. What is even more bizarre is the strange twilight zone I have entered whilst trying to fix this issue. I think it says a lot about my issues regarding avoidance of ‘real’ work…

  84. The Geek

    grateway is correct… Most Consumer PCs do NOT allow you to change the BIOS settings.

    When you downloaded the drivers, are they specifically for the SATA controller, or for the chipset itself?

  85. grateway

    Update – I caved and borrowed a USB floppy – it seems to work ok, but still no XP install – it finds the RAID/AHCPI drivers and no matter which ones I select, I get a bluescreen after loading. ARGGGGHHHHH!!!!

    Oh and to answer the question, at first I mistakenly had the chipset drivers (!) but then got the ‘Intel Matrix Manager Blah Blah’ which contains the SATA controllers for the Intel 943GML chipset. Intel even give you a floppy image creator exe which works perfectly. The only problem is the Gateway STILL craps out on install. Have Gateway deliberately crippled these low-end units so that they ONLY load Vista? Weird. If anyone knows any low-level ‘reset’ utility to solve this painful issue I would love to hear it!


  86. satakin

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  87. Nie

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    Really helpful, Many thanks.

  88. Nikola

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  89. emma

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  90. Gateway User

    grateway is correct, I have been tring to downgrade to good old windows xp for the entire weekend with multiple attempts using different drivers and nlite. I always get a BSOD that says run a check disk to ensure that there is no problems with your drive. I have a GM5632E. It seems that gateway has stuck us with a piece of shit that is only compatable with windows vista (Which is not compatible with anything itself).

    Gateway User – Pissed off!

  91. grateway

    Hi all,

    Here is the official response from Gateway ‘support’:


    Please accept my apologies for the delay in answering your email.

    Because of restrictions placed upon us by Microsoft as an Original Equipment Manufacturer, we are only able to provide technical support and drivers for the Operating System that is licensed to the computer when it is sold.

    Any attempt to install a different operating system on your computer will result in you no longer being eligible for technical support.

    Please reply to this message if you require further assistance with this issue.


    Gotta love it! Well anyway after seven days of dicking around, I finally got XP installed on my MT6223B (MA7). I had stupidly misread the chipset – I thought it was an Intel 943GML, but it was actually an Intel 945GM. D’oh! Anyway, in the meantime I had managed to get my head around the various processes, and familiarised myself better with nLite, which is an essential ingredient, and quite amazing for a freebie (must donate!).

    Someone had posted up some details for another Gateway, and the salient points were that you must get the EXACT single RAID driver for your chipset for the nLite .iso that you are building, and you MUST remove the stock XP RAID driver.

    Once I did this I was golden, well apart from missing drivers in XP. Managed to track most of them (apart from the modem, but who cares), however the wifi STILL didnt work, which was a cruel irony, as that was the original impetus for the downgrade. Ho hum, I just caved and paid £8 for a wifi stick from Amazon.

    Anyone who has Vista and wants to install XP would be well advised to check very carefully what their hardware is (using Device Mangager or a freeware system doctor app) and WRITE IT ALL DOWN. Also Google the drivers needed BEFORE you try to reinstall, OR have a second computer with net access to hand. Otherwise you will throw everything, including yourself, out of the window.

    Good luck, bon voyage etc

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    Toshiba Satellite A200

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    This Step By Step Guide Is Incredible !!!

    And All i want to say is, Vista are the second worst OS created by Microsoft, after Win ME.

    Almost everybody wants to downgrade to XP because is the best, almost everything works fine in XP and almost nothing in Vista. It Had changed a lot, but not for good. And sites, post, articles and guides like this show how microsoft is goin down in inovation and versatility and of course usability with their operating systems and their programing.

    I have an HP Pavillion dv6626us notebook. The notebook itself is awesome, but it came with vista, as many systems these days, and gave me a lot of headaches caused by incompatibility with programs and also with system performance because Vista is very demanding on system resources.

    I’d just downgraded to XP with the guide provided by THE GEEK, and the installation was a totally a succes, without any problems.

    As a note: almost all new systems came without the ability to change the HD SATA – PATA mode, and i f you try to change the BIOS you’ll notice that you can’t cuz there are just some basic functions available. Its better to incorporate the HD SATA drivers to the XP Installation CD.


  98. grateway

    > As a note: almost all new systems came without the ability to change the HD SATA – PATA mode, and i f you try to change the BIOS you’ll notice that you can’t cuz there are just some basic functions available. Its better to incorporate the HD SATA drivers to the XP Installation CD.

    yep – that has been noted a few times in this thread, however I think that for many people getting to grips with nLite is just a step too far in the geek stakes. Thankfully my perserverance paid off and as a result of learning nLite I have put a stripped down XP on my ageing Vaio, and made it fly once again. Hoorah!

  99. ahmed ghoniem

    thank you man

  100. Gateway2

    Gateway 2:
    Thanks for the great tip to all the fellow geeks out here. I have a GT5630E that I bought recently. The BIOS has three options: ATA, RAID, and AHCI. The machine came configured with RAID option. I changed this to ATA, and voila, my 2003 server installation disk recognized the SATA disk. The installation continued with messages that said that it could copy the files like iedkcs32.dll, georgia.ttf, georgiab.ttf, framd.ttf, etc, etc.
    When the installation got closer to the finish line, I received an error :-

    “line 0 of hivesft.inf is corrupted. Setup cannot continue.”

    Has anybody encountered this on your gateway machine(s)?

    Help !!


  101. Lanport

    Hi man, im from ARGENTINA and You help me so much!!!!!
    One client of mine buy a Notebook L45-S7409 that comes with Vista, and i had to install a XP. It do not, exist the drivers of the sata hard drives for XP. With this solution i create mi xp with the drivers for sata hard drives!!!

    Thanks, and sorry, my english SUCK!!!


  102. Hlias

    Art, if you haven’t figured out yet the device problems you have the other device is the web cam, read get the driver from here
    the base system devices problem i haven’t figured out yet

  103. dodolom

    Hey guys,

    Don’t want to sound stupid but I am following the directions right now to get the ISO file but I am stuck at the part where it says

    “Browse to the directory where you extracted the driver files, and then select Open. Note that it doesn’t really matter which of the *.inf files you choose, because it will select all files in the folder anyway.”


    Any help would be appreciated.

    Btw, I have a Sony Vaio

    Thanks in advance,

  104. xCodez

    That’s really interesting, great, helpful.
    You saved me with this method.
    Thank you very very much.

  105. Sebas

    Amazing, wonderful article. A+ for you

  106. James

    Your article has helped me a great deal and it worked like a charm, bye bye vista!!

  107. dodolom

    Can anyone help me what do they mean by the “extracted drivers”

    Thanks in advance,

  108. Sonda

    Hi, I just burned a disc following the images and found that in one window (image) it shows that you chose textmode driver and in the other after all is chosen PNP. Since the latter was PNP I went with that one. It Didn’t work. Maybe it is textmode and I’m gonna try that out now. Thanks for all the help. Very useful info.

  109. rami

    I bought Gateway model m-6750,tired in installing win 2003,with the above methods.Gateway users really pissed off.can any one help on this?Millian thanks if any one mail some clue to my

  110. Jake


    After countless hours of google and three or four new grey hairs, I bumped into your hidden gem on this issue. The detailed explanations and the screenies made this tutorial extremely pleasant and straightforward.
    This method worked flawlessly on my HP dv6265 and allowed me to give Vista’s poor excuse for an upgrade the boot.

    All that’s left to say is that you sir are the freeking man! and that’s an understatement…

    THANK YOU ! :D

  111. dodolom

    Hey guys, I was on Intel’s website to find the drivers I need but I can’t seem to figure out which ones I need because I don’t know the chipset family of my laptop. Below, I will copy and paste the details on my laptop directly from best buy’s website. I hope someone here can tell me what drivers I should download in order to get back to good old XP. Thanks in advance,

    Processor Brand
    Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core
    Processor Speed
    Display Type
    WXGA widescreen with XBRITE-ECO technology (1280 x 800)
    Screen Size
    System Bus
    Cache Memory
    1MB at die Level 2
    System Memory (RAM)
    System Memory (RAM) Expandable To
    Type of Memory (RAM)
    Hard Drive Type
    Serial ATA (5400 rpm)
    Hard Drive Size
    Optical Drive
    Double-layer DVD±RW/CD-RW
    Optical Drive Speeds
    4x DVD+R DL; 4x DVD-R DL; 8x8x8 DVD+RW; 8x6x8 DVD-RW; 5x DVD-RAM; 24x24x24 CD-RW
    Direct-Disc Labeling
    Digital Media Reader or Slots
    Yes, select memory card slots
    Diskette Drive
    Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
    Video Memory
    Up to 251MB as allocated by Windows Vista

  112. Hamad
  113. Sata

    Most newer MoBos (or atleast the decent ones – i dont deal in the lower end of the market) have an option in the Bios to disable native sata. This presents the disks as if they were PATA.
    Install windows
    Enable Sata again!

    Lot easier…

  114. grateway

    Well it might be a ‘lot easier’ but I feel this post is aimed at helping the non-expert, who generally may own machines from what you term ‘the lower end of the market’. These people want to rid their Gateways, HP’s etc of the curse that is Vista and are finding it VERY tricky, as did I. If they had more expert status they probably wouldn’t be here asking for help.

    Anyway, assuming that your BIOS is crippled (as mine was), and you still have Vista installed, then ensure you have looked in Device Manager (right-click ‘My Computer’ > Properties > Hardware) and written down everything you can about the internals of your PC – you WILL need this info! Or use this – it’s a free program that should give you a boatload of info. You need to find out what drivers your chipset needs. Usually it is Intel, and their site is actually ok once you have the CORRECT info.

    Then you have to get really messy and learn to use nLite, remove the RAID/SATA stock drivers from your XP install disc image, replace with TEXTMODE drivers for your chipset and burn that image!

    All I can say is GOOD LUCK! It took me a week and I could not believe how convoluted it was – such a simple thing in theory, so awkward in practice.


  115. Nick

    Another way (at least with Lenovo laptops) is to go into the Bios and enable SATA Computability mode. Works like a charm!!

  116. grateway

    LOL is anyone actually reading these comments or simply posting at will…

  117. The Geek


    I often wonder that myself =)

    @Everybody: There’s loads of good information in the comments thread, make sure you read the above.

  118. rami

    Mr.Jake made some undecent personnal comments..May be i am wrong in commeting Gateway but i got tired,may be I don’t have so much expertise but i don’t have any motives on gateway.I bought this gateway labtop as it has 3gb RAM,250gb hard drive and intel chipset.
    I have issue in installing win 2003 on gateway model M-6750-with disk WDC WD 2500BEVS (product id=89578-oem-7332157-00141).setup don’t have choice for changing HD SATA and I am Not able to get right .inf for WDC 250gb hard drive.Any one who has similar scenario can help…thanks

  119. Seba

    Hi, I’m from ARGENTINA, a have a HP 530 (without Vista of course… hehe), thank to this post I can install XP with SATA mode enabled

  120. Hamad

    @The Geek

    I found this driver pack

    Do you recommend including all of it?

    Thanks again

  121. Malou Escasa

    My hero! THANK YOU! This works! I finally got rid of Vista!

    Now all I need are some more drivers for my HP Compaq Presario V3525tu and I’m all set.

    Somebody help me with that PLEASE!

  122. Malou Escasa

    For those who are afraid to try this, well, I was able to get rid of Vista; set up XP (incomplete drivers); restore Vista in its original state (without XP); then get rid of Vista again and set up XP again. I wanted to test the waters first, so to speak.

    Now, I’ve got XP set up but I’m lacking just a few more drivers.

    Again, Vista sucks. Consumers should not be forced fed with it.

  123. John Gallie

    Try and Hit F11 on the keyboard and reset all to factory Defaults, – I tried it and it worked. some models dont do that for Gateway But this one did.

  124. crumpet18


    I’m on the brink of going insane with this.

    I’ve got an ACER 5220 with vista preloaded and as is the norm I’m trying to replace it with XP but I still can’t get it to see the HDD.

    I’ve followed the steps but for some reason once I’ve selected the drivers the mode shows TXT and not PNP as in your tutorial this is the only part that differs is this where its going wrong for me?? Please help!!

  125. Doror

    I seem to have the same chipset as you do on my Amilo notebook. I can not find the Raid controller driver though.. The Intel website only wants to give me *.exe files for dl.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  126. grateway


    if i recall correctly i think it’s an .exe because it is a self-extracting zip file. do you have winzip or winrar? if so you can simply right click the .exe and unpack it to a folder, and you will see the drivers inside that new folder.

    good luck, brew some coffee, take a deep breath and pray for a following wind!

  127. Doror

    Yeah I just extraxcted it and it worked like a charm.., My laptop is much faster and cleaner now.

  128. grateway

    excellent. it’s amazing how vista can throw people – most people i speak to are annoyed to some extent about being stuck with it having bought a new pc. at first i thought vista would be a mature, faster xp with a flashier skin that could be disabled, and i was happy to try it, being a forward-thinking person and all…

    having tried it and hated every minute, i am happy to run in the opposite direction and get back to the lean and snappy world that is an nlited xp pro sp3 install. maybe by the time vista reaches sp3 and vista-lite is fully developed…but for now i’m not going to waste another minute speculating! long live xp!

  129. Kadir

    Excellent step by step information for using nLite. XP works like a charm. Thank you very much.

  130. Amit

    Works perfectly fine for me, Gateway – M-6750.

    Only negative thing is the xp drivers r tough to find.

    So now im back to vista ='[.

  131. Lakeside

    i have a hp 530 notebook with Windows Vista Basic and i have been trying to load Windows Xp on it but it keeps telling me cannot find the hard or the hard disk is not properly fixed. I have followed the instruction i found on th website but yet still it cant load the Xp and this has been bodering me cuz i need to download some application which the Window Vista is not accepting it. I need Someone to pl
    ease help me out…..i have shrink the C: given the other one G:….and i have apply the other settings which i saw in the FORUM.i NEED AN URGENT RESPONSE.

  132. absconder

    i love you. this tutorial saved me a lot of freegen time. you should include this link in the tutorial though (…;lang=en) most of the time this driver should work.


  133. Creatronix

    i went geeky geeky after getting through and kickin in VISTA’s weird ass !!!!…. Rock Geek !!!

  134. dan

    my computer is a powerspec computer from a local vendor called microcenter. I formated that hard drive not knowing that the motherboard need that drive to install exp. I am going to attemp this soon so i hope it works. I just have to make sure i get all the drivers for the motherboard. I was desperated i even considered going out to buy vista to have an os,

  135. Jake the Snake

    YOU ARE A GOD!!!

  136. depender rana

    I am using Hp pavillion Dv2701 tu i want to downgrade from vista to Xp but it shows now hardisk found in bios it does not show sata native mode i tried nlite and give the proper driver but still i get the same error can any one help me as i dont like vista at all i will be very great full if any one can solve my problem plz hellp

  137. grateway


    The problems I had, and I think a few people may have had, possibly including yourself, were:

    1. Make sure you definitely have the correct SATA/RAID drivers for your chipset. I originally downloaded the wrong ones.
    2. Make sure your nLite install REMOVES the stock xp SATA/RAID driver entirely, or your xp install will NOT work.
    3. Make sure you add your driver in TEXTMODE – otherwise it won’t work.

    I went through a few coasters before I finally got it right.

    Good luck!

  138. shasha

    heyy man thanks for this tutorial..a question long does it take to complete the whole thing? ive been at it for 5 hours and it’s still integrating drivers.. im using hp pavilion dv2000.. thank u so much!

  139. Avinash

    Hey thanks for your support.. you helped me really out


    Keep Going!

  140. David L. Burkhart

    It should be noted that Service Pack 3 for Windows XP is now available (finally!) — in case it wasn’t obvious from Grateway’s comment.

  141. David L. Burkhart

    Oh, by the way. Thanks Geek! This info is awesome.

  142. shasha

    oh my gosh i cant believe i finally did it!!! thank you sooooo soooooo much!! you’re a genius!

  143. Munio

    Greeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! Thanks so much!!!

  144. Gopalakrishnan


    Never have I seen so many praises for a step-by-step guide. This is surely a very good guide. As of the surfers had put it ‘its a gem’ on this issue.

    Was about to buy a HP Pavilion dv6570ee and wanted to know the issues with downgrading from Vista to XP. This post illustrates clearly steps that one should follow.

    Why don’t they sell the hardware and let us install the OS of our choice?

    All the best


  145. #11

    brilliant! this is what the internet is for, right?

  146. Amal

    tanx soo much geek extensa 5210 is not work with external floppy drive boot sata hdd drivers,i was creat iso xp cd its realy great work geek tnx soo much can u send me ur online email address. i like to chat with u any problem came

  147. Gizmo

    Thnak you very much but I could’nt download the nLite can you send it to my e-mail

  148. Paul

    Really nice procedure! Thank you very much!

  149. nola

    I LOVE YOU :)

  150. Brett Palmer


    I really need to buy you a drink. I have a little support company in Zimbabwe and the amount of clients that ask me to downgrade their laptops to XP. You have now given me the solution. You truly are a great help to me.

    Many thanks and keep up the good work.

  151. nan

    formatting on Toshiba Satellite U300
    i hope it works.
    Thanks a lot for this piece of magic!

  152. LiderBoss

    Need Help!

    I have and HP Pavilion dv2500 and this guide doesn’t work!

    The Bios doesn’t have the Sata Native option and I’ve tryed with the same file the guide uses and it doesn’t work. I tryed with the Vista drivers from the HP website and it doesn’t work.

    grateway, you say you have to download the correct SATA drivers for your chipset, how do I know that? Where can I download the correct SATA drivers? How can I know the specific ChipSet driver for HP Pavilion dv2500?

    How do I strip the SATA drivers from Xp? I’m completely lost here…

    Thanks for your help

  153. grateway


    I feel your pain. The above guide is fantastic, yet it seems many people still struggle. Hopefully the sum of the comments posted here, plus contributions from others who managed to ‘downgrade’ successfully will add up to a solution for you and many others.

    Try this for identifying your system info: it’s freeware and should tell you all you need to know. Write it all down, print it out, and google the chipset BEFORE you try any reinstalling (or use a second web-connected computer!). My Gateway used an Intel chipset, and once I had identified it correctly (!) the Intel website gave me the drivers. I had to unzip/extract the driver package in order to find the exact one.

    THEN the fun really begins – you need to learn nLite and make an XP “iso”, which is a custom version of your XP disc that eliminates the standard SATA/RAID drivers (which are causing the error message for you) and instead incorporates the exact driver you downloaded and extracted as per above.

    I used this guide (I think) to learn nLite.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you REMOVE the stock xp SATA driver and ADD your new driver as TEXTMODE or it WON’T WORK :)

    It sounds complex, and I won’t lie – I am PC-savvy and it took me a few days to figure, but you should be able to shave a bit off that time by using this info (I hope!).

    Good luck!

  154. rama

    in case of the driver requirement for the hp dv 2000 you can visit the following web downlode the drivers

  155. Gateway-123

    Does anyone know where the SATA drivers for Gateway GT5630 are available on the web. The SATA that I have is an Intel one.


    Gateway N

  156. grateway

    @Gateway N:

    As above – try this app for identifying your system info:

    It’s freeware and should tell you all you need to know – look to identify your chipset model number (mine was Intel 945GM or something like that)

    Once you have your details, head to and do a search. You should get what you need.

  157. Gateway-123

    Thanks for the quick response.!! The reason I ask this is because, I added the drivers that I thought were correct ( after following the instructions from above ) using nLite. I then burned them on to a new disk. Then during the install of win2003, at the stage where it says “Please enter any key to boot from CD…” I enter any key and lo behold !!. my system will hang/freeze.

    I don’t know if I am doing things correctly or is there something that is missing.

    I have couple options:
    1. Go and download from
    Run the tool and get the specs
    Get the driver from Intel
    Burn using Nero this time ( I used a freeware s/w to burn as nLite did not burn my ISO )
    try to install using the newly created disk.
    2. Use the USB floppy drive ( I do not know if this works )

    Gateway N

  158. grateway

    @ Gateway N

    Maybe Win2003 doesn’t follow the same ‘rules’ as XP? Just a thought? You could try an XP install if you have a disc, to help narrow down what could be wrong?

    I used Nero to burn, on the slowest speed setting. Took a couple of attempts I think.

    The USB floppy route was a dead end for me. I hate floppies!

    Again, good luck

  159. Gateway-123

    Has anybody installed Win2008 server on a vista machine ( that has a SATA)? Please share your thoughts on drivers, ease of use, 32/64 bit, third party tools like nLite,Nero, pre and post installation issues.

    Gateway 123

  160. madan

    Thanks for you r solution,
    I did all this, and the SATA driver appeared to load well, however instead of the xp install proceeding as normal, caldera dr-dos started and brought me to a prompt that just says: [DR-DOS] A:/>. then what should i do.. please help me..

  161. Michaelxln

    If you are experiencing this on a Dell Inspiron laptop you can eliminate the problem easily. Before you install XP, you must first configure a setting in BIOS else the XP CD will not detect your hardisk.

    In BIOS:
    Onboard Devices -> Flash Cache Module -> Set Off
    Onboard Devices -> SATA Operation -> Set ATA

    You can now proceed with installing XP

  162. siraj

    wallahi it’s nice verry helpfull thanks god

  163. titli

    i have an hp pavillion dv2701tx with windows vista …but it seems the drivers are not available on the net . Could you please tell me how to install windows xp on my laptop? Where do i get the drivers from? plz plz help

  164. Luftetar

    Thank’s a lot mate. This article save me :)

  165. Gateway-123

    Yes, Gateway Vista PC’s CAN be downgraded to Windows 2000 or Windows 2003.
    I finally got my Gateway GT5630E vista pc downgraded to Windows 2003.
    The problem that I had was the corrupt disk ( after adding the drivers and burning it thru a shareware burning software).
    This is what I did ( And for all the Gateway folks) :
    1. Ran the tool from:
    2. Got the Chipset Info from my computer- P965/G965 Intel Memory Hub
    3. Google’d ”P965/G965 intel SATA Drivers” on the web.
    4. I saw a ton of websites popping out. Select the Intel link. Here it is:
    5. on Intel website, I saw a table that had the Intel chipset information.
    5a. Select the Chipset Row that you need and select the “download” link under Intel® Matrix Storage Manager.
    6. You will then be taken to this website.
    7. While there, Select the Operating System – I selected “Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition”
    7a. You will get to this website.
    8. I selected the Floppy disk version of the driver only. Here is how they are mentioned:
    “32-bit Floppy Configuration Utility for Intel® Matrix Storage Manager (293KB)”
    9. I clicked the download driver and used WinImage to extract the drivers.
    10. After extracting them to a local folder, I saw these two drivers “iaahci.inf” and iastor.inf”, besides a host of other information.
    11. Prepare the disk using nLite:
    12. Copy your XP or Win2000 or Win2003 image files from your disk to a local folder on your Hard drive.
    13. Using nLite, select the iastor.inf driver.
    Note: DO NOT remove the BOX SATA/RAID drivers from the disk for Windows 2003 installation
    Note- this step only applies if you are setting up for the Windows 2003 servers ( 32/64bit only) . For XP, use the Grateway’s steps as mentioned above
    14. Burn the disk as an ISO Image.
    15. Next burn the disk as a bootable disk ( you can burn and make it bootable in a single step )
    You are set.
    16. Reboot your Vista computer
    17. Insert the newly prepared disk.
    18. When prompted with this message “Please enter any key to boot from CD…” Hit enter.
    19. The disk should take you through the normal installation process.

    Disclaimer: The above steps are ONLY for Windows 2003 Standard, Enterprise (32 and 64 Bit ) and for Gateway machines.
    Gateway users: If you need any more clarification, post them here.
    All the best.


  166. bathman


    I’m also unfortunate enough to own a Gateway MT6223b and have got everything working under XP except the sound card and card reader before I found this useful guide which would have saved me hours. I’m not too bothered about the card reader, but if you could tell me where you found the appropriate drivers for the soundcard, I’d be grateful.


  167. grateway

    Gateway 123 – superb stuff – if only I had documented a numbered list of the steps I finally took to success! Hopefully people wil be able to work it out anyway, but your contribution will prove invaluable I’m sure, especially for anyone tackling a windows 2003 install.

    Bathman – I’m away from the machine now (it was my sisters) but I have the drivers on my USB drive. The audio driver .exe I have is D00758-001-001.exe – this link should do it

    The ‘Media Reader’ is Part Number: D20003-003-001 – should be available here –

    Good luck!

  168. Saurabh & Sachin

    @ Nola
    I love you too.

  169. AYODELE

    hello i just got acer extensa 5220 and want to install windows xp on it and i got a message that their is no hard disk detected and i tried nlite but i am not to clear about how to use it to install windows xp and i cnt enter bios settings to change the SATA Mode to IDE in BIOS was unable to enter bios setup it was asking for password plz can anybody help me or put me thrue

  170. Dan Galbraith

    You are THE MAN. My new Vista-installed laptop had a SATA controller not supported in XP. I needed a dual-boot, so I got the error listed above. A quick trip to Lenovo’s support site, and following your slip-streaming instructions did the trick. Thanks for giving to the community!

  171. Tim Hensel

    I was going nuts with a Lenovo Z61M laptop. It came with Vista installed which it should not of since Vista was killing the laptop. I did the above procedure, which first did not work …. But scrolling through I read a comment on the SATA and changing it to COMPATIBLITY MODE. IT WORKS!! Thanks!!

  172. Pat

    The fix proposed by Wil on 10/1/07 works perfectly. Disable native SATA support in BIOS before proceeding with the XP install.

  173. bathman


    Thank you very much for your help. I now have a fully working XP setup on my Gateway MT6223b. It is so nice to be back to XP instead of the awful Vista the machine comes with! Thanks again!


  174. Willie

    Has any one managed to install xp on a Gateway gm5632e? I have been following these posts very closely & trying all of these solutions but have not had any success. Perhaps I’m just missing something, but nothing seems to work. It always blue screens when it says starting windows. However it runs vista just fine, I just don’t like not having the freedom of running a different os on a computer that I paid for. It will boot Ubuntu 7.10 but crashes on shut down so I am afraid to try to install it.

  175. raja

    thanks buddy…it hp pavillion dv2000 shows on sticker but in vista system properties it dv2700..
    so downbload the right driver…(Y)

  176. hari

    when i do integration of xp with sp2 and trying to install, the password that came with xp cd is not being accepted and the setup is not proceeding furthur.

  177. Ali Habach

    Please guys, i got to the bit where i browse for my drivers’ folder but i just can’t find it… :(
    I’m really in a hurry… Can anyone help me ?

  178. Shuren Wang


    my laptop is dv6727ca, I followed the guide for every step, but still same error in blue screen: “setup did not find…..”.

    What can I do next?



  179. Shuren Wang

    I downloaded a new version driver,and it works!

    Thanks lot!

  180. Willie

    I finally got it installed on my gateway gm5632e. I downloaded the “all drivers pack”,slipstreamed it into xpsp2 and burned it to a dvd. This made for a larger than usual install but it worked fine.

  181. DoggInJax

    You Rock!!!!!!!! Really Appreciate This!!!

  182. Eduard

    Thanx On my hp pavilion dv 9500 works!!! Bye Deam Vysta

  183. Andy

    I followed your instruction, everything went ok, and the drive got detected. However, after set up copy all files, my laptop reboot and it keep going back to the beginning of the process ( I did not hit any key to read from cd/dvd drive)
    Please help! my laptop model is VGCFZ140EB from sonny

    Another issue, I could not get in to the BIOS (using either F1 or Del key) Please inform if there is another way that I don’t know.

    Thank you so verry much!
    Andy :-)

  184. grateway

    Andy – I couldn’t follow exactly what you were saying, but I’m guessing that you need to get into the BIOS and change the startup scan to find your hard drive first (or possibly simply remove the xp install cd drive from the drive).

    Getting in to the BIOS can sometimes be a bit hit-and-miss in my opinion. It’s usually achieved by tapping (sometimes repeatedly) one of the following keys immediately after powering up:

    F2 (not F1 as you typed)
    Esc (rarely, but worth a try)

    Good luck

  185. nathan palmer

    hey guys,

    i get to the insert, single driver section and i end up with about 10 gig of files. i know im doing it wrong cause of this.

    What do i need to do to make it normal size?

    hope this makes sense.


  186. nathan palmer

    also regarding my last comment i tried disabling stata in bios and cant find it anywhere.

    i have a toshiba satellite p200 if that helps..

    Thank you.


  187. Andy

    Grateway-Thanks you verry much for your help.
    I got in the BIOS (Control+alt+Esc) :-)
    However, I have similar to this problem that so called ‘ stuck in boot loop ‘

    Even them cannot find the solution.
    This is what I had try: change boot priority, open cd/dvd drive or hold shift key to bypass cd drive(will never work because setup need XP cd to continue).
    The bottom line is when I run the setup cd, it’s missing the option ‘Press any key to boot from cd’
    Please help! Thanksss

  188. grateway

    Hi andy

    does your xp install cd work correctly on another machine? thats the first thing i would try, to narrow down the possible issues.

  189. A-man

    Toshiba L40-E17 Vista pre-installed. Want to insatl XP but keep gettting error meaasge ‘cant find hard disk’! Tried every thing on this page but still to no progress. Already being to both toshiba and intel websites and download both Matrix storage manager which should contian the necessry SATa drive that would recognise the XP CD but stil with no sucess – can any one help, any one with a toshiba satellite L40 series notebook…..

  190. grateway

    My opinion is that if all those who are still struggling to make this work and all those who managed to use this and other resources to achieve success could be as specific as possible as regards the precise steps they have taken, it would help other users immensely.

    This page is already highly ranked in Google and must be getting more and more backlinks daily, as frustrated vista users worldwide decide ‘enough is enough!’ The more detail this page contains, the more people will be helped.

    First things to try are these:

    A. Have you tried adjusting the BIOS settings for your hard drive to SATA? – if you have, and still no joy, then it may be a problem this thread can’t resolve

    B. If, like many, your BIOS is limited and doesn’t allow the setting change, then have you read EVERYTHING above, including the comments? There is a LOT of additional info in the comments!

    Ok, assuming you have done all of that, then it’s time to list what you have tried:

    1. Computer Make and Model number: be EXACT – don’t just say “it’s a dell” – you need to say “Dell Dimension 4100″ and so forth.

    2. What is the exact model of your chipset? Read further up the comments to find out how to identify this info in Vista BEFORE attempting the xp install.

    3. Did you get the correct SATA/RAID driver file from the chipset manufacturer website? Have you extracted this file successfully? What are you left with?

    4. Have you created an nLite cd image? Did you remove the stock SATA/RAID driver? Did you then add the driver file from step 3? Did you add it as a ‘textmode’ driver?

    5. Have you successfully burned the cd image? Ideally, use a cd burning app (such as Nero) that has an option to verify the burn was successful. Lowwer burning speeds are preferable.


    Sorry about the caps, but I know there will be a million of these:

    ‘hELp mE i aM tRying f0R 19 wEeks to mAKe XP WindDOws dO i NeED eleCTriCITY for tThis plEase PhONe mE and HeLP”

    good luck to all

  191. The Geek


    You’ve been absolutely great, I’m sure you’ve helped hundreds of people with your tips and answers here.

    I’m going to summarize all of the troubleshooting steps and update the article… hopefully people will actually read them instead of posting more questions, since there’s almost 200 comments already.

  192. grateway

    @The Geek

    No problem at all. I know that this page was IMMENSELY helpful to me, and was the only plain-english, easy-to-follow guide out there, and believe me I spent a LONG time looking for information. I am no beginner when it comes to PC’s, but I was stumped for days! I can only imagine the pain some newcomers are going through – “all I want is XP back! Argghhhhh!”

    A reformatted page would be great, as I think many people are just desperate, post a comment (well a support request more like!) without going through the previous comments. Fair enough, it’s a hard slog, and the last thing you feel like doing when hacked off. I reckon a new version of the page with the fluff removed, any helpful items added, with maybe the tested pc model numbers retained (to help google searches).

    The comments system on here is very good, it is easy to use, and encourages ongoing interest in the thread. I design websites for a living so appreciate the efforts made here!


  193. Willie

    Here are a few things I learned about the Gateway GM5632E, it uses an Intel DG33SXG2 motherboard which is a one off board made for Gateway. This board doesn’t have a floppy controller so it has to have an ITE driver and the ICH8R/ICH9R sata raid drivers on the xp cd in order to run the xp installation setup and then see the hard drives. Without both drivers you will keep getting bsod stop errors at some point in the setup routine. The ITE drivers are not available for the Intel DG33SXG2 motherboard since it was made for Gateway, but they are available for the Intel DG33TL board which is very similar and uses the same chipset and drivers. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the ITE driver to install properly using n-lite, so I resorted to using the driver packs & slipstreaming them into xp sp2, sp1 won’t work. I found a very good tutorial on how to do this at
    About half way down the page look for a post by “Diogo Reis”, he explains it very well & gives all the necessary links to complete the task. I hope I haven’t violated any forum rules by posting a link to another site but I wanted to give credit to Diogo, this method works very well and works for many different computers.

  194. Andy

    Hi Grateway,
    I did try on a diffent machine (my desktop), and it’s worked perfectly.
    I think, It’s something in the bios that need to be change???
    I don’t remember ever seeing the option ‘Press any key to boot from cd’ on my laptop

  195. Arshad Ali

    Need Help i have Toshiba Satellite A200-E511, need driver SATA HDD.when i am trying to install xp eror show HDD didn’t found.

  196. Jojo

    Great work!!! Thanks a lot. Your work is highly appreciated. It really work.
    I downgrade successfully my laptop HP Notebook 530 PC to WindowsXP from Windows Vista Bussiness.

  197. Jojo

    Arshad Ali, view the model of your HDD in Device Manager under Vista, download driver from toshiba support site and voila :)

  198. A-man

    Okay, I have read all the advices and all the suggestions posted by everyone but still having trouble in loading Windows XP – setup can’t find any hard disk installed. So here is exacly what I have already done but starting first with the computer type.

    I would like to hear from Dinu Golescu: he or she has a similar Toshiba as mine and it seems to work for them

    The computer is a Toshiba L40-E17 Notebook with Vista pre-installed (I really hate Vista – not compatible with so many appilications that would normally work smoothly with XP).

    The chipset and SATA drives needed according to the manufacturers Toshiba and Intel is Matrix Storage Manager which should contain the necessary SATA/RAID HDD drives (now which ones, is it the one for XP or Vista you must down load).

    When i enter the BIOS menu during boot up there is no option given to change the hard disk settings – so what do i do?

    Okay, the hard disk type according the the device manager is the Intel(R) 8280 1HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller & the Interl(R) ICH8M Ultra ATA Storage Controllers – so what are the BIOS drives that are needed for these that would recognize the setup XP installation CD?

    Someone said something about removing some drives before installing the right BIOS drives – but which ones?

    And exactly what files from the BIOS drives needs to be included intio the modified XP installtion CD using the nlite sofware?

    Any ideas and help from anyone would be much appreciated – Dinu Golescu, you have the same Toshiba as mine and it seem to work for you.

  199. A-man

    Error message recieved during setup:

    The file iaStor.sys is corrupted.
    Press any key to continue.

    Setup failed. press any key to restart your computer.

    Help, anyone how do i overcome this stubbling block!!!!

  200. Tabrez Khan

    Thank you so much !! good Job !!!

  201. Manny

    I’m installing Windows XP Pro in Toshiba Satellite M200, I got the driver for SATA but there is another error. Error in Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver. But in the site of toshiba, th Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver is in .exe format. Anyone who have an idea? THanks.

  202. grateway


    > the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver is in .exe format. Anyone who have an idea? THanks.

    I suspect this is a familiar sticking point for a lot of users! Basically the .exe file is NOT the driver, it is a ‘download package’ that CONTAINS the driver files that you need.

    Do this:

    1. Save the .exe to your desktop
    2. Scan it with your virus scanner (you can never be too sure!)
    3. Double-click it. This should start the ‘unpacking’ process
    4. Follow any instructions given – you SHOULD end up with a folder containing the unpacked files. You will know when you have reached this point as you will be able to see some files that end in .inf. THESE are the driver files and it is THESE that you must point to in nLite when creating your customised XP install disc.
    5. Even if the ‘download package’ was a .zip instead of a .exe, Windows (whether Vista or XP) should be able to unpack it without too much fuss. Versions of windows prior to XP required WinZip to be installed ( but this shouldnt be necessary for this task.

    Good luck!

  203. Mussa.Xp

    That Great Man the procedure helped me
    and know am happy with my Toshiba satellite l40
    May god give you what you deserve.

  204. owoeye

    great assistance indeed.i have been trying to change hp pavilion dv6000 for more than six month ago.i was unable and i made up my mind to carry on with vista.The most funniest fact is that i have download lots of software on my laptop now and i only have 80gb free space out of the 160 gb hard disk.NOW can i still partion this space out to install xp there.cos i need it and formating will results to great loss on my side.pls help

  205. JXY

    I have an Intel 965GM Chipset and a TOSHIBA MK1637GSX hard drive. I’m trying to dual boot vista and xp, but when i try to install xp, it says setup did not find any hard disks on your computer.
    So i go around trying to find the right RAID driver so that my xp setup will detect my SATA hard disks, but no luck so far. Anyone got any clues?

  206. theViking

    It did work on my Toshiba Satellite M200 Laptop… Thanks a lot…

  207. Jason

    Use this*%20XP%20Professional&lang=eng
    if you are using Toshiba Satellite A200 Intel Chipset SATA/RAID

    I have try it and it works for me, use winimage to extract to USB drive and it work fine

    Now i can install my XP and see both of my HDD ….


  208. rahul

    hello boss

    thanx to u i have compaq c755tu i was trying to switch from vista to xp but always get stuck even i read
    comment and first try to disable sata native from bios that does not work for my pc than i decide
    to go through ur way and thanx to u that now i am writing this comment through xp now if any one want to download
    sata driver for the same model can download from

    thanx once again

  209. Chilang


    I’ve got Toshiba U305-S2812 I need to use it with Windows Server 2003?
    You reckon I could do it with your advice?



  210. dannypop

    I have a laptop Toshiba satellite U300-113
    Where I can find drives for sata ????
    please help me,

  211. najeeb (perumbavoor-kerala)

    Well, i had the same problem. trying to downgrade to XP my laptop (COMPAQ Presario V6000) that came with Vista Home Premium, I was reading your guide, it was cool, but I Kept looking for more info, and read another source even easier, I just had to go into my Bios and DISABLED the NATIVE SATA CONTROL which was ENABLED and thats all I had to do, my system would detect the Hard drive right away. Not saying that your guide its useless, just giving you guys more options, this one saves you like 10x the time.

    wokie palzz.. take care..
    have a good day…

    :) naj :) 00 966 506 962 084

  212. grateway


    Not every pc has that option in the BIOS, hence this guide I guess. This was covered in the comments…many times…:)


  213. Cerny

    like everybody said you’re GREAT…
    after a few day of having this problem … now it solved
    just follow the instruction here…

  214. David Aris-Sutton

    Fantastic guide. sorted myproblem quickly and easily

  215. Lessfax

    Great tut !!!! Thanks – totaly worked for Satellite 200A Toshiba.

  216. Manmeet

    Hi I have a HP Pavillion dv2601TU which came with Win Vista Pre-Installed. I was trying to install Win Xp using your given instructions and i downloaded sp37005 for my Intel 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH8M-E/M). The Setup was able to detect the Hard Disks and the installation was working fine until the Setup started installing the Network and a BLUE ERROR SCREEN came up. Please help me as i am in great trouble because i don’t even have the Recovery Disc. PLSS Help me I”ll be really greatful. Also tell me whether we have to use the PNP mode or the TEXT mode while using nlite. Also let me know if i need some network drivers also and where i can download them from.
    Thanks in advance as i know this is the only place i can seek help from

  217. Tom Mc

    Worked great on HP Pavillion 9740us Notebook. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Great site. Definite bookmark!

  218. csteelhammer

    I am in the process of installing Windows XP on my Vista preinstalled Toshiba Satellite A205 S5803 laptop. I have been following the instructions from this site, but like many others I have run into the “can’t find harddrive” issue. I got the instructions for the slip-stream process (also from this site) but I need to know what drivers I need to download and where I might find them. Can anyone help?

  219. Auston

    Wil’s comment solved my problem – go into the bios and turn off native support for sata. :)

  220. Sean

    I had to use WinRar to extract the Flpy32 out of the initial package. Then I used it again to extract a file called temp.IMA (floppy image). I couldn’t for the life of me extract anything from this file (I tried WinRAR, Universal Extractor, ExtractNow). Finally I used a MagicISO trial which did the trick!

  221. Alexx

    Works fine !!!!!!! You are the best !!! Thanks a lot.

    Was dificult to find the Toshiba Sata Driver, I found it at Toshiba Canada Support website.
    I bought my laptop at Best Buy in USA few days ago and wanted to downgrade Vista for Windows Xp Pro.
    My computer model is Satellite A205-S5804 with Intel Sata Controller, but I think this driver below works fine with almost Toshiba notebooks.

    The link for Intel Matrix Storage Manager (SATA) – is:

    Good Luck !!!

  222. ysng

    This is extremely cool. it solves all my problem.. thanks

  223. kalyan

    I am really having a trouble in my GATWAY MX6213j notebook. I wanted to reinstall XP Prof SP2. I did follow all the steps to install XP prof. SP2 but i became unable. The problem is when I enter into the set up process I pushed the F6 and directed to install the 3rd Party driver i.e. SATA hard Disk Controller from Intel Cerelon, I downloaded the same one which I need to use. But after instaling this tool from Floppy disk and untill its okay and then the process become to restart the windows .,……. then the process be hanged up….. no move. …….

    if any one can help me please.

  224. San_blr

    The solution sounds excellent. Havent yet tried though.
    Some of them have mentioned about disabling the SATA native support. But many machines that comes preloaded with vista doesnt have the option to disable SATA in bios. For example my HP Pavilion DV 2701 TU doesnt have this option. If this option is available in the bios, just disable it and proceed to installation. But HP Compaq Presario 772TU or 773TU do have this option in the bios.
    Infact these models comes with out an operating system. If you do not have the SATA option in the bios, you can try this work around.

    But vendors like HP /Lenovo has played a trick with it. They want you to pay Bill Gates by sticking on to Windows Vista. Most of their machines comes preinstalled with Vista. They have only vista drivers on their website.

  225. ej

    “a disk read error occurred”

    help. i followed the instructions to the ‘T’

  226. David

    Thanx a lot. I did it on my dell vostro 1400 and it worked perfectly!

  227. Mohammed Abdul Haseeb

    This walk through was really great. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together step by step. It saved me hours of time. I appreciate it.

  228. Monty

    Great stuff.
    Though I had already got notion about it from other websites. but had still a doubt about taking all drivers rather than just for my specific laptop. your post did help in this. Thanks. Good Work.

  229. ej

    i got the install on a dell c751nr, wireless, security and sound all functional. DO NOT DUAL BOOT! is whats reccommended by hp. i got the driver links. u get the drivers first, at least the one for your ethernet card so you can get online through the cable then restart, turn off sata, boot xp os, get it all up n go online n get your drivers or install if u’ve saved them. send me n email if u guys need the transcripts with driver exe. the problem though is hp tecchs dont know how to successfully guide you to getting the wireless driver to work. the goal here is open device manager, update the driver and have disk and u select the driver. to make it easier, i used a flash drive and made folders for what drivers were where. i got all the info from hp which works for everything but getting the wireless working but i discovered how to get that done last night n documented it! THE HP LIVES AGAIN!!!

  230. arman

    Hello Im encountering problem when setting up windows xp in my laptop.While running setup for windows,my laptop automatically shut down. Hope you can help me thanks…

  231. s

    i’ve done everything and made the cd but i still have a problem.
    when u make the cd then u put the installation cd and press f6 to add the new drivers
    and then put the new cd that u’ve made with the drivers or only the new cd?
    if u can email me pls

  232. S

    actually now it says “the file sparrow.sys is corrupted”
    what can i do pls help…

  233. grateway

    @s: it’s better for everyone if discussions are kept in this thread – that way others can learn from your experiences

    > when u make the cd then u put the installation cd and press f6 to add the new drivers and then put the new cd that u’ve made with the drivers or only the new cd?

    you only need one cd – your nlited XP install CD that has the drivers integrated into it.

    if you have made the cd correctly, you dont need to press f6 at any point.

    if that doesnt work, check that you have the right drivers, check you removed the stock drivers, check you added the new drivers as textmode and that the cd was burnt successfully.

  234. S

    so i have to create a new cd and then put this new cd in and has to boot from there… !
    i did that and it displays the screen that says press any key to boot from cd and then
    stucks there… !

  235. grateway


    what i would do:

    1. re-trace your steps and check that you have done everything correctly
    2. burn another cd and try it
    3. post up the model of your laptop, the chipset, the link that gave you the sata drivers and the name of the driver file you slipstreamed


  236. S

    it’s hp pavilion dv6000 and i got the sata drivers from hp web page with the drivers
    and the files i’ve slipstreamed are the same as the files in the instructions above.. ! iaahci.inf and
    iastor.inf.. ! it’s NVIDIA nForce Chipset Driver.
    thnx for your help!

  237. grateway


    and you definitely removed the stock xp sata drivers? if so it sounds like you have made all the right moves and i’m out of ideas :(

    lets hope a fellow dv6000 user that made the switch is reading this right now and is currently typing out the answer…

    hope it works out

  238. S

    when u say to remove the stock drivers how can i do that ?which drivers exactly?

  239. S

    maybe if u can help me with the error msg? when it says sparrow.sys is corrupted what does it mean? any ideas of how to fix it?

  240. hondike

    i did it successfully without any tool, just by changing the bios setting for sata (to ATA mode, not the original AHPI) in my dell D630. Guess each manufacturer has their own ways. case by case.

  241. Grisa

    Worked for Grisha Binzari too :)

  242. Kamal

    still i am struggling with nlite solution to install win2000 in compaq presario V3777TU model..where can i get drivers for win2000

  243. Kamal

    is there any way to install win2000 in compaq presario V37777TU model

  244. grateway


    what i would do:

    1. Try the XP driver – it may work
    2. Email Compaq – you never know…someone may provide a link that you were unable to find
    3. Hope that someone else who has solved the problem is reading this. I’m guessing that the number of people wanting to install win2k rather than xp is pretty low, so you may not have much luck :(


  245. Kamal

    Thanks for ur comments and i have installed win2k successfully by the way as u(Gateway-123) posted on February 26, 2008 7:09 am. This time i have downloaded the drivers from the site u mentioned for my driver controller.

    And i have a problem that is before installing win2k..i partitioned my harddisk using some partion utility duing that setup..a boot manager utility gets automatically installed with if i restart my notebook, first the bootmanager utility will dispaly available OS to select then it will redirect to that to load.

    And after installing win2k(in driver D) that bootmanager utility is displaying win2k OS only and i checked vista (in driver C), all the files are existing nothing changes to those files. Then i checked boot.ini file in C drive. it is showing only one entry that is Win2k path to load..

    Is there any way to overcome these problem and can able to display both OS to select while rebooting notebook.

  246. Kamal


    For Windows 2k installation please follow the steps posted on
    on February 26, 2008 7:09 am by Gateway-123

  247. John

    Thanks a lot it realy helps me. Thank you!

  248. Bel

    Thanks for helping me out. Works a treat as long as you have the proper driver. You don’t even have to use the F6 function on XP installation.

  249. michael

    HP Pavilion dv6810us 15.4″ Widescreen
    AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60
    • 160GB hard drive
    • Built-in wireless 802.11bg• 3GB of DDR2 memory
    • Burns DVDs and CDs
    • Media card reader
    looking to purches this soon will this work for this
    please help

  250. TooCrooked

    Outstanding!! Thought i was going crazy with this. I had to reverse engineer which driver package i would need (by looking at the IDE device driver name in device manager), but once i compared that to my website’s drivers listing (acer 7720), it was a piece of cake! got my AHCI driver and was all set!!

  251. Scott A

    I’ve been working on a new build, and am having a terrible time trying to get OS (XP Pro) installed on my SATA drive. I’m using a Lite-On DVDRW and a Western Digital SATA hard drive (WDC WD2500AAKS). In Bios I have ATA/IDE option of Native or Legacy set to ‘Native’, and have SATA set to AHCI (choices were AHCI, IDE, RAID). My boot priority is CD/DVD-Rom first, then floppy (yes, I have one installed), then hard drive. I’ve tried the install using the F6 method to install the SATA drivers provided with my D975XBX2 board, and I usually get the BSOD (Ox0000007B), but a couple of times actually got as far as ‘Setup did not find any hard disk drive installed’. When I used the nLite method (ver 1.4.1), I can’t even get started. My CD drive does not recognize the disk as being bootable, and I get an error telling me to insert a bootable disk. I did select ‘Integrate Drivers’ and ‘Create ISO’. I then burned a disk using Nero ( I burned it at 40x, could that be part of the problem ? Maybe I’ll try a slower burn next try (I’ve been at this for countless hours, and have had several attempts with nLite already). Any suggestion ? I’m pretty savvy with PC’s, but this is my first time out of the gate with SATA.

  252. CPY61

    mine is a Presario V3000 (3525TU), using the procedure u specified (thank you guys). I downloaded the “32-bit Floppy Configuration Utility for Intel® Matrix Storage Manager” driver from INtel website. just be sure to choose in the nlite to remove the stock winxp sata/raid ( I had 3 CDs that were useless, because of this). Finally I got it up and running :) thanks again :)

  253. vaneesh

    dude disabling sata native mode hurts dont do it,after installing xp you needs your modem,graphics,sound etc drivers.check out\support.In the tab search for drivers and type your pc full name you got the list of all drivers.yai there is tip for guys who want to switch back to vista after installing xp by disabling the sata native know that after installing xp over vista xp push back vista.and whenever you start your computer xp started.(bcoz you install xp over vista .so you dont get boot list if you install vista over xp you get sure boot list). dont panic i am with you.restart your pc & insert your vista dvd.when booted with this dvd click on repair(dont install fresh copy it consume your time,for your knowledge generally after installing xp hp recovery manager not work correctly so dont recover using recovery manager).and then click on system takes hardly 2 seconds your pc restarted with vista like new one.xp vanishes delete xp files from harddisk(if delete not works format by right click).and your pc become like old ones.for more help contact at

  254. Toh

    TQ So Much !!!!!!!………. Finally Done!!!!!!!!… i Saw my Hard Disk!!!… but not yet install (should b okay)
    What a pitty that i dont knw how many disk spoil of this, with wrong driver….
    Sharing i using HP Presario V3522.
    finally i dont knw which one is correct Driver. I using IBM Driver(refer above) and location c:\windows\inf((select iscsi.inf).I insected this two location of drivers. Maybe CPY61(refer above) driver used is applicable too becouse he using V3525.
    What a pitty i only success c my hard disk in boot by finish reading this pages…. so long.. i read very slow.. take my whole day liao.
    Any way thank you for sharing,.. if dont have you all i still swimming in the net or continue using Vista.
    Tq you @gateway too, he help lots of ppl from what i saw..

  255. shooter

    Thanx so much!!!

    Finally I got it :)

    U r the man…
    U saved my life :)


  256. mhanney

    Many thanks!

    Excellent article, very helpful.

  257. Shaggy

    Thx a lot. Now I have xp on my compaq C751.

    Keep Rocking :)

  258. salman

    hey guys i need SATA driver for Widnows 2003 Server , i have toshiba lap top

  259. mental-case

    Excellent eye opener, thank you.
    In regards to making changes in the BIOS to reset the SATA or RAID controller settings you can just enable the “Reset Optimized Defaults” option to reset the BIOS to factory defaults which is NO RAID and regular IDE mode. This worked for me, but I never would have thought of that without finding this site.

  260. karam

    I have hp pavillion dv6000 .thank for yours tutorial . it works properly.

  261. vivaviet

    I did use nLiteOs to add SATA driver to cd win xp but i got another problem when i press enter to continue setup ” Setup cannot find End of User License Agreement.Setup will not continue.Press F3 to quit setup”.
    Any solutions would be appreciated ?

  262. Joani

    It works great. I have a HP dv6500. I didn’t find the driver on the HP website but i find it with google: “Intel 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller”. I used nLITE 1.4.1. and burn it directly on CD. Thank you!

  263. sachin

    I read this important instruction on another forum…and since this forum is so informative thought about including the instruction here too.

    Keep the wireless switch on before installing XP over Vista, because then XP will detect it as a new hardware (since it is ON) and you will then be able to install the appropriate drivers. If the wireless is OFF and turned ON only after XP is installed then XP may not detect wireless and it may then prove non functional. (Of course you would be able to re-activate it by re-installing XP…but who would want to do that again?)

    Note: This particular instruction applied for the Dell XPS M 1530 model, dont knwo whether it applies to others as well, but better to take this precaution anyway.

  264. Mitch

    ive tried this, im using a toshiba equium L40
    ive gone threw the instructions using nlite and it birns and seems to work ok.
    But, when i go to install xp sp3 it has an error message saying “The file iaStor.sys is corrupted. Press any key to contuinue” when i continue it reboots, i have tried burning this 3 times now and i seem to have the same problem
    if you could let me know what to do id be very greatful :)
    thanks in advance :D

  265. Loomy

    Thanks really many thaaaanks, but i did that and nothing works.

    i have HP Pavillion dv2000 , ofcourse there isn’t a disabling SATA option in bios , so i’ve created a floppydisk with the (f6flpy32) and connected it with an external device, but after hitting F6 and the ‘S’ in the setup there is a blue screen which says (there isn’t any floppydisk drivers found) though it is connected.

    then i’ve created an ISO CD as shown abouve with NLITE but the pc doesn’t see it at all and didn’t display the msg of (hit any key to go to the CD ) and initiate with the installed Vista as allways.

    so i used a direct burning option on another cd , but there still the same problem (didn’t find any hard disk drivers installed).

    i am confused what is really the problem with this pc , please i need your help coz i must switch to XP urgentlyyyy,

    Thanks alot.

  266. Iarere

    I am having trouble completing this. Granted, I haven’t actually started yet, but I’ve been downloading all the required drivers and software to do this. I have one problem. I can’t seem to locate the AHCI drivers I need. I have a HP Pavilion 9740us. I was unable to just change the HD settings in the bios because it wasn’t an option, so I updated the bios to see if that would help, but it didn’t. Is there someone that can either tell me where to find the drivers or can they email them to me. Would be appreciated muchly.


  267. simonkoleznik

    I went through it and laugh out loud, especially to Brandon’s comment :D

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN-AR51J and I integrated RAID drivers into a new XP with SP3 included.

    Thanks guys!

    Greetings from Slovenia,

  268. kitronit

    SO helpful – Thanks man! I wasn’t able to disable SATA from the BIOS (The Geek is right about that) so hopefully this will do it. By the way, I did not have a problem getting the driver from HP’s site – just entered my model number and searched for “SATA driver” and found a very helpful entry
    This also explains how to unpack the driver – all I was missing was your tip to use nLite (love those guys, I owe them one if this works…). So now I’m ready to shut down and reboot, wish me luck!

    PS: My driver is the same as Joani’s, wonder if that approach wouldn’t have been easier. But I guess I did it the slow and sure way instead :)

  269. Griffiths687

    Many, many thanks for the time and effort put in to write this walk through.
    I had issues with my HP Proliant ML150 server not recognizing the RAID drive and with new servers no longer having “floppy” drives (and manufacturers no longer sending drivers on floppys) I thought I was scuppered.

    However, after finding this and following it – I now have a healthy server with SBS2003 installed and working as it should be.

    One thought – when will Microsoft catch up with todays technology and ask for 3rd Party drivers on a CD or USB stick?

    Anyhow, just thought I’d let you know it works on servers too

  270. merlin

    iiachi.inf et al seem to be available here:

  271. patrick

    terrific ! worked great on hp pavilion dv9787eg! Just used the drivers for Intel ICH6/7/8/9 S-ATA AHCI and RAID Controller found here
    enjoy and many thanks !

  272. Kushal

    Just disable the SATA Native Support in BIOS Setup -> Windows XP recognises your hard disk..

    No need to slipstream.. Anyways.. a nice procedure.. kudos to the Geek..

    Thanks ,

  273. Paul Owen

    Compaq DV6750ea now works perfectly – Your the Bollox FYI HP 6000 Drivers can be found at

  274. aman

    thanks for the info. just finished installing xp on an HP Presario Laptop. Vista was kinda slow on it.

  275. john

    Cheers, Not impressed that hp compaq shiped the os discs without the sata drivers and according to them i need to install these from a floppy except no floppy on the laptop idiots. But cheers man wish i tried this before the user guide

  276. AmL

    Thanx a lot for this tutorial….. very helfull…
    I already install WinXP SP2 at on my HP Pavilion dv2711tx. Upon installation, it appears that XP still not recognize my SATA controller & i have to disable the SATA controller to be recognized by pressing F7 when the screen asking to install SATA or RAID by pressing F6… But, by pressing F7 also disable the ACPI -compliant ontroller & battery to be recognized by XP.

    Everything went smooth… After loading XP for the first time, the windows did not recognized the ACPI & battery since I disable ACPI controller by pressing F7. So, my notebook now not have any ACPI-compliant & battery on device manager. Is there anyone have similar case like this & how to enable it back ?

    Also, my wireless is not working too… :(

    Please help, any suggestions will be very helpfull.

    Thanks a lot :D

  277. AmL

    Hi all..

    Just read on other forum ( that can install XP on dv2700 series but must downgrade BIOS from current to F.13.

    Is it safe to do this ?

  278. AmL

    on this review, it says using F.2A Bios for his DV2799ea

    So, which one is the correct one, using F.13 or F.2A ?

    Please help :(

  279. Fadi

    Man, everythig is clear and i mean wow. just one thing, i got into the last step, and i am stuck now…Its the step where you burn the cd…its done, now i have a file inside labeled with “winlite.iso”…now, what should i do next???

    you mentioned “At this point you can burn the ISO image to a CD, and then start your XP installation process”…so, after i burned the cd, i left it inside, and i restarted and tried to boot from it…the laptop didn’t see it as a booting cd, it started windows VISTA normally…i went again and changed the booting order..put to boot from cd FIRST…again, it didnt see it..


    P.S my laptop is an HP DV-6500 special edition…just bought it 3 days ago…and vista is driving me crazy..

  280. Aml


    When u make the ISO file, do u choose to bootable or not ?

    I already using Win XP SP2 om my DV2711TX (bought it a week ago) & everything went smooth now, no more BSOD :D
    But before i downgrade my BIOS form F.26 to F.13…

    Now i can use my DV2711tx with XP :D

    Thanks a lot for this walkthrough.. absolutely helpfull…

    Now i’m gonna install XP on my friends laptop (COMPAQ Presarion V3000 series)

    Thanks a lot man :D

  281. grateway


    Sounds to me like you have simply burnt the .iso file as a data CD. You need to burn it in a different way, as an ‘image file’. Tell us what CD burning program you are using. If it is Nero, don’t drag the .iso file into the list of files to be burned, open it directly from the File menu. Other programs should have a similar option. Burn at a slow speed.

    Good luck

  282. Fadi


    Thanks a million man, it worked..You are the MAN…

  283. Fadi


    i guess thats what i didnt do…Thanks…

  284. onzki

    i was able to make xp cd with driver thru nlite.. however—
    an error appears during my XP installation– “ULSATA2.SYS” NOT FOUND.. SETUP FAILED.
    what drivers did i missed?


  285. The Geek

    Alrighty guys, I’m going to close comments on this thread… we’re nearing 300 comments and there’s really no reason to continue.

    If you want help with issues surrounding this topic, PLEASE POST ON THE FORUM, that’s what it’s there for.

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