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Remove User Accounts from the Login Screen in Windows XP

So you login to your computer every single day, but there’s more than one account to choose from… either because you got the computer from somebody else, or some software package added a user account that you really don’t want to see. So how do we hide that other account from the login screen?

There’s a simple registry hack that you can do to hide accounts from the login screen, or you could alternatively delete the user account if you really don’t need it. Both methods are listed below.


Manual Registry Hack

Open up regedit.exe through the start menu Run box, and then navigate down to the following key:


On the right-hand side you’ll see a list of keys that correspond to user accounts that are considered “Special” and are not to be shown on the login screen.


Create a new DWORD value with the same name as the user name that you want to hide. You’ll note that the actual username in the illustration was “OtherPerson” and not the description that was shown on the login screen.

To unhide the account, simply delete the registry key that you created.


The next time you log off you’ll see that the other account is gone.

Hide User Account with Tweak UI

You can also use the Microsoft Tweak UI PowerToy to do the same thing. (Thanks to Gustav for reminding me to include this)


Just click on the Logon key in the left hand side, and then uncheck the box for “Show <username> on Welcome screen”

Login to Hidden Account

You can still login to the account even though it’s not shown… You’ll just have to use a little trick.

At the login screen, just hit the Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination twice in a row, and you’ll be presented with the old-school login screen, where you have to manually enter the username.


Type the name and password of the other user, and login.

Delete User Account

Alternatively you can always delete the user account if you are absolutely sure that you don’t need that user account anymore. Right-click on “My Computer” and choose “Manage”


Navigate down through “Local Users and Groups” and then Users, and then locate the username in the list that you’d like to get rid of.


Just right-click and choose Delete. Note that this step cannot be reversed, so make sure you only delete accounts you really really don’t want anymore. If you are unsure, you can just hide them using the first option above.

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  • Published 02/17/08

Comments (125)

  1. Gustav

    You can also use Tweak UI for that (without hacking in the registry).

  2. The Geek

    Good point, you are correct… I always forget to include that. Updated the article to include that one too.

  3. Solo

    To temporarily disable an account (and thus make it disappear from the login screen) and without actually deleting the account use the NET command from a DOS prompt:

    Net user USERNAME /active:no

    Switch it on again with

    Net user USERNAME /active:yes

  4. Jon

    Thanks for the “shortcut” for the hidden accounts! I had forgotten all about that! Now I can hide my admin account on the kids machine and still get to it when I need to uninstall the crap they seem to attract!

    Another fine one, thank you!

  5. The Geek


    That’s a good suggestion as well, I didn’t even think of that one.

  6. Mike

    Or you could, like, you know, simply disable the welcome screen thus forcing the “old school” login prompt…

  7. The Geek


    That’s another very good point!

  8. Cid

    Hi Geek

    Could please help me remove the old-school login screen, I googled my prob and this web-site was one of the hits, one day when I switched on my computer, I got presented with the old-school login screen and not the normal one, I can’t seem to get it back, could please advise me…

  9. sleepy123

    For some reason, I found the Tweak ui method to be a bit glitchy. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t; I had to reboot my computer a few times. However, the tweak ui method is a good one.

  10. confused

    Hello. I have this problem that I don’t know how to solve. I have this old HD that I need to access. It came from my old PC which is not working anymore. In this old HD, I have made a user account. Now, when I bought a new PC, I made this old HD a slave since I have this new HD where the new programs are installed in. I can access some the files but not those found in the My Documents folder of this old HD. For some reason, I cannot access them. When and everytime I try to switch their places so I can access it fully, it just keeps on rebooting before the Windows XP loading screen appears. I also tried formatting it but it won’t let me. My question now is how can I delete the user account in my slave HD? I hope my concern didn’t confuse you guys. Thanks a lot for any help that you may give.

  11. Osiris

    Hi Friend,

    How can i reset again my user login Username & Password?
    Because i having a problems to login to my laptop. The window message box shown that the system cannot detected the match of my username & password. In fact those username & password that i am using from my first day using my laptop?

    How can this problems happen?
    Is there any ways for my to solve the problems?

    Plaese give me any assistance on thie matter..

    Thank you


  12. crackers

    hello. i cant get rid of the old school log-on log-off screen. there is Now only one user for my PC, that is me, the owner. i run xp sp2 and its comes up with this old looking box type log-in log-off thing. yuk! i hate it. strange thing is that when i installed the same xp sp2 on another PC, it never happened. by the way it only started to happen when i tried to connect my dial-up (dont shoot) service. before that is was the standard xp sp2 log-in log-off shut down screen HELP

  13. loony

    can you do the same thing on vista

  14. joseph

    yeah when i try to delete my account this way i dont have a Local Users and Groups

  15. JANE

    My computer Management didn’t have local users and groups. Can you tell me why

  16. CTO

    joseph and JANE:

    The reason you do not have the local users and groups is because you are running windows XP Home edition, not Professional. There are other slight differences such as no group policy function etc. Things a home user will never miss but which are critical in a business environment.


  17. CTO

    IMO, using the login/password promt is the best solution.

  18. Joe

    So… You know how in that last step you said that you can just right click on a user’s account under “Computer Management” and delete the account but that it can’t be reversed… Say that, I don’t know, you accidentally deleted all the accounts. Is there any way to fix that besides reinstalling windows?


  19. CTO


    The reason you cannot undo any deleted account is because when the account is first created, it is given an SSID number that is perfectly unique. If you delete the account, and then recreate the account exactly the same, the SSID number will be difference and the computer/security will treat it as such.

    I do not believe you can delete ALL administrator accounts, and that there must be at least 1 administrator account at all times.

    The SSID relates specifically to folder and file permissions. If you have deleted an account but need to access files and folders – use a different account that also has permissions (Administrator) or you can take ownership of the folder/files. For more information see

  20. CTO

    To answer you question more specifically. You do not have to reinstall windows – however, the methods to fix the problem can be varied and difficult. Email me to discuss further or leave your email address so i can email you.

    I will post any useful information back here anyway.

  21. Jeremy

    Hello, I have your answers to most of your questions! Put the computer in Safe Mode by Pressing F8 when the computer starts up, press it before you see the xp logo, tap it several times. While the boot screen shows it will ask you how you would like to boot your computer, you choose Boot in Safe mode by pressing enter, then it will load the safe mode startup screen and choose the administrator account! login, go to control panel, user accounts, remove the passwords from the accounts you cannot remember, or deleter the accounts you do not use. Then simply reboot your computer!

  22. CTO


    If the administrator password is known, there is no reason to go into safe mode. Everything you suggested can be done in normal mode.

  23. CTO

    If you are using the welcome screen, the administrator account does not appear. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete twice and the standard login prompt will appear. Logon to the administrator account this way.

  24. TryonicPrinv

    Does anybody know how to use Fast User Switching with an account that you’ve removed from the Login Screen? I used the TweakUI method to remove an account. When I try to switch users, pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination twice in a row doesn’t do anything. Thanks.

  25. CTO

    I have noticed this problem also. If a user is logged on and the screen is locked (Win Key+L) you cannot invoke the ctrl+alt+del login screen.

    I havent found any way around this yet. If anyone does, let me know.

  26. Jose

    I am trying to go straight to the desktop instead to click in my name( user) to go through. I have not password but I hate to click in there and then wait until XP loads.
    Any thoughts? Please help me

  27. TryonicPrinv

    Jose, install TweakUI and go to the Logon->Autologon section. It should be self explanatory.

  28. CTO

    TweakUI is not necessary.

    Click start > Run. type “control userpasswords2”

    Uncheck the box “users must enter username and password…..” click OK and it was ask you for autologon details.

  29. CTO

    TryonicPrinv: you seem to like TweakUI but… what has it ever done for you lately.


  30. Flashkay

    Uhm tried that but wen iget to current version there is nothin like winlogon under it. Just has internet settings… Wat should i do?

  31. CTO

    Double check that you are looking under the right key.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList

    Make sure you are under LOCAL MACHINE and not CURRENT USER or some other parent directory. Also, in the Microsoft dir, there is a “Windows” dir and also a “Windows NT” dir….

  32. polly

    hi i had a problem with my laptop but all ok now but when i turn it on i dont get the photo of me and password i get an old windows come up and i want to change it.can somone help

  33. pt

    I can’t delete a user account and when I go to administrator tools I do not see local users and groups, is another way to delete the account?

  34. CTO


    Control Panel > User Accounts

    polly; WHAT?!

  35. Joseph J

    I have a problem, I cannot delete any of my account profiles that i don’t want anymore, at all, i want to delete them but I can’t. Any help would be appreciated.

  36. CTO

    Joseph J:

    reboot the computer and logon with a system account (Administrator or an account with admin previleges – Not a user you want to delete)

    After the reboot, logon and find the documents and settings folder. Delete each folder profile you do not want.

    NB: Some profiled will take a while to remove depending on the amount of temp files and internet cache.

  37. sam

    hey i dont have the local users and groups in that list… idk what to do?

  38. CTO

    Sam: You have windows XP Home edition. You will need to make changes in the control panel > user accounts.

  39. GiggleBelly

    Is there anyway to delete built in user accounts? I went under admin tools and tried to delete them, but I got a pop up that stated I cannot delete built in user accounts. I bought this laptop of ebay and I want to make sure that the only user accounts on it are mine. Any help would be appreciated.

    I hope I dont have to format and reinstall windows. =(

  40. Chantal

    Hi Maybe someone can help me. I bought a computer that has windows xp professional. But I cant get into the start menu cause it has an adminstration user name and password. And the person that I bought it from does not know it. Is there a way to reset it so i can get into widows or maybe bypass it and change. So it load.
    thanks Chantal

  41. jd2066

    @Chantal: For resetting the Administrator password see

  42. David Stoehner

    Wow…I am having a similar problem. Every time I log off and then log on to the local machine (non admin account) my pc builds a new and different profile for me. Does any one know how to stop this?

  43. Tyler

    I’ve got many questions about the registry but don’t know where to start. Instead of asking tons of questions does anyone know of a website or manual that will explain about editing the registry? I’ve tried googling it, but have only found sites that want you to pay for their guides or programs.


  44. Wolverine


    I want to know how we can disable the account login function so that I can login directly just like Win 98 or ME

  45. jd2066

    @Wolverine: You can’t disable the account login function in Windows XP as it’s a builtin function, you can however auto login as a certain user.
    See for one way.
    If that doesn’t work you can use the program at

  46. kat

    By reading the forum here, I must have the Windows XP home edition, I created another user, but now I really dont it anymore, we are both admins, and it wont let me delete this 2nd account…… I tried right clicking on my computer, I went to system properties, and when i clicked on the name the delete button doesnt highlite, I’ve deleted it from there already but the acct is still there, and i went into it and thats how it went back into the system properties….. I also cant change it to a limited user either…. please help. thx

  47. Nickolazc\x

    Hmmmph when i try to login manually with “Ctr+Alt+Supreme”(wel actually “ctr+alt+del” cause im on a laptop) 2 times… nothing appears so i cant login to the hiddens account!!! Help :D

  48. marc

    I have a HP PAVILLION running xp pro. The log in screen lists two account names, apparently a parent/child tower. The parent account is called “ALL”, the child id “KIDS”. The “ALL” acct is password protected, the “KIDS” is not. Consequently I only have access to a small part of the system. There are restrictiobs on the KIDS acct in place. I CANNOT download important programs, antivirus, firewall, adware, media player, ect. I NEED access to the ALL acct. I tried ALL your tricks on this page. The last was working to the last step. Because of the restrictions I cannot remove ANY user from the list. “ACCESS DENIED” with no furthur info. I would like to either REMOVE the “ALL” password, or at least find out what it is and use it as is, or perhaps change it to something I already use for other sites I belong to, like YAHOO for instace. This is a classic catch 22, chicken/egg story. How can this be done when access is denied in the first place? There has to be a way! It will cost $s to take it to a tech with no garuntee it can be removed without having to reload the OS. More $s. This tower was “FREE”. I don*t need to spend $s on it. Solutions please! This issue also applies to a DELL FLATOP that is running 2000 PRO. I would like to give it to a friend. I tried to replace the hdd with an xp hdd. None were accepted of course. Is there an easy fix for THAT issue as well?

  49. David Stoehner

    Yes Marc, there are ways around the password issue. But, a concern exists. We have no way of knowing if the computer actually belongs to you. As a computer repair professional, I do not want to help a person break in to a computer that they do not actually own.

    To istall any program or update the account you are logging in with MUST HAVE admin privilege.

  50. Raju

    Thank You
    For your tips i can able to remove my user password.
    Thanks a lot.


  51. Aprily

    I have Windows XP SP2. Recently I installed some applications which required MS.Net Framework 1.1, .Net 2. .Net 3. When I installed these .Net applns, at some stage I had to obtain and instal NDP 1.1 Sp1-KB867460-X86 (Microsoft). (I dont remember when this happened) This added, I think, a new user account ASP.NET. I had only an Administrator account and another one “Me.” Then Windows would boot up with out any login screen, I had only to switch on the machine. Now every time I have to log on to “Me.” What should be done to boot without any login.I have tried the “control userpasswords2” Then the system bootted without any login. But then it came up with the Administrator profile not “Me.” Thanks for any help.

  52. jd2066

    @Aprily: See
    It has information on hiding that account from the login screen.

  53. rtrg

    I recently emailed MICROSOFT to send me steps to remove ALL user accounts and passwords from the log in screen so in the future the log on screen would no longer appear and the tower would no longer be pssword protected as a new machine out of the box. I got this tower from someone else who had lost the password, of course. If the tower was not FREE to me I would have passed on it. The steps that MS provided as the same ones I see here at THE GEEK, did NOT work. Instead it reverted to the ADMINISTRATOR account name on the log on screen again asking for a password I do not know. Why XP PRO does not offer a HIDDEN place to store passwords that can be opened by the primary user using a RUN command, or a choice in the programs list, or the control panel makes no sense to me. I gave the tower to a friend who is Going to reload the OS and then I am going to have to spend another 3 hours reloading all the programs I need. There MUST be a better way> I do not have an OS disc nor does he think I have enogh knowlrdge to use it.

  54. jd2066

    @rtrg: You can burn a boot disc and use it to reset the password of the accounts on the computer. There are articles on this site that say how to do to that like

  55. RIKI

    So I wanted to bypass that annoying XP login password window (and have my PC boot up to Windows immediately after I power on & walk away for a few minutes).

    An article on the internet tells me to go to the control panel > user accounts > remover user password > ok > close. I ever restarted my PC just to save these settings.

    Now, my PC still presents me with the same pre-XP password login window (and when I enter my previous password, it does not accept it & allow me into Windows).

    I tried going into the bios (but did not see anything there to reset this). Mind you, when I tried the above advice, it never prompted me for a NEW password (so why ask for it)?

    There are web articles on how to disable all this AFTER in windows. How do I get around my problem if I cannot even get to the XP control panel or start screen? Pissed!

  56. Andre

    I’ve tried going to computer management and deleting “guest” and the “other person” user account but it kept saying “access is denied”.

  57. Wonderer

    I bought an old Compaq Deskpro from a second hand store, it has windows XP installed and it came with the previous owners xp login accounts, they all have passwords except for 1 which is not an admin account, is there any way I can delete the accounts and start a new one for myself or do I have to replace the hard drive?

  58. pathaniya

    Could anyone tell me, how to have a single user account?

    As of now, i have, one as Admin and another by my name ‘pathaniya”, are there any data loss dangers?

    How to i transfer settings/stuff between two?


  59. Granit

    thank’s for Delete

  60. Joshua

    I have a problem!! I have a computer that my daughters use and they forgot there passwords.. so the only thing I can do is log on as guest, I cant defrage my pc or do anything else cause im logged on as guest.. is there anything I can do to delete the users?

  61. King

    When i go into computer management it doesn’t show Local Users and Groups

  62. slim


    i cant get into my usser account as it says limited account password protected!!!!!!!!!!!!!can anyone help

  63. Karen

    Hi. I’ve been trying to delete two user accounts that are unnecessary but every time i click “delete” in the last step, the window freezes and the account is never deleted. helpppp please!

  64. dinesh

    dear all
    i am a network engineer and i want to know the password of all active directory users.
    i don’t understand how to do this..
    so anyone please help me
    i know the option to change the password but i want to know current password..

  65. James

    Now how do i undo that? Because i recently had a virus cleanup and they wiped everything from my computer. They also changed the way my Login Screen to the one you just taught us how to do and I wanted to undo it. Please tell me how to do it.

  66. Murugesh

    Thanks Lot
    very user ful to me

  67. john

    I am Lightyears BEHIND all you young people with your computer knowledge. I am just about to turn 80 and I use my computer to IM and E-Mail as well as surf for information.

    My wife died some 7 months ago after 58 years of marriage and I wish to take her name off my computer due to endless junk mail.

    I want a simple way to get those folks off my computer that I no longer have with me. I would also like this informatgion printable. I need to look at the directions so I can take it step at a time. Is there any help out there for this issue. I se no way to print this page without using a ream of paper.

    Thank you,

  68. Carol

    I need some help — step by step please. I just purchased a computer from a local pawn shop — no installation disks or anything — with Windows Vista and same old story — it has administrative user account with password that I do not have. How do I remove the password?

  69. Yana

    Well, I managed to delete all the users uncluding admin – some are desabled, however. When I try to log in, there is an empty list of users I am supposed to choose from. When I press CtrlAltDel and enter Guest – account disabled, Admin – does not exist. What to do?

  70. jay

    I recently had my computer fixed because of a virus. When I got my computer back, the Login Screen was already like the way you just showed us. I want to change it back to the regular one. Can you help me?

  71. AK

    When I log in to computer: there is Admin. and Users. Anyone know how to get rid of email from user that apparently left it somewhere and it’s extremely slowing computer down. When I log into that user there is nothing that indicates any Outlook email open so why is it saying “There is ### of unreaded messages” when I about to log in.

  72. Stephen

    i have a problem with this my computer doesn’t seem to have the folder called Local users and groups i go to computer management but it just isn’t there. Therefore I can’t fix it

  73. noman khan

    than you for your help ……….with you I SOLVE MY PROBLEMS ……………THANK YOU AGAINNNN…

  74. sri

    When i am trying to login and when i click on the user name nothing happens. First it says the system is shutting down but after some time it comes to orginal position where we click on the icon to login.but again i get the same error. I am on xp home.

  75. sharon

    Help, help, help!

    So I have two account from the start screen, then I delete the user account from the control panel -> user account. So does it mean I delete all the documents associate with that user account? it’s a way to recover it?

    Thank you for help,

  76. Md akbar

    whenever i am starting my system. system showing two microsoft window xp professional option. how to remove one option? I formet my C And D drive also and reinstalled the XP Operating system even though it is showing same condition. from one window xp option window is starting whereas from other it is asking to insert the OS CD. pls tell me how can i remove one option.

  77. naufal

    thank u …

  78. Paul

    I have windows xp on my computer. There is 2 user acounts. Always when i start my computer it goes to admin profile. It even dont show the welcome screen. I have tried to set a pasword for admin pforile but it goes the same. Welcome screen dont show ant it goes into admin profile. What should i do?

  79. tom

    I created an account for a friend on my computer and it somehow managed to disable my personal account. i have followed the steps in this guide to rectify this, but i found it to not be ‘disabled’ in the computer management screen, it just doesn’t show up on the start screen and i cannot access the files. if anyone has any idea how i could possibly fix this problem i would be eternatlly greatful as all of my work and files are unnaccessable. I do have backups until about a month ago, but they are on a hard drive 15000 km’s away!
    Thanks, Tom

  80. chandan sharma

    i know that how to create a user account but don’t know how to remove it, so i ask this question.

  81. John

    How do you change the log-in screen back to the way it is pictured instead of the old-school look?

  82. kin

    thanks alot. :)

  83. tanner

    Hello i am trying to delete my account can anyone help me

  84. nara

    i went to youtube yesterday to find how to hack into school’s comp.they said you’ll have another acc and school’s acc will disappear.i tried on my OWN comp and my other acc was deleted!! loads of stuff was in there n i dont know how to get that acc back!! somebody pleaseee help me!!

    i’ve read solo’s advice:

    To temporarily disable an account (and thus make it disappear from the login screen) and without actually deleting the account use the NET command from a DOS prompt:

    Net user USERNAME /active:no

    Switch it on again with

    Net user USERNAME /active:yes

    but the biggest problem is i forgot my another acc. wolud someody help me?? please!!


  85. nara

    please someone, please kindly reply in a quick reply

    thanks a lot and a lot!!

  86. vasu

    i bought a old computer from one of my friend, when i start the computer its directely goes to logon screen, i didn’t have the password, the computer has windows2000 NT proffessional and service pack 3.

    Please help with step by step directions as i am not a computer techie


  87. fabrice focus

    on my computer i had down a screen saver and now my window tell me a username and a password i have change my password but the username is what ?????? help?????

  88. nara

    can anyone please help me…? its almost 2 weeks i havent got any answer….a lot of stuff in there (my account)….


  89. Ed

    I am trying to delete one of my screen names on AOL. I followed your diretions,but,there is no “Local & User Groups” prompts. Looks like other people are in the same boat. I don’t get what to do next. You would think that there is a simple way to delete the screen name. What is it??

  90. Ed

    Never mind. LOL. I just figured out that if you go to help on the sign in page and type in “How to delete a screen name,” it will tell you how.Not hard. You just can’t delete your main screen name – which is a whole different situation.

  91. nara

    there’s still no answer to my question. and now when i open my computer, it will not turn on to desktop but remain ‘windows’. i dont know why.

  92. D Dhar

    I use a stand alone PC. recently by mistake my daughter added her name as login and now whenever the PC starts, it starts with here personal setting.
    Earlier my login account is not visible.hence I am not able to open thru my login .
    Can somebody help me to resolve this..

  93. Toots42

    In using my daughter’s computer, I accidently deleted all users. Now on the user screen all I get is the default line. In trying to ‘fix’ it, all I get is the message that I am not the Administrator and to use a admin account~which I inadvertently deleted. Can you PLEASE help me to correct this before she kills me??

  94. Brian

    I am blind, using JAWS 8 (sick bird) {ill eagle}, on XP Home. I can’t get my new Toshiba lap-top (cheap exchange) with Vista to allow me access over our wireless net. The lap-top easily reads and writes from my XP desk-top. Reading Vista, as with any windows, is a female dog.
    I’m using both JAWS 11 and NVDA freeware screen readers on the lap-top, and have been muddling through all the new bovine scatology, renaming of previously understandable lables, etc.
    Is there anybody out there who can provide a dumb-rump blind man of 62 with some answers?
    (P.S. I’m on a fixed disability income, with no credit card!)

  95. patrick

    ok my question is i had 3 user accounts on the start up screen and now there all gone, i have to use ctrl alt del to use my account but i cant type in the other 2 account ids and im unable to even pull up any of them in the user accounts in the control panel.

  96. sam

    my computer kept saying access denied when i was trying to delete an account. is there anything i can do about it?

  97. Jayde

    If i delete a user i don’t want will all its files be deleted? If not how can i delete them all without deleting my own??

  98. zeeshan

    oh thnx alot….. :)

  99. Rahma

    I’m going insane when I can’t deleted user account in my Windows XP Home Edition and I don’t understand how to deleted it, can you help me to solve this problem?

    Thanks before :-)

  100. Kevin

    Here’s a tricky one: Once computer – 2 user accounts. Both with admin priviledges. One user can download files over the internet like web mail message attachments. The other cannot. It looks like it does, but doesn’t. Any help will be appreciated.

  101. tiffany

    Please help we bought a computer from a friend and even when i sign in as administrator i cant delete users. The user section from control panel has not names not even administrator please help

  102. mark

    hey there…can you help me.. i accidentally disable the administrator account in the computer management.. and if i try to enable it an error message always appear, it says “The following error occurred while attempting to save properties for user Administrator: Access denied”.. it causes me not to install software i prefer to use.. can you help me.. thanks a lot..:-)

  103. mayuri

    hi geek,
    please help me, i formatted my pc and while doing so i had entered the username and password but now i forgot both username as well as password so am unable to log on to windows. kindly give some solution.

  104. Thao Nguyen

    My computer was infected with viruses, so I was trying to recover it with the CD. But one of my friend learned this method, so he created a new user account for me, and delete the current account that was fulled of pops up and windows.
    So apparently the laptop is working fine with the new acc. But then I have a feeling that the viruses are still in the computer. Because if not, then why would people recover their whole systems instead of just do this simple step?
    I was wondering if this method works.

  105. Mark

    What if there is no “local users and groups???” Please help

  106. Jennifer in MamaLand

    Thanks – I’d forgotten about TweakUI… that did the trick. Crazy how useful that thing has been over the years; proves how not-ready-for-primetime the OSs are when released. :-(

  107. Macakeface

    Hey, I completely forgot my password to my Administrator account and that’s my only account. I want to delete it or take the password off of it. Its really important because I have my college assignments on there and I REALLY need someone who knows what there talking about, to help! Please!

  108. Sonia

    What has happened when I turn on my computer and it ask me to log into windows and I don’t have a password and have never set one. It is the old fashion one, but it won’t allow me to do anything but it continues to prompt me for something that does not exist? I am with the comment What do I do to get back in?

  109. Anil

    while starting computer it shows microsoft xp professional twice.clicking first one the window starts but if clicking the 2nd one it ask for the cd for setup start ….how can i delete this 2nd one from the screen…..

  110. Abbey

    hat has happened when I turn on my computer and it ask me to log into windows and I don’t have a password and have never set one

  111. Lindsey

    Dear Geek,
    I’m trying to tweak some thing in DirectX and Direct Draw. When I try and refresh the DirectDraw, it says I need to contact an Administrator. I don’t think we have on on our computer and I’m stumped on how to change it. I need to find out how to be an administrator, fast. Please help me.

    Yours truly,
    Lindsey B.

  112. Kendall

    OMG thank you so much that helped me alot!

  113. dan

    Worked Great thanks man!

  114. Caleb

    Macakeface ,

    I’m no total expert with computers, but I do know that on most windows systems, you will see a login screen. Go to the manual login, if you aren’t already there, and type in administrator Most windows systems will have this, and you should be fine. If not, I have no idea. This account is administrative, and by default has no password.

  115. Durga

    Respected Sir / Madam,

    My problem is that, I just kept a new password and user name. After that, I restart my system. Then I typed my password, but it shows that, “Error occurred in password” and I didnt open my monitor. What to do. Kindly tell me the reply.

  116. Akshay

    Hi there!
    In WinXP, on booting, the system asks for password with the username as “Administrator” already entered in it. Since i have not kept any password, on pressing Enter, the background wallpaper appears. But then the PC restarts itself! Again the whole process repeats– Rebooting, password dialog box, restart!
    Now i am using ubuntu, but i need to access .exe softwares urgently.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  117. k.p.

    Never ever use an administrator account as your main login account!!! Always save the admin name and pw somewhere so not to forget it, as this will be your repair and safety account.
    With that out of the way,
    always use a <<>>, one with very little privileges, for your surfing and general use. This will greatly reduce the amount of nasties that you get from the “net”.
    An administrator account can do anything to the system, so, what it you got a virus…this virus now has full control over your complete system, as you have given it administrator privileges.
    The great thig with Microsoft, is to help you leave your system so open.
    Linux by design is built to be more secure up front.
    I hope this has opened your eyes a little. Please be safe out there on the web!!!

  118. k.p.

    Never ever use an administrator account as your main login account!!! Always save the admin name and pw somewhere so not to forget it, as this will be your repair and safety account.
    With that out of the way,
    always use a —LIMITED ACCOUNT—, one with very little privileges, for your surfing and general use. This will greatly reduce the amount of nasties that you get from the “net”.
    An administrator account can do anything to the system, so, what it you got a virus…this virus now has full control over your complete system, as you have given it administrator privileges.
    The great thig with Microsoft, is to help you leave your system so open.
    Linux by design is built to be more secure up front.
    I hope this has opened your eyes a little. Please be safe out there on the web!!!


  119. zahoor

    Remove the Welcome Screen

    If you dont want to use “Fast User Switching”, you may want to disable the Welcome Screen. You must be logged in as an Administrator to do this. Note:To do this follow the directions below:

    1) Click on Start
    2) Click on Control Panel
    3) Double-click on User Accounts
    4) Click on “Change the way users log on or off”
    5) Uncheck “Use the Welcome Screen” (note: this will also disable “Fast User Switching”)
    6) Click on Apply Options
    7) Close the User Accounts window and the Control Panel
    8) The next time you reboot your computer, the classic login prompt will be used

    What if I dont want the Welcome Screen OR the classic prompt? Can I disable both?

    To Login automatically to a user account, follow the instructions below:

    1) Click on Run
    2) Type in the following command and click OK

    control userpasswords2

    3) Highlight the user you want to log into automatically, then uncheck the box for

    “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer”

    4) Click on Apply and you’ll be asked to verify the username and password to log in automatically
    5) Click OK and the next time you restart your computer, you’ll automatically be logged in without having the classic prompt or Welcome Screen.

  120. Darr247

    Cid and crackers (way back up there)… I know it’s been a couple years, but for anyone else looking to restore XP’s default welcome/login screen, google “restore GINA XP” and if you don’t want to use Doug Knox’s script, then follow the directions in (which should be next in the results list after Doug’s script).

    Though that KB article blames PCAnywhere, the most-common application to change the default MSGINA that I’ve seen is the Atheros wireless connection manager, which also disables the Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service… making it a two-fer. :-)

  121. arnie


    Good Day..I just want to ask about a problem on my using windows xp. lately i encountered a problem….i convert a movie using total video coverter but my convertion didnt finish and when i attempt to delete the file i cant delete it and everytime my cursor goes to that file it turns to windows explorer encountered a problem and need to close even i send error report or not my computer keep on refreshing.only to that file i encountered a problem what should i do?how can i delete that file?please need help..thanks..i already uninstall the converter and i scan with antivirus that file still i cant delete,,

  122. sumit

    hey can u plz help me to guide how to reduce acces to other user in xp.
    i want the other user cannot use internet services nor could he install or uninstall any thng.
    and also how to lock a particular drive for security reasons plz guide me asap

  123. Allly

    thx you are the best :X

  124. Sweat P

    I am trying to remove two user accounts that my children created. I followed your steps, however, I do not have a tab that says Local users and groups. I was not able to go forward. What do I do??

  125. Nagarajan

    Thank you sir.

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