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Remove ISP Text or Corporate Branding from Internet Explorer Title Bar

We’ve all seen it at some point or another – Some company full of pointy haired bosses feels the need to insert their company name into our Internet Explorer title bar.

It can happen when you install ISP software, or if you get a pre-built computer from somewhere. You’ll see something like the next screenshot (Notice the “Some ISP Title” in the title bar)

To remove this ridiculous nonsense from either IE6 or IE7, you can just open up the registry, and browse down to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Once there, you should see a string value called “Window Title” in the list, with the offending text.

Just hit the Delete key to remove it, and spend some time cursing the company that made you go through this trouble. You’ll have to close all open Internet explorer windows, but when you reopen them, that text should be gone.

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  • Published 04/9/07

Comments (8)

  1. Peter Wright

    I’ve followed your instructions to “Remove ISP Text…etc.” but the Window Title string does not show up. Everything else appears as it does in the above screen shot (including Window_Placement and XMLHTTP), but no Window Title item appears. Anyone know what’s (not) going on?

    Also, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can spend less time fooling around with all the cool stuff I’ve found here on the HowToGeek?! I’ve got work I should be doing!

  2. mpc104

    if you have spyware blaster go to tools click misc.internet settings at the botton of the window see ie customizations there you can put in anything you want i took off “internet explorer provided by dell” and replaced it with my name.just wanted to share this for those of you that dont like the corporate branding…enjoy!

  3. Vlad

    It works on the MIE 100% – thanks , but the title bar on the Outlook Ex. still shows the name of the old provider and I do not know how to get rid of it , any suggestion ?
    Regards Vlad.

  4. jd2066

    @Vlad: See the page at for the registry key the Outlook Express title bar uses.

  5. Vlad

    I have tried to rename Outlook Express title bar as described but there is no such value in the last window – so there is nothing to removed except the default line which is fixed.Any suggestions?Thanks Vlad.

  6. jd2066

    Try looking for the key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE instead of HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

  7. j0eg0d

    I just changed mine to read “This Browser Sucks”.

  8. Tony Patriarche

    Another sneaky trick that my computer company used is to insert the URL of their logo before any home page you set up automatically (e.g. “Use this page as my home page”. Particularly annoying, as their banner is not in the window title but takes up more than a tool-bar’s height from the browser area.
    That’s very easy to fix, of course; just edit the homepage URL manually.

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