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Registry Hack to Set Internet Explorer Start Page

System administrators will almost always set the default home page for the browser to the corporate website or intranet when building a machine. This is just a small registry hack that will set the home page for IE6 or IE7.

You could probably use this in a logon script to set to home page on all users when they login to the network.

Here’s the registry hack. You’ll potentially want to change the home page listed.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
“Start Page”=””

Here’s a downloadable version:

Set IE6 or IE7 Home Page

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  • Published 03/6/07

Comments (30)

  1. Mo

    This does not work on IE 7.0 for some reason. I added the registry key to a TEST.REG file under the domain contoller path \\MACINENAME\SYSVOL\DOMAIN\SCRIPTS and pointed the users in active directory to that registry script. It works fine for IE 6 but not IE 7.0.

  2. Mo

    I posted earlier about the login script not working with IE 7.0. My fault, I did not take the OS into consideration when I was testing. Because I tested IE 6 on XP and IE 7 on Vista. IE 7.0 on XP works fine. The problem is with Vista. It turns out that nothing that is in the login script works on a VISTA machine, except for the drive mapping, so anything else that has to do with changing the registry on the vista machine will not work. The only workaround (which is not a solution and defeats the purpose of having Vista in the first place) is that I needed to disable UAC and reboot so the login script work.

    If anyone has a better solution on what I need to do so that I can run the login script without disabling UAC, please let me know.

  3. Gareth

    You need to disable the UAC via the registry first, then enable it back on, to allow for the home page address to change.

  4. Mo

    Thanks for the reply back Gareth. I don’t want to have to manually do this, I was hoping that the a login script can do it. I tried to “call regedit /s disable_uac.reg” from my login script and then call other registry files, but i get this message when I login to a vista machine after the login script runs “System Error 1314 has occured. A required privilage is not held by the client.”

    I have local admin rights, so I don’t know what the deal with Vista. What privilage is Vista talking about?

    Sorry, I am a newbie with login scripts, so I don’t know if there is something that I can write in the script to allow vista to allow scripts to run from a tusted machine on the same domain.

    If someone knows, let me know.


  5. Sanket


    I am unable to set my company default web page as home page in IE 7 please give me solution.


  6. Scott

    i’m on a school network that has quite tight security…for the last day i want to change the hole page…any idea how i would hack into the registry to do this? (regedit is disabled etc. etc.)

  7. PAUL

    I am Running a Int V6 , But I am Having trouble Making my own Home page , As a Web site I surfed must have hacked in and made it self a Home Page , I cannot go to Int Opt , Gen Tab , to change as
    all options Like Use Current , Use Default , Use Blank are Not Changeble , And the Home Page is Set
    Looks like I might need to Uninstall all my Current Internet and re Load and start again But this is going to to loose all my settings etc…

    Can you please advise a better way

  8. Mo

    Paul, Some kind of virus infected your computer and added/changed the registry.

    1. Unistall Any program that look suspecious to you.
    2. Run a good updated virus scanner (there are free online scanners such as Symantec, TrendMicro) if you do not have one installed on your computer.
    3. Go to and download the CWShredder.exe and run it to remove browser hijackers.
    4. Go to to dowaload, install and run the Anti-spyware program.
    5. Go to and download the program and install it, run the “cleaner” by clicking on “Analyze” and remove the crap that it find by clicking on “run cleaner”, do the same thing be selecting “Issues” to remove registry entries that don’t point to anything.

  9. Mo

    Paul, few more thing I forgot to mention is that even after cleaning your conmputer, certain registry entries that was changed by the virus to disable your ability to set you home page, so you will need to enable these. Here you can find help on this post

    Also, make sure you computer is patched with all the latest updates from microsoft.

  10. Scott

    Is there anyway to prevent the reg file from prompting the users to click yes and no?

  11. Rob

    Upon upgrading our workstations to Vista from XP, anytime our logon script executes a reg import command, Vista requires Admin verification (Yes or No…) box. Anyone one know how to get around this or know of a MS tool that will make this work. Network scripts not much good without it as infosecurity polices, end users can just say no don’t like that infosecurity policy, lets keep me wide open. So much for M$ ‘inovations’. …Sorry I’m crabby at MS. Well if anyone knows of something, please let me know. Thanks.

  12. Antonio

    Running Vista clean install and after month I cannot log on to any home page, error I get is //ieframe.dlldnerror.htm ….any suggestions
    thanks and help!

  13. Cary

    What would be the hack for a machine to have a website in internet explorer to be set for all users?

  14. D

    hey crackers, u just need to pick one of two options so the ie7 will know ur preferences, then itll use ur homepage

  15. jimmie

    with internet explorer open, go to tools tab then internet options.
    on the general tab type in the address of the site you want to be
    your home page. hit apply then ok. thats it.

  16. Rex Sara

    Thanks for that regedit tip. I substituted for what was there, re-opened IE7 and up came the google page that I have been denied for some while. IE6 allowed the home page to be set from ‘internet options’. IE7 went backwards in that respect.

  17. Sean

    To set the page via a login script that does not prompt the user with a YES or NO option try the following:

    Create a file called IEUPDATE.BAT and paste the following code into it:

    @echo off
    set key=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
    set value=Start page
    set data=%1
    reg.exe add “%key%” /v “%value%” /d “%data%” /f

    Save the file and place it somewhere on your network that everyone can get to, preferably a Shared folder.

    Now in the login script enter the following:


    Each time the user logs on the homepage will be reset to the page you specify with no prompt for YES or NO.

    (Please note: I did not come up with this but found the code elsewhere so credit where credit is due : )


  18. jd2066

    If you have an Active Directory setup then you don’t need to set this with a login script. You can use Group Policy to set the Internet Explorer home page.

  19. pjdiller

    We’ve discovered that the Start Page value cannot be a REG_EXPAND_SZ for IE7. If you delete the Start Page value and then re-create it as a REG_SZ value, entering the URL you desire for the homepage, IE7 should work just fine… The problem could be that, if you are using Active Directory and Group Policies, that the group policy could re-create the problem on a schedule.

  20. Tom

    I am trying to set up some computers to open to a default home page in Internet Explorer. I need Explorer to open to a specific page for all users who log in to the computers. There will be multiple users on these machines and I don’t know all logins. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  21. dadnotgrandad

    Thank you; IE7 registry fix allowed me to correct my mistake of letting AT&T update my home page

  22. Chirag Patel

    Couple of options

    1. Like TimW mentions, Mcafee or another security app has hold of the changing of the homepage ( security thing ) Spybot can also do this if installed.

    2. Run this Registry change file as all it does is make IE7 thing you have completed the steps in starting IE7 for the first time.

    Open Notepad and past this text in

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]

    then click files Save As and just name it IE7 Fix.reg, then in Save as File Type, choose All Files in the drop down menu and Save

    Then double click the registry file created and merge it with the registry ( remember to have all IE7 windows closed at this point.

    or you can just run this app that will do similar to above.. but automatically, just wanted to show the text on what it does

    Then change your HomePage to your favoured Bing.

  23. DreDay

    “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main” didn’t work for me but the following did:

    “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Start Page”

  24. Ghous

    Dear All of u , i want to change Internet explorer NEXT TAB Shortcut Key as a default it is Ctrl + Tab ,but i want to press any 1 key for the next tab ,,,,,pleeees reply me on my e-mail add

    Thanks !

  25. Sartaj

    I am unable to set regedit for disable advanced Tab in Mozila Firefox. If it possable to hide Advanced tab or proxy settings please tell me on my e-mail

  26. raymond

    Thankyou the information was very helpful

  27. regedit

    You’ve got great insights about registry editor, keep up the good work!

  28. regedit

    You’ve got great insights about cclean, keep up the good work!

  29. Sid

    Hi there

    This is one of the option to resolve the issue but it didn’t help me. I had to change default page from company intranet page on vista machine. I found keys under HKeyUsers (best idea is to search with the url address) and changing value from there did the trick.

  30. JD

    Have a ibm running windows xp went to “my computer”, uninstall or change program and deleated some program. Before i did it it gave me a warning saying windows updates wont work properly if i deleated it, or something. So i deleated it, now when i double click on internet explorer, some kind of dialogue box appears. Please can you tell me how to fix it!

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