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Quick Tip: Empty Internet Explorer 7 Cache when Browser is Closed

There’s lots of reasons for emptying the browser cache automatically… privacy, security, not wanting milions of tiny files on your hard drive…

To enable this setting in IE7, just go to the Tools \ Internet Options menu, and then click on the Advanced tab.

Make sure you check the checkbox for “Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed”.

It’s useful to note here that if you have an application open that uses an embedded IE control, the browser cache sometimes won’t be emptied until that application is closed as well.

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  • Published 04/3/07

Comments (3)

  1. Julie

    Hi Geek
    great site!!
    Please can you help me out here, I want to empty my caches & temp interent files, but I dont was to have to retype every address back into the address bar each time, so How can I set up my temp & cache so that I can empty it when I want to do it? Unbelievable that microsoft took this tool out of computer properties!!!

  2. Bjorn Enki

    Hey Julie,

    In FireFox (a much better web browser) you can manually empty your cache, with out without clearing your browsing history, etc.

  3. Tony

    Are you sure this works? I check the list of files in the Temporary Internet File folder (Tools – Internet Options – Settings (under Browsing history) – View files) and there are many files. I follow your instructions and check the box for “Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed”. I exit IE7, go back in and all the files are still there. There are no other programs running. What am I doing wrong?

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