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Keep SecureCRT SSH Sessions from Disconnecting

If you do a lot of work with SSH servers through an SSH client, it’s extremely annoying to get timed out all the time by the server. There’s a simple way to fix this problem in SecureCRT.

First, navigate to Options \ Session Options on the menu:

Now click on the Terminal tree item, and select the “Send Protocol NO-OP” checkbox.

This will send a message to the SSH server that your session is still alive, and shouldn’t be disconnected.

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  • Published 11/1/06

Comments (5)

  1. Manuel

    This saved me hours of work, thanks a lot!!!

  2. Atanu

    Thanks a lot. Life made easy…

  3. Harris

    Let me start by giving a big thanks to this site owner’s cause i have gain alot from here and really do appreciate it. I learnt how to add XP on a Vista laptop from here and its work out for me when i followed all the instruction but i want to request a big help again though it may sounds wierd.I used a mobile GPRS to connect my laptop to the internet but the company blocked ports so i have been using TOR,YOUR-FREEDOM,JAP and some software to bypass but i want to learn how to bypass this firewall in a new dimension..I will appreciate any help this forum can render to me. Thanks alot

  4. Sijin

    Thanks a lot… This saved my day. Does this work for telnet sessions as well?

  5. TheGooch

    No-Op works with Telnet and SSHv2

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