Windows Home Server is Microsoft’s upcoming version of Windows designed for storing your pictures, videos and files so you can share them between all the computers in your home.

When you put in the Windows Home Server (WHS) installation disc you will get a familiar Windows loading files screen with progress bar.


After files have been loaded you will get the first WHS setup screen.  Keep the type as new installation and click Next.


Accept the terms of the Microsoft EULA and click Next.


Next you will need to enter in the product key and click Next.


Here is where you can choose which disk you want to install WHS on. 


Click Yes on the Warning screen.


Now we are ready to start the installation.  Notice it will take some time to install depending on your hardware configuration.  Click on Start.


Once the installation starts, you will notice the typical Windows installation screens …


During installation your computer will reboot several times.  This is normal and part of the install process.  You will also get messages such as the one below that touts the virtue’s of WHS.


Another screen that pops up a blue copying files screen which is very similar to what you see during and XP installation.


You will know you are getting close to the end of the installation when your computer reboots and you see your first Windows Home Server screen.


When the installation is over you will have your new Windows Home Server Desktop!

11 – Windows Home Server