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Installing Windows Home Server

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Windows Home Server is Microsoft’s upcoming version of Windows designed for storing your pictures, videos and files so you can share them between all the computers in your home.

When you put in the Windows Home Server (WHS) installation disc you will get a familiar Windows loading files screen with progress bar.


After files have been loaded you will get the first WHS setup screen.  Keep the type as new installation and click Next.


Accept the terms of the Microsoft EULA and click Next.


Next you will need to enter in the product key and click Next.


Here is where you can choose which disk you want to install WHS on. 


Click Yes on the Warning screen.


Now we are ready to start the installation.  Notice it will take some time to install depending on your hardware configuration.  Click on Start.


Once the installation starts, you will notice the typical Windows installation screens …


During installation your computer will reboot several times.  This is normal and part of the install process.  You will also get messages such as the one below that touts the virtue’s of WHS.


Another screen that pops up a blue copying files screen which is very similar to what you see during and XP installation.


You will know you are getting close to the end of the installation when your computer reboots and you see your first Windows Home Server screen.


When the installation is over you will have your new Windows Home Server Desktop!

11 – Windows Home Server

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  • Published 07/14/07

Comments (10)

  1. Jennifer

    Hello! Thanks for the tutorial. I had it working with Microsoft virtual PC 2007 and worked okay (although it took 4 hours to install). However, it would not install on vmware workstation 6. Did anyone have luck? Is there a way to convert a virtual pc 2007 image to vmware? I used my 2ghz dual core Toshiba’s satellite with windows vista premium. 2 gb’s (at least) hard space). I made sure there was at least 600 MB’s Ram and 80 GB of free space.

  2. Ray

    Jennifer – There is no way to convert it. But I have installed it on VM Ware. Works fine. Install will take long as it is running on VM ware..

  3. Mark Dean

    By way of correction, you can convert MS virtual machines to VMware’s formats by using VMware Converter. It is free and works great.

  4. Edd Henderson

    If only it was so easy. I tried to install an evaluation copy four times on a clean machine, and got nothing but install errors and crashes. At least I didn’t pay for this! Definately get an evaluation copy for free from Microsoft website instead of buying from a retail store.

  5. Norvil

    Need more indepth info
    -size of HD
    -size ram
    -speed of computer
    -how to configure network for computers
    -type of router
    -type of modem
    -set up email
    -the whole works

  6. Maarten

    I got a question i have just tried installing windows home server, but when it reboots the first time, goes to the light blue screen to copy more files to the computer, After 99% I get a blue screen of death and installation ends off course. I think i has something to do with my sata harddisk. I did load the drivers but apparently i does not work as it should. Could one o f you guys tell if for example updating the bios could cure this probleem? the sata harddisk is pretty new and i have k7n2 motherboard by msi.

    many thanks in advance

  7. eskimo

    I just went to install the Eval version but thought id better check something. The installation says all data on ur hard driveS will be erased during installation . if im installing on a clean partition it would touch any files on any other drives will it?? (it says DRIVES not DRIVE, that’s what worries me)

  8. Mark

    Jennifer, you can convert Virtual PC (VHD) to VMWare Workstation using WinImage. Full instruction can be found here:

  9. miguel

    maarten check your BIOS for a SATA setting — windows seems to have some issues with intalling WIN OS’ when the SATA bios settings arent to its liking

  10. wes

    how can i convert a server computer to normal pc

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