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Get Vista Style Drive Icons in Windows XP

One of the nice little features in Windows Vista that you don’t think about is the graph of drive space for your drive icons, so you can visually see at a glance how much space is used. There’s no reason to upgrade for this feature, especially since some programmers created a small utility for XP that gives you the same functionality.

You’ll notice the new icon looks very similar to the ones in Vista, but the more interesting addition is the new bar under the icon that gives you a tiny graph of the current drive space.


The graph will show up on most of the icon sizes other than the details view.


When your drive is running low on space the graph will turn red to indicate that you should probably stop downloading so much.


You can see in task manager that it really doesn’t use all that much memory.


Download Drvicon from

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  • Published 11/12/07

Comments (10)

  1. Fred Peterson

    I seem to have a content issue in Igoogle page. I don’t get any themes to choose from, sometimes the place allows me to, but they don’t change. Just plain white screen with blue and black fonts. The Igoogle logo is missing. The clock in Date/Time is barely visible and not working. There are also no little x’s on right corner of boxes or and edit box for that particular app like weather etc. I have switched ie7 to fiefox. Refreshed, cancelled page and did over and ran all my problem solver software. Google just told me to delete and start over, had already done. Please help.

  2. Jaime Jusino

    I never can make that my System Restore move back days..Always says that System Restore can’t back to other day. It happen always. If this is something wrong with the computer or how I can do it successfully. Thanks for your advise.

  3. Andy

    I have just downloaded and installed this drvicon. I now have a new icon on my storage drive D, but my local disc C has no icon at all !!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know how to fix this??

    Many thanks in advance for any help

  4. bob

    erm wer can i download dis ?? :S

  5. ELI

    I was trying to download the get VISTA ICON thing… but, my Anti Virus Software NOD32 detected that the program is a new HEUR virus…. So, I quit before anything get damage….

    Do I have an option? please help!

  6. KD

    ELI, this is a false positive. NOD is a bit paranoid here and anyway HEUR stands for heuristic detection. It simply understands that something is being changed on the system level and thinks it might be harmful. But it is not. You may want to disable NOD before installation.
    The latest version of Norton that I’m running does not say anything and sorceforge is a reliable source.
    I’m using drive icon with no prob.

  7. nii


  8. R

    Hi Can we do it without using any application

  9. RacerMaster

    @Fred and Jamie: Please post your questions on the HTG forums.

  10. RacerMaster

    @R: Nope.

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