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Fix "New transaction cannot enlist in the specified transaction coordinator" on Server 2003 SP2

If you are running a web application using the original ASP technology on Windows Server 2003, you might get this error message once you upgrade to Service Pack 2: “New transaction cannot enlist in the specified transaction coordinator. [-2147168246]”.

The cause for this error is that MSDTC has a setting that requires authentication for distributed transactions, and the upgrade to SP2 might change the setting to required instead of none.

To fix this error, open Component Services and right-click on the My Computer icon and choose properties.


Choose the MSDTC tab and then at the bottom of the window click the Security Configuration button.


In this window, change the setting under Transaction Manager Communication to “No Authentication Required”.


This should resolve this error.

Note that if you have a firewall between the web server and database server then you should ensure that high ports are open between the two machines, along with RPC, as that could also cause the same error.

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  • Published 06/2/07

Comments (15)

  1. adamm

    Thanks for publishing this article. Looks like it has fixed an issue we’ve had with our production server for 3 weeks now!

  2. Øyvind

    Thanks a lot! This fixed our problem right away. :-)

  3. In hyderabad


    I have the same problem, but it is with a win 2K Server, and it seems the 2K server does not have the security settings that you mentioned. So what could be wrong with the 2k server. Things were working fine till a few weeks back, but all of a sudden we started getting this error for some of the COM components.

  4. Mikael Sand

    Hellooooo! Anyone actually stopped to think as to WHY the base setting is Athentication Required? Mabye that is a good idea? Maybe you shouldn’t just turn it off.

    That is all

  5. Viswanath

    Really good article

  6. Sean

    It worked. Thank you!

  7. vivek soni


    I m facing same problem with differant senerio
    using OS —- wondows 2000 professional (This property dialog box not appears in my Os)

    SQL SERVER 2000— both databases on same machine

    please help me out


  8. Rob Sukach

    Thanks – exactly what I needed!

  9. Andre

    Hi, I get the same error message on a windows 2008 box with SQL 2005 when I want to insert data in a oracle database through a transaction.
    There is a firewall between the two systems, so I think it is nescesarry to open ports on te firewall, but it is not allowed to open a lot of ports. Can you tell me wich ports i need to open in the firewall?

    Kind regards,


  10. mss


    I in my system i have only installed the SQL client, and i am sharing SQL server from my colleages system. i am also facing “New transaction cannot enlist in the specified transaction coordinator” error. i tried above option but its not working for me could you please help me out.

  11. Lian

    Good Day,
    I experienced the same problem . I made the changes as suggested, but alas, this did not solve my problem. Any ideas what to do next ?

  12. anamika


    The article was so useful.
    it resolved my problem. It helped in a crucial situation.


  13. Fernando

    Thanks a lot for this post.

    I spent 1 day on this problem.

    This post sent me on the right direction.


  14. Fabio

    Thanks man, it´s old stuff but just saved me! hehe
    Cheers from Brazil!


  15. sally

    Thank you very much, my problem sloved…

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