With the release of Windows Vista around the corner, I started wondering if my laptop will even run Vista. Thankfully Microsoft provides a utility to examine your system and let you know if you need to upgrade anything.

You can download the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor here.

Download and start the install:

Once you launch the application, click the Start Scan button.

You’ll be sitting on this screen for at least a few minutes, while you get to read some of Microsoft’s marketing crap:

Well, it looks like my computer can run Vista:

But it also looks like I have a few recommended upgrades:

It looks like my video card won’t support the Aero user interface… so even though I can run Vista, I won’t be able to use the cool new GUI:

Oh well. I plan to get a new desktop PC in the next few months anyway, and by that time maybe it’ll be bundled with Vista.