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Extend Your XP Taskbar Across Multiple Monitors for Free

If there’s one thing we love as geeks, it’s using multiple monitors. We walk through libraries, universities and homes watching people slave away with only a single screen, and we sigh an audible sigh. The extra lolcats they could be viewing if only they maximized their efficiency.

We’ve written about them before in this article, where we showed you how to make them look nice. But it seems that even we might be losing serious YouTube viewing seconds due to Windows’ restriction of the taskbar to the user’s primary monitor. This is an issue that MultiMonitor Taskbar attempts to address.

Note: The free version may possibly work on Vista, but it doesn’t natively support the Vista theme.

Installing MultiMonitor Taskbar

To download this software for free, simply navigate to the product’s page and click on the free version in the lower right corner.


Once you’ve done that, simply run the install and get yourself nice and acquainted with this little button. Follow the prompts until it’s installed to your liking.


Then we just load up the program by clicking on that uneasy looking icon.


And we’re taken from this:


To this:


It’s hard to see the significance this holds for the average user, but being able to dedicate a program to a certain monitor and have it stay there upon minimization is a godsend.

The program also places this handy little button in the right hand corner of your window.


This switches the window instantaneously from one monitor to the other, while maintaining the same dimensions and placement as you originally allocated it.

Overall an extremely convenient program, albeit a dull looking one. But, hey, it’s free.

Download Multimonitor Taskbar from

Daniel Gilbert is a geek from down under that really likes Firefox and audio recording.

  • Published 06/1/09

Comments (9)

  1. John Doe

    It may not be free, but Ultramon is the more elegant solution. Options like hotkeys, wallpaper manager, screen resolution/refresh rate profiles make it extremely useful for people who tend to switch between single- and multi-monitor setups a lot (pretty much everyone with a laptop and an additional external monitor).

  2. Krishnan

    I Use Ultramon Pro, which is good but you will have to pay

  3. slapout

    I’ve been using Multimon taskbar for a year or two. It’s great. Only problem is, one day the arrows in the titlebar disappeared. I think it has to do with something I’ve got installed. (I can log in as Admin, and they’re there. But not if I log in as me.) Any one know what pgm could be interfering with this feature?

  4. Tristan

    Anyone know of a Linux/Ubuntu alternative to Ultramon? Or even MultiMon? Thanks in advance.

  5. Bob

    I followed your instructions for installing the MultiMonitor Taskbar as provided at

    I am using Win XP SP2.

    Unfortunately this new taskbar is added to the Right Monitor by default (i.e., my main monitor that already has the XP Taskbar). I need a taskbar added to my left monitor, i.e., to my second monitor.

    I opened the MultiMonitor taskBar Properties. By default the taskbar is added to the Right Monitor, however there is the option to “Add Taskbar also to Left Monitor”, but unfortunately this option is greyed out, i.e. not selectable.

    Can anyone help me?

  6. Hans Ecker

    The MultiMonitor Taskbar would be great… but I have the same problem:

    My second monitor is on the left. When I want to see the taskbar on the left, I have to switch the left-right-settings in my ATI Control Center. But this is nonsense in extended mode. The Mouse should go to the left monitor when I move it to the left.

    What a pity!! Hm… has anyone asked the producer yet?

  7. Jerry

    I dragged my second monitor to the left (in the ati control) and set it as the main to resolve the monitor on the wrong side thing… unfortunately I couldn’t get mm to work on windows 7.

  8. Frank

    I tried all multi-monitor software and Actual Multiple Monitors – my choise. It is much better than all others. If you doesn’t belive me, then belive your eyes =)

  9. Bob

    Actual Multiple Monitors Gone Free..

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