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Enable Quick Copy and Paste with the Mouse on SecureCRT

SecureCRT uses the Ctrl+Ins and Shift+Ins keys for copy and paste instead of the normal windows defaults of Ctrl+C / V. The reason why this is done is because most unix or linux varieties use those keys as part of the shell.

I was searching for a quicker method of doing a copy and paste than having to use Ctrl+Ins key combination, when I stumbled on a much simpler way of doing it….  just have it automatically copy the text to the clipboard when I select it with my mouse. Pasting is just as simple: just click the middle mouse button.

Here’s how to enable this: Go to Options \ Global Options on the menu:

In the Category listing, click on Terminal, and you should see this section of the configuration screen:

Just check the first two checkboxes, and you are now in business.

For example, I wanted to copy this line into the clipboard, so I just selected it with my mouse as shown, and it was immediately on the clipboard, no questions asked.

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  • Published 12/22/06

Comments (4)

  1. Marco

    What if I don’t have a middle mouse button? I haven’t even seen a three button mouse since the DOS days!

  2. Steven

    new to securecrt — thanks this article has helped me a lot.

    my next problem is terminal emulator — it is not working right I am connecting to Sun box and I have tried vt100 and xtem — but it is not working.

  3. Jared

    This used to work on my older version, but now that I use Version 4.1.7 (build 257) it doesn’t….which is a big bummer.

  4. Jared

    EDIT…I’m using a Windows 7 VM on an IMAC so I don’t have a middle button.

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