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Dual Monitors: Use a Different Wallpaper on Each Desktop

Note: I’ve written an updated article for both Vista and XP

Multi-monitor displays are becoming more and more common. Let’s face it, computers are so powerful these days that we can run more applications at a time than we have monitor space for… so if you haven’t tried it, it’s time to upgrade to a dual-monitor display.

The immediate issue that you will notice is that the wallpaper displays the same image on both screens. This is especially annoying when you have a laptop and a second monitor, each running at different resolutions, because the second screen will have a “squashed” version of the picture.

Enter Desktop Items…. you can create a web item and put a picture on it to cover the second monitor. Here’s how to do it.

First, you’ll want to go to Display Properties, click Customize Desktop, and then the Web tab, like so:

Now you will want to click the New button, and you’ll be presented with a dialog prompting you to select either a webpage or wallpaper. While it might be cool to use a wallpaper of a website, we’re worried about background images today, so browse to a wallpaper file. We’re going to choose Heart Broken by Pincel3d, but he’s got some other wonderful wallpapers over there.

Now this next part is slightly tricky if you aren’t familiar. You will see an item on your desktop similar to this… depending on the wallpaper you already have, it might be difficult to notice. Move your mouse near the top of the new image that is sitting on your screen, and you will see something similar to this. Note: resized the image down so you can easily see it.

Drag the titlebar of the image over to the monitor you want to cover with the wallpaper, and then click that Maximize button. The wallpaper will magically cover that window. We’re almost done..

Next, you will want to right-click on the desktop, and choose Lock Web Items on Desktop… because we don’t want the image accidentally moving around on us, afterall.

And that’s all there is to it. You now have two seperate wallpapers! (or even three)

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  • Published 09/25/06

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  1. Craig M

    Nice one M8, didnt think if doing it this way,


  2. Virus Youd

    KOOOL…. just too cool.. thanks man 4 the advice!!!!!

  3. jay

    when I do this, all my icons go from transparent background to having a blue background behind the text. Any way around that? Thanks!

  4. The Geek


    I believe that is a side effect of using the web desktop mode. You can change the color of the icons by changing the desktop background color. There may be a workaround, I’ll have to look into it.

    I prefer to hide the icons altogether, so it doesn’t affect me.

  5. jay

    I also hide *most* icons… only things that will be gone in a day or so reside there… and I haven’t taken the time to remove the Recycle Bin, so it’s always there. But, I like your suggestion, I think I’ll clean the desktop now, and use your solution.

    Thanks!!! If you find a workaround, please post it!

  6. jay

    Sorry to keep posting…

    have you found that the second picture you use must be on the desktop (that is, saved to the folder “Desktop”). If I try to use a picture from somewhere else on my computer, I get two solid blue screens…


  7. The Geek


    You are welcome to post as much as you want! That’s what I’m here for, afterall =) I’m happy to have repeat visitors.

    I’m pretty sure that I was able to use separate wallpapers located elsewhere on my computer. I’ll have to try it again to make sure. I’m typing this comment from linux at the moment, so I’ll have to check once I reboot into XP.

  8. Belelith

    This part is a bit vague to me and Ive never seen any type of box to move around for this step

    “Now this next part is slightly tricky if you aren’t familiar. You will see an item on your desktop similar to this… depending on the wallpaper you already have, it might be difficult to notice. Move your mouse near the top of the new image that is sitting on your screen, and you will see something similar to this. Note: resized the image down so you can easily see it.”

    so normally once I apply the change the pic will be centered in between both monitors or on the right one but half way down the screen. Any ideas?

  9. Belelith

    Nevermind got it :)

  10. eric

    there is this free program called “iconoid” that can make the icon text background transparent. It has no spyware.

  11. The Geek


    Your comment got marked as spam so it didn’t show up right away… I find your site entertaining. I like the idea of Sillyware =)

  12. Iain

    Iconoid will not hide display transparent icon backgrounds while Active Desktop is enabled. So no dice. :/

  13. letsrock

    WONDERFUL! I’ve been looking on how to do this without additional software or creating a HUGE desktop wallpaper. I love the KISS approach! THANKS!

    Pete sends…

  14. Phyer

    All I have to say is thanks. Worked like a charm, it was bugging me since I got a new moniter and discovered I could use two. There should be a simpler way to do this, but I am more than happy with this. Many thanks.

  15. Bob Lankaz

    Unfortunately, I’ve found that this does not apply to Vista.

  16. The Geek


    You are absolutely correct about this not working in Vista. In fact, the desktop web items don’t work in Vista either.

    I’ve been trying to figure out a viable solution for Vista, and will definitely post once I find one.

  17. Pete

    Two other alternatives to the above:

    1) (Cheap and easy): Create an image (using Paint or whatever) that is big enough to span BOTH screens. This can be one large image OR two individual images pasted side-by-side. Then in your desktop wallpaper settings, select TILE (not Stretch or Center), et voila!

    2) (Better, but costs): Ultramon software ( is an entire multiple window management add-on. Free 30-day trial, then buy.

    Hope this helps.

    – Pete

  18. Iain M

    Hi There, great tip thanks very much. Here’s a problem that has driven me to the edge of sanity!! :-) I work on a laptop – when I am in my office i have it plugged into an additional monitor and its great (especially with your new tip) BUT when I return home, the windows that were on the 2nd monitor are effectively still there ie NOT on my laptop screen. I have tried everything including adjusting resolutions, restarting etc etc but i can’t seem to get them back. thanks. Iain M

  19. Tom

    Hi, Thanks for the advice, it works like a charm.
    But one problem, If I leave the original background on the primary monitor, the picture quality drops.
    Any way to fix this? Thanks

  20. stunts

    Petes suggestion worked perfectly for me to get different wallpapers in vista.

    “Create an image (using Paint or whatever) that is big enough to span BOTH screens. This can be one large image OR two individual images pasted side-by-side. Then in your desktop wallpaper settings, select TILE (not Stretch or Center), et voila!”

  21. Mike

    ok, I did this and now when I right click on the desktop “Properties” is not there… did I do something wrong? How can I revert back to my previous settings?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  22. Mike

    ok.. now it gave me “properties” on a right click and I set everything back.. This screwed up too many of my settings so I will have to pass on this as an option.. It wouldn’t even let me DL a file setup that way. Thanks for the idea though…

  23. Sean

    Iain M. – Had the same issue, just right-click on the start menu and select one of the tile or stack windows options, that will rearrange all the windows back on your active display.

  24. hamstrung

    My Desktop Items dialog screen has only the General tab – my employer deploys a customized Windows and must have diabled the Web Desktop Item. Anyone know of a way to turn that option back on?

  25. Logan

    thanks alot, i’ve been trying to download ultramon and other stupid stuff but no i realize that i don’t need it. thanks a ton

  26. Steve

    Duh! why didn’t I think of that nice fix without installing anymore junk on my computer.


  27. nidal

    great !


  28. Pichu

    How do I do it on Vista?? I can’t seem to figure it out. HELP! Thanks!

  29. Phil


    Thanks for your help Geek–this is awesome!!!


  30. Lorik

    The blue icon text backround is driving me nuts. Please tell me there is a way to make them transparent again after switching to the dual backround picture mode.

  31. chris

    I have got to the ‘web’ tab in customize desktop, but the ‘new’ button is greyed out, any ideas???

  32. Rob

    Great tip! Worked with no problem, (XP) except, as Jay said,

    when I do this, all my icons go from transparent background to having a blue background behind the text. Any way around that? Thanks!

    Anyone figure out a fix for this??


  33. Rich

    Thanks took me a while to sort it but its saved a few pennys. Any way of making the icon boxes transparent again? I have changed the colour from the dark blue which is now a mellow grey.



  35. Stephen Whitlock

    The other way to do it is to create a wallpaper incorporating the images you want to the total width and total height of both monitors and then tile it.

  36. Marcus

    Windows sucks.

    This is one of the many features that come included on a Mac which Widows either requires extra software for or some erroneous procedure,

    BUY A MAC.

  37. Tim

    good tip for windows, but it should be easier. I know the Mac gets beat up (not as much as it used to) but they have supported dual monitors for far longer than PCs and from the beginning you could set different images for each monitor.
    But, of course there are things that you can do on a PC that you can’t do on a Mac.

  38. Rob

    I never would have thought of that….Nvidia Cards do it in the settings though…Three monitors…three different backgrounds…no tweaking necessary.

  39. Joe

    Windows sucks.

    This is one of the many features that come included on a Mac which Widows either requires extra software for or some erroneous procedure,

    BUY A MAC.

    Marcus on June 19, 2007 12:33 pm

    Good point. Go spend $1200 on a mac just for the dual wallpaper feature. I just wish I’d thought of that sooner. Your brilliant!!!

  40. Kit

    Do you know how to do this via the registry? Our security policy removes the web tab… on some, they do this only on boot up. Other stuff they set on a cycle.

    Thanks, Kit

  41. mike

    hey, dont want to give you any trouble… but would you know how to go about doing this with vista?

  42. herb

    Another way is to splice two desktop images together AND change the position to Tile

  43. dave

    Use Ultramon. It allows for separate wallpapers and even screensavers as well as a slough of other features.

  44. Jon

    That’s awesome, thanks!

  45. Dean

    This is what I’ve found that works – it’s free too –

  46. Luis Neng

    Unfortunately Ultramon Vista support is still in beta and have some annoying bugs.

  47. Joe

    Damn! I’ve been using Utramon for dual screen wallpaper for years and never knew about that tile trick. Thanks Pete. I was always baffled by the fact that windows didn’t seem to support this out of the box.

  48. resdaynia

    Screenshot your multi-monitor desktop. Edit the pic, cut and paste, photoshop to heart’s content, then set as desktop background as “Tile.”

  49. Jon

    I know this is a shameless self-promotion, but you can download a free application from my site called “DisplayFusion” that does the same thing, without using desktop items or an image editing program. It also provides some of the functionality of UltraMon, like the window management hotkeys and the ability to drag maximized windows between monitors.

  50. ii.mull

    >> 2) (Better, but costs): Ultramon software ( is an entire multiple window management add-on. Free 30-day trial, then buy.

    Ultramon software ROCKS. A taskbar for each monitor, with tasks for that monitor only on it. Stretch your screen saver over all of your monitors, up to three or even four monitors. Different wallpapers for each monitor, of course, as mentioned. Very little problems caused that I’ve noticed under XP. I haven’t tried this under Vista.

    I will not recommend the ActiveX Desktop solution mentioned in the article under any circumstances. It just isn’t worth it. If you need to, just use the Dual Wallpaper sites and find one that will fit both screens comfortably.

    Obviously, having such a big wallpaper will take a lot of memory, but since those extra monitors cost a lot of bucks,pounds,yen,samolians, you’ve probably got at least two gigabytes of RAM. You DON’T have a system with a built in vode card with “Up to 256 Megabytes Of RAM!” do you? If so, bag that and spend the $75 for a nice 128M Radeon Video card. You’ll be glad you cared.

    — ii

  51. AT

    Thanks. I’ve gotten used to having different desktops on my Macs over the years, and it’s been driving me crazy on my one Windows machine, looking at the same desktop on both monitors.

  52. UBERG33K

    UltraMon is awesome, I have been using it for years.

  53. Thomas

    I’ve thought of doing this, but it adds a border to my icon text.

  54. Dan

    It takes a bit more time and isn’t as graceful perhaps, but will generally find the two images I want, go into Photoshop and put them together to make one really wide desktop. Basically, if I have two monitors running 1024×768 then I make the image 2048×768. I then make that my background and poof, two different wallpapers.

  55. Phill

    I’m using Webshots under XP at work for two monitors but alas, I can’t rotate each monitor’s desktop independently of the other and the independent wallpapers trick is static. If only there was a way to combine the two…

  56. ArcoJedi

    I’ve used Ultramon before with good success ($), but this is free so it’s obviously better. I’ve always had issues with Active Desktop type stuff so I tend to avoid it.

    And for anyone who is suggesting: “Oh I just go into Photoshop and…” remember that we don’t all have Photoshop. I mean, I DO, but most non-geeks don’t.

  57. Vince

    Fantastic…so simple…so nice

  58. Me

    Active Desktop: boo!

    Use UltraMon. That is all. It has a lot of excellent features for dual-monitors (like separate taskbars for each monitor, better support for dragging windows from monitor to monitor)

    If all you’re trying to do is the wallpaper, open up your favorite image editor, create a blank image double the size of a single monitor, and insert your two favorite pictures side-by-side. Then use that single image as the background. Very simple.

  59. mholt

    Here is a download from Zdnet. It should do the same thing but is app based.

  60. mrmonitor

    why not just use the option in the drivers?

  61. Mike


    UltraMon is the way to go!

  62. deepthi

    hi, i want a different backgrounds when i am opening any file on my desktop. how can it be happen. is this be possible.

  63. The Man

    You are the man (another). I’m a uber-geek and hadn’t thought of this method!

  64. christopher gerry

    i used it with vista. works great. i would recommened to anyone. thank for the tips.

  65. Greg A

    This is great! Way better than multimon or similar programs!

    Thanks for the solution!!!

  66. grobworthy

    Beautiful! I love the result. Thanks.

  67. Andy

    Those with nVidia can right click on desktop -> nView -> Enable Desktop Manager -> Go to tab Desktops -> Click on properties

    Here you can set multiple background pictures, or have multiple desktops with different images… Pretty much an entire interface tool is set up in nView, so play around!

  68. Graeme

    I have the nVidia solution…well supposed solution, but it would seem that, true to form, their stuff often doesn’t work very well. When I try to set the second desktop image I get an error message that tells me the dll desktop icon file is not an image file and that I should choose a jpg or bmp!! Then it refuses to display the image on the second monitor…any ideas?

  69. mrtn400

    Thanks you very much! I’ve put up with duplicate images long enough! It is time to rise up!

  70. Graeme

    Well, to hell with the nVidia method. I have gone with the one huge image across both monitors option….so my wallpaper is now 3200 x 1080!!! Grace Park/Sharon “Boomer” Valerii in delightful collage…what a way to start the day! Imagine what my MS Flight Simulator X with Photoreal scenery looks like…now to try and get some work done…

  71. Just stopping by...

    I read through some of this post (too long) and I’ve found that the spliced image idea is easy (took me about 30 secs) and works great. I don’t always use a second monitor so using the Active Web method was annoying because whenever I disabled the second Monitor, it threw the image back on the first. Thank you to whomever originally proposed that one!

  72. Dual Monitor User

    If all you want is different desktop backgrounds, then use the “one-huge-wallpaper-and-strech-across-both-desktops” trick mentioned above somewhere. If you want to use hotkeys or you have some crazy complex setup, on WinXP, I recommend using NView if you’re NVIDIA user. Otherwise, try DisplayFusion by Binary Fortress (which also works on Vista).

  73. Jerm

    Thank you for posting this how-to guide! I just tried it out and it’s working great. No blue backgrounds on the icons or anything. Only problem I ran into was the maximize button didn’t maximize the picture over the whole screen – it only went to the picture’s normal size (which is just shy of the full screen). However, the dropdown box in the upper left allowed me to choose the “cover desktop” option, which filled the screen it was on. Once again, great guide!

  74. Django

    Displayfusion it works on xp and vista ==> free

  75. learner

    thank u for your advise.

  76. CCW

    Thanks for this I was happy with the same picture twice till i found twqo really good BG’s it took me 3 mins to find yoru solution and about 30 seconds to instate it. Thanks for the detailed explination with no steps skipped :D.

  77. mahmoudhaddad

    you are the best ; thank’s to the PC doctor.

  78. Letitia Roark

    I do not understand the last couple of steps. Could you please clerify.. It is not working as expected. Do I move mouse top of left screen or right screen. I did not see any icons on the example.

  79. Letitia Roark

    nevermind… I finally figured it out… It is really tricky :) No response is necessary…

  80. Esher

    While this is an interesting trick, as soon as you lock your computer the active desktop item disappears until it is unlocked, and as such, at least for me, defeats part of the point.

  81. Pablo

    Perfect, That’s great man

  82. Tom

    Is there a possibility to enable the active desktop items although I lock my computer? I’d like to see the wallpapers on both monitors while the computer is locked.

    Any Ideas?

  83. Evan

    Thanks! Been trying to figure this out for a long time!!

  84. Olivier

    Ultramon works well… I was gonna say that it’s not insignificantly tiny running in the background, but then I realized the application doesn’t even need to be running for the dual desktop picture to work.


  85. qrius

    just use displayfusion, it’s easier. Also integrates with flickr. and it’s free. (requires .net by the way)

  86. The Geek

    I’ll absolutely agree with the recommendation of DisplayFusion… I had already linked to it from the top of the article.

  87. Holt

    Interesting thing that I’ve found, which may not matter to many. If you don’t have any Icons on your desktop both your wallpaper and web item will disappear, only showing your background color. Haven’t tried using DisplayFusion to correct this though.

    Probably not that significant to most, but I like having a clean desktop and keeping my Shortcuts stored in toolbars.

  88. Holt

    Update: DisplayFusion doesn’t help if you don’t have any icons… Or maybe this is just my problem.

  89. oat

    Good job…THX very much

  90. Jay

    Yes i found out about the Web content when i added a second screen to the mix, but i didn’t know you could use something other than a website. Nice find!

  91. Jeff

    Hey thanks, this won me a bet at work.

  92. Tom K

    cool thanks for the help geek lol

  93. Ali

    Brilliant solution far better than any of the other work arounds I’ve found so far.

  94. Kiran

    Thanks man! My desktop is looking better now.. :)

  95. Chris

    Thanks a lot! This was simple and makes my three monitor setup seem less excessive and more worthwhile instead. ^_^

  96. ro_bro
  97. nitsy-babes


  98. John

    Thanks very much – clear and easy to understand.

  99. Rob

    for some reason when i put the wallpaper up the resolution gets so bad once i maximize it that having one wallpaper on two screens might be better even though it looked great when i had it just as my only wallpaper (same one on both screens). Is this normal and should i just pick a wallpaper with less detail or how do i fix this?

  100. Jack

    Nice tip, but as Esher and Tom have pointed out, it doesn’t work when the computer is locked. Is there a workaround?

  101. Tom

    Ok, now, lets lock the computer, what does we see?

  102. Brent

    WOW!!! This was an awesome help site. quick, simple and easy to follow instructions. Good Job!!!

  103. jen M

    when i chose a website to be the wallpaper, it works great until i lock web items onto the desktop, then it reduces the wallpaper to a small square. what am i doing wrong???

  104. Andrew

    I’ve looked through the comments and didn’t see my answer – I can get the titlebar of my image to appear whenever I point my mouse cursor to the top left of the new image – nothing. Anyone point me in the right direction?

  105. Gr33n3gg

    Nice one, I use UltraMon (, it does the exact same thing and more. I used to have dual monitor until I upgraded to quad monitors ;)

  106. Debi

    Thanks for the tip!!!

  107. cbz

    WOW this is gr8 thanks man

  108. Ben
  109. Rafael

    That’s hot, son!! Appreciate it.

  110. HunGJaI

    Ok, im on a work computer and it does not have the DESKTOP TAB when you right click then properties –> display properties.

    it only has Themes–Screen Saver–Appearance–Settings…

    Please help :)

  111. jd2066

    @HunGJaI: If you are on a work computer then it’s likely the Network Administrators set a policy to disable that tab. You can contact your IT Support and ask if that is so and if they will remove it. If they will not then you can’t change the wallpaper.
    There are ways around it but if it’s IT Policy to disallow wallpaper chaning then it’s best to follow that.

  112. Jim Van Zandt

    Thanks – very helpful!
    Two suggestions: At the beginning, after bringing up the “display properties” window, you have to select the “desktop” tab befor the “customize desktop” button is visible. And at the end, after right clicking on the desktop, you must select “arrange icons by” in order to find the “lock web items on desktop” option.

  113. lightslash53

    Thanks, there was a background i really wanted but it looked crappy on one monitor and awesome on the other, This method is great thanks

  114. anthony p

    those of you that want to do this on vista, there is a free program called display fusion that will do it for you. just google it, and you will find it.

  115. HunGJaI

    Alrite, I managed to get the desktop tab now :) after working around some IT stuff…but now im don’t have the WEB tab :(

    any ideas? or it is just another IT thingy i need to work around again?

  116. Spaz

    Thank you so much – worked great!

  117. crazy_jew

    just had to leave a comment :) thank you worked great – i knew windows had a way of doing it but they hid it somewhere!

  118. Chris Taylor

    Yes it worked a treat. I opened my image in photoshop. I have a primary display of 1920×1440 and a secondary display of 1024×768

    you need to “note” the position of the secondary I have it top even with the primary.

    in photoshop I open the 1920×1440 image do a canvas relative 1024 left anchor.

    this add 1024 pixels to the right. I drop in my 1024×768 image stick it in the upper right corner flatten save

    set it as background “tile” and bingo works perfectly. I wonder how much resources such massive images consume but either way I don’t care it looks great :-)

  119. riz

    Thankx for the tutorial. works great for me:)

  120. larriecampbell

    That worked great, thanks so much! I’d been using applications to do this until they’d run out of their “free trial” time… who knew I could do it on my own for free with no time limits?

  121. Pat

    i was gonna say Thank You, but 2,589,000 people did before me…
    anyway, great great tip, Thanks a lot!!!

  122. Dale

    Thanks for the tips, this is a brilliant idea. :)

  123. joe

    ok i was looking on this site to find out how to basically stretch a picture accross 2 screens so it didnt double or just go on one. Finally found out how lol its laughable simply do as u would do by right clicking favourite online image etc set as background and when it asks to stretch tile or centre you choose TILE lol not stretch and bingow one picture over two screens perfectly.

  124. OldTooly

    Well I have tried the method described, and even with web items supposedly locked the web image instantly centers itself between the 2 monitors. I have reset to stretch, and tiled settings, and centered and always does the same thing. I’m running Xp sp3 Nvidia graphics 7800gt, 19″CRT@1600 x 1200, 24″LCD 1920 x 1200, Dual View mode. I have also scoured the Nview settings described above and found no options for multiple desktop backgrounds. I’m not a master comp user but I’m no noob either and have never owned a store bought PC of any kind in the last 15 years. Any help? I must be overlooking something obvious since many others are very happy with this solution.

  125. Andre Eger

    very clever thank you for the tip

  126. Will

    OMG… Dude Thanks soooooooooooooooooo much for this post.. AWESOME POSSUM!!!

  127. Curtis

    Thanks very much. I have an Eagle with a flag superimposed on him on one desktop and the World Trade Center in all it’s glory on the other. I appreciate the great info!

  128. DTV12574

    Thanks alot for the Info

  129. Rov

    Awsome.. took me bout 30 minutes to finally get it as i couldnt find that drop down menu at the end there.. but that was just my fault not paying atention as i should.. rly good..

  130. joe


  131. someone

    OK, it makes icons transparent, but I want to revert & get my icons back. I had deleted the new location added in “configure desktop”, but I still cannot able to get my icons back. How do I get my original desktop icons back on my desktop? Thanks

  132. someone

    nevermind, I got it, Just revert back the changes & de-seletct lock desktop items & kills the explorer/log off/restart. You will get your icons back.

  133. simon


    I was so low, i couldnt figure out how to use nView to position one .HTA on one monitor and one .HTA on tother, but the method you explained at least allowed me to position one .HTA on the primary and a .HTML using this way, SWEET.

  134. Mat

    It’s a cool way of having 2 wallpapers, but the blue icons do annoy me quite a bit. So I found a way around it, and if you have photoshop it is simple after about 2 minutes of trial and error.

    I’m running my wacom cintiq to the right of my Samsung 23.6″ syncmaster, and I have my Final Fantasy Dissidia wallpaper on the big one, and the opposed version of the wallpaper on my cintiq. Because they are different display resolutions, take the two images into photoshop to a file that is as wide as both screens butted up against each other. The smaller image will have to be lifted or dropped a little, depends on how you have your setup.

    Then when you add it as your desktop wallpaper, set it to Tile and it will spread over both screens quite nicely.

    If both screens are the same resolution, of course it’s as easy as putting two images side by side in photoshop without adjusting heights etc.

    Hope it helps :)

  135. luke

    thanks you so much! all the guys at work are jealous. ha. thanks mate

  136. Toastie

    Thank you. 4 years of two monitors at work; same image on both screens, got old. Now…two monitors, two images…totally made my day!

  137. khan


  138. Dylan

    I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if I could get some help. I’m having the same problem as someone else was having. First, my web tab wasn’t there at all, but I got that fixed. Currently my problem is that the new button on the web tab is grayed out, and I can’t click it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  139. windows mobile

    This is amazing. I once tied my own shoes too.

  140. Rafael

    Thanks for the tip! Now I have this awesome two monitor wallpaper.

  141. kamisyourgod

    ok so if anyone goes down this far i do have a problem i used this on my other pc and no problems but on this 1 my main background gets “kicked” to the right ?? if any 1 know what im talking about and i cant seem to fix it. it seams to strech my origanl background oversized on my main monitor and doubles on my other 1. im in a loss and i dont know what it is. maybe because my other monitor is a tv ? anyway if any 1 gets this and even knows what im talking about please email me at kamisyourgod2 (at) because im to busy to cheack this site every 2 days lol

  142. david

    i am not sure whats going on. i am stuck at the new image pasted in the middle of both moniters. i can not get the menu bar or the drag button to appear. it seems to be just a pasted image, unmovable. any sugestions on how to get the drag button?

  143. Gen3sis

    Worked great for me. Thanks for the help!

  144. Alexander

    I saved $30 by reading your article!

    [Delete previous post it was wrong]

  145. stephen

    I have a docking station. My notebook works great but for some reason all my icons are missing on my external monitor? Can anyone help? I want to be able to have my email on one computer and be able to search the web on the other

  146. james

    thank you for the tip

  147. sean

    My background pictures do not appear when I click Apply. The pictures used to come up in the past, but now when I try to browse an image and apply it, the background color of the icons change, but the picture never appears.. I dont know what to do, what might cause this?

  148. jeff

    Another satisfied customer…just the info I needed.

  149. Ron

    I just bought a USB to DVI/VGA driver. I allready have two monitors but it just did not cut it!
    I need three monitors now! And it works great.
    They also are great for laptops because they provide a dual monitor option and still satisfy the two second rule. (Plug in the usb cable). when you use the vga connector on the back of the laptop, its a pain to install compared to a usb cable and it is just a copy of the laptops monitor.

  150. tom

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  151. Jeremy

    Thanks, also works for spanning one pic across two monitors. I have earth from space nicly wrapped on two monitors now. THANKS!!

  152. henric

    eeeh, is this just for XP or does it work for vista also?
    cause im running vista 32-bit on swedish adn i cant seem to find anything of what your a mention.. plz help

  153. Paul

    Doesn’t work on XP, every time I click OK with lock desktop items, the new image moves and centralizes 50% on each of my two screens.

  154. sandeep

    Very useful..i can have 2 desktop wallpapers now

  155. andy


  156. Chuck

    Thanks. I’ve been using dual-monitors for many years I kept thinking there ought to be a way to do this. Thanks you.

  157. Charu

    I’ve windows 07 installed. When I lock my screen, the blue windows 07 screen shows with CTRL, ALT, Del option. I want to show my wallpaper and not the blue screen. I don’t want those ugly moving screensaves. Can I do this?

  158. Nicky

    I accidentally closed out the image instead of resizing it , how do I get it back up?

  159. Kradon

    I don’t know if this question has been asked before or not, but there’s a lot of comments and I don’t have time to read through all of them. I have a laptop (1366 x 768) with another monitor (1024 x 768) attached to it. What I would like to do is find a nice picture that will stretch onto both screens. I have simply been using the “Tile” feature for the image layout, but it doesn’t work well for pictures that are not the exact resolution that both monitors add up to. I would like to know how I can have one image stretched onto both monitors while still having the whole picture from corner to corner no matter what the resolution is. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  160. rashid oxford college MCA

    AWESOME !!!!

  161. Stephanie

    When I do this, my background image on my other monitor goes blank and both monitors become the default background color. Please help.

  162. jason

    Awesome article!

    I am doing this on my work computer and would really like to be able to see all of the images when I lock the computer. Right now, when I lock it, the main image is on all 4 screens. Is there a way to do it where when you lock it, all 4 images will be seen? (I like to show off my kids when I go to break! lol)

    Thanks again!!

  163. Qwerty Dvorak


    Thank you very much!

  164. Nabushi


    Stiking with Linux

    Cost: 0$
    dualscreen: no problemo

    in fact, i got 4 desktop like cube (so 8 screen in dualscreen) and i can have more, i got full transparency effect, windows animations, full control on everything…. all that for less than 400 mb of memory (compare to the 900mb+ on win seven/vista aero)

    so now i only got a little window xp partition when i wana play games… and im so happy… no frustration against my computer…

    welll see ya

  165. Les

    All worked well for years. I have not upgraded or changed any configuration that I am aware of.
    When I un-lock web items on desktop, I no longer get the bar on top of each picture to be able to move and resize the pictures.
    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  166. Les

    Forgot to mention..I am using XP Pro

  167. gary

    not sure if this can be fixed, but when i right click on my secondary monitor (for display properties) the properties box appears in primary monitor. is there a way to have it pop up on the secondary so i dont have to drag it back over from primary? thanks!

  168. mpfogarty

    Awesome – thanks!

  169. Warebear69

    thanks the advice works gr8 on windows xp but i still don’t know how to get 2 different pic’s on my dual display with windows 7. :'(

  170. Brian
  171. Heather

    how do you do this if you have windows7 version?

  172. Marcel Maisonneuve

    How do you delet a MKV movie file from your computor.It says it is open in window explore. It will not delet in safe mode. is there a way in cmd.
    Hoping to get a reply.

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