To interact with the services panel from the command line, Windows provides the Net utility. From the command prompt, you can use this utility to start, stop, pause and continue services. What most people don’t realize is that you can also use this to display a list of services that are running on your computer.


net start

Provides this output(will vary based on your machine):

These Windows services are started:

Adobe Active File Monitor
Adobe LM Service
Application Layer Gateway Service
Ati HotKey Poller
Automatic Updates
Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Bluetooth Service
Cisco Systems, Inc. VPN Service
COM+ Event System
Computer Browser
Cryptographic Services
DCOM Server Process Launcher
DHCP Client
Distributed Link Tracking Client
DNS Client
Error Reporting Service
Event Log
FTP Publishing
Help and Support
HID Input Service
HP WMI Interface
IIS Admin
Infrared Monitor
Logical Disk Manager
Machine Debug Manager
Microsoft Search