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Disable those annoying "X Application has Encountered a Problem and Must be Shut Down" messages in Windows XP

It’s frustrating enough when your application crashes. Then the annoying dialog expects you to “Send an Error Report to Microsoft”. As if I want Microsoft to know exactly which programs I’m running on my computer.

Here’s two ways to turn off that error reporting. First, you can Right-Click on My Computer, go to the Advanced Tab, and choose the “Disable error reporting” option.  

Alternatively, you can navigate to the services console in Administrative tools, find the Error Reporting Service, go into properties and disable it. Either way, those annoying dialogs are gone!

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  • Published 09/26/06

Comments (14)

  1. Ron

    I am running XP Pro SP2 on a PC with SATA interface. I just installed MS Office 2007 Pro and started getting the COM Surrogate error message. I can boot with a different drive with Office 2000 Premium on it and I don’t get the error. Both drives have WMP v11. Booting to the drive w/2007, I disabled error reporting and the problem seems to have gone away.

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Boodiman

    Disable those annoying “X Application has Encountered a Problem and Must be Shut Down” messages in Windows XP. Try to find as shown on your diagram but on SP2 seem not to be able that particular facility.

  3. Padilla

    This is one of those “It’s so easy I could have figured out myself… but didn’t”.

    Anyway, thanks for explaining it.

  4. vrattlesnake

    That was good,

  5. David

    Very helpful, many thanks

  6. James Shepherd

    I have IE6 on my hp comuter running XP pro when I up date to IE7 I cant get a connection any ideas?

  7. rajesh

    After applying software restriction policy, when the user access the particular program an error message shows “Windows cannot open this program because it has been prevented by software restriction policy” . I want to stop showing this error message, because I don’t want the user know that it had been restricted through software restriction policy by the admin

  8. whsla45

    I disable the error reporting, but I still get the report to microsoft when I try to download Adobe Reader 9.

    Is someting else I can do?


  9. I have windows XP 2000

    I have been using Java to play Pogo,and in the past 2 weeks everytime I go into play my games after the 2nd. game it freezes up my computer, I then have to restart my computer to use it .I have gone to control and tried to delete it but it wont let me.
    What else is there for me to do to get Java out of my computer?

  10. Penelope

    Once again – thanks!

  11. Ernest

    i have already do your intruction, but it doesn’t mean that the error has been fixed right ? How to fix this error perfectly ??? thx

  12. NoBLESS

    i have already do it but y mapstill got the maplestory encounted problem help!

  13. Abdul mungly

    All game like need for speed 7 has encountered problem

  14. majeed

    that is a good geek boys i like it

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