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Disable Autoplay of Audio CDs and USB Drives

I find it very annoying when I go home from work and plug my laptop into my external hard drive… The autoplay window always pops up and asks me what I want to do with the files, which may be fine the first time, but definitely isn’t after a year of that.

To get to the configuration screen for this setting, go to Start Menu \ Run and type in:


You will see the Group Policy window. You should select Administrative Templates \ System in the tree view:

You will see an item in the right side pane called “Turn off Autoplay”

Double click the item, and set the radio button to Enabled, and change the “Turn off Autoplay on” to All Drives.

Now you should be safe from the autoplay monster.

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  • Published 11/11/06

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  1. Patrick McKelvy

    Thank you very much! It has been irritating me over a year how Windows ignores my preference to not AutoPlay under the Drive Properties…

  2. Ahmed Khan

    hey this thing is totally right but in my computer i didnt find any file of this name gpedit.msc i search everywhere but i dont have this file in my computer soo would you like too help with any other solutions bye waiting for your keen response

  3. Win Holland

    I have the opposite problem.- I liked that autoplay- it’s gone and I want to restore it!
    ..until recently my autoplay worked so that whenever I inserted my Sandisk the window would appear asking me what I wanted to do…..I really liked that feature and now it’s disappeared (I think after I did a tune-up offered by Dell). Any advice about restoring it?

  4. Diamond

    Hi guys!Pleazzzz help me out here!I have a similar prob.When I double-click on my external usb drive(250giga)an open with dialog pops up but the option for choosing a programme are deactivated(grey).If I right click on the drive and click open or explore it will open allright,but what about the double click.I should also mention that this is a prob that persists.I have noticed that the only way to get rid of it is by formatting the disc.I found that out because this prob infected my other drives (the 2 internal partitions I have and a usb stick).The most remarkable is that when I plugged the stick into another pc,the prob was still there,even for the other pc.(Not for its internal drives,of the second PC I mean.)To sum up,now I have formatted the 2 internal drives of the first PC and the usb stick,and they are just fine right now,but the external 250 giga drive is still a prob.Please suggest any solution apart from formatting!I ‘m trying to avoid that…Thx in advance!
    P.S.:Please respond as soon as possible!

  5. GR

    Okay, guys, this is driving me nuts. I used to put audio CDs in and explorer gave me each track’s file size and I could drag the files to my hard drive. Suddenly, every track is 1kb and won’t copy, explorer just makes a shortcut. help?

  6. Ben

    This doesn’t seem to work on XP Home edition (there’s no gpedit). Is there a registry value you can change or something instead?

  7. John

    gpedit.msc is one of the features of XP Pro; it does not exist in XP Home.
    For Windows XP Home, try TweakUI from Microsoft instead; it can be downloaded at

  8. Ben

    Thanks John. I did indeed try TweakUI, and it worked really well. It should come with Windows, IMO.

  9. Shawn

    YOU RULE!! I’ve been trying to turn AUTOPLAY off on my external drives for months. Many thanks!

  10. sohaib

    well i want that how can i disable my other removable devices such as the ‘c’ derive or ‘d’ derive of hard disk.because when i double cliclk on the ‘c’ derive it does not open it then i right click on the same derive and then click open it.and there is an option comes out whn i click any of ma hard derive the option is ‘auto play’ why it is appear whn i right on the any derive.plz plz help me out em waitin…..of ur

  11. IMTIAZ

    When iam right click on any hard disk partition it’s shown Autoplay command in Menu. normally it will show Open Command as first command.

    means double click on parition it’s go to open a new window .
    how to fix this problem please give me reply
    Thanking you

  12. Ken

    i was affected by one of the virus name PET.32 and it was get rid off. Now, i have a problem that the time when i open my harddisk, it appears that ” Windows cannot find pet32.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click search”.. Can anyone have anyways to help me solve this problem pls..????

  13. Troy

    i’m having the same problem. I have 3 drives in my pc (c, d, e ). When i right click on my c: drive the default is open but on my d & e drive it is auto. All 3 drive are physical hard drives. i’ve tried “regsvr32 /i shell32.dll” as well as

    Go to the the registry editor:
    under the key

    delete all sub keys which have similar structure like:
    Shell\Auto\command with value = C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\RunDLL32.EXE Shell32.DLL,ShellExec_RunDLL infrom.exe

    i do not find the subkeys on my pc but if i delete the “mountpoint2” completely then the defaults are correct. only problem is when i reboot it puts the registry key back and the same problem.

    i have updated my virus package and checked for viruses, none found. my c: drive have been formatted and re-installed.

  14. Player

    You are the king !!!

  15. Marcel

    Thanks a lot this worked brilliantly

  16. zaki uddin

    hey its not working on d drive and e drive, so it would be good of u if u provide anyother trick to turnout autoplay off

  17. jai

    i have a problem.when i open add/remove programe then it shows all the programe but some of them i can’t delete.some are deleteable.plz give me solution.

  18. Mary

    Thank you so much for your article. I have been searching for a while to find the instruction on how to turn off the auto run pop-up but could not find it. I am glad you helped.

  19. Loai

    thank u sooooooo much

  20. volrider

    I have been hunting around for a solution to a similar problem. I have for some unknown reason lost the autoplay on my CD/DVD drive and also when I put a USB drive in it used to pop up with an option to open, play etc. Now this does not happen. I have checked the registry and autoplay is switched on, I have checked it is enabled on every drive and also tried TweakUI but that says it is set to auotun?? I seem to be going round in circles with no luck. I have XP Home with SP2 installed any one that can help me I would be eternally grateful

  21. Eric

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. moyassar

    i want to have the USB autoplay on since i had it before and then lost it. bythe way the windows operating system is XP professional.

  23. mark

    i have the same prob. how can i disable my other removable devices such as the ‘c’ derive or ‘d’ derive of hard disk.because when i double cliclk on the ‘c’ derive it does not open it then i right click on the same derive and then click open it.and there is an option comes out whn i click any of ma hard derive the option is ‘auto play’ why it is appear whn i right on the any derive.plz plz help me :-) …..of ur

  24. devendra

    anyone pls help me with this

    i had an external hard disk but had some problemwith it
    and now the system is not recognizing it
    as soon as i plug it to the system it shows a msg of unknown device
    it has a lot of important information in it
    someone please help me
    i have to get the entire stuff of the hard disk back

  25. Greg

    Can’t believe I forgot about Tweak UI from Microsoft. The icon is right on my desktop. It worked like a champ to turn off the Autoplay feature on my external hard drive.

    Thanks John

  26. Mark

    Many thanks for your help!

  27. Chris

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Eric on October 9, 2007 5:09 pm

    I can only second this :)

  28. kmicic

    Hey, to all that still have problem with drives D, E, …
    Delete the file autorun.inf from the drive and restart windows.

  29. Iyeru

    gpedit.msc does not exist in my Windows XP SP2.

  30. vp9984

    cant find gpedit.msc

  31. Jim

    Help! i have vista ultimate 32 bit, and i can find and open the gpe, and i can find and open system under administrative templates. I have many items listed, but none have anything to do with autoplay. where is it??

  32. Haytham

    When I use duble click it dose not working and it infected in all partions in my pc , Iam using winxp sp2 .. plz any one help me .. I have this problem in our network and I have 25 pc have same problem ..

  33. vvv

    If some kind of virus have changed the default action of your hard drive to AutoPlay
    open regedit.exe and find this key

    go trough all CLSID’s (those garbish alphanumeric keys)
    then check all Shell subkeys and change the Default value/Data to “Open” and/or remove all the autoplay subkeys
    if you want to save the autoplay option to certain drives (e.g. CD/DVD drives) simply do all the above 1 step at a time and constantly check what is changed in Explorer (these registry changes work instantly). It is hard to find which CLSID corresponds to a certain drive, thus after changing the “shell value” you need to right-click the drive in explorer and see if the AutoPlay or Open is set as the default(bold) action.

    And next time use antivirus :)

  34. Dj

    dont delete mount point2 just right click on dat and click on premisions and then click on restricted:d
    here u go

  35. Richard Yager

    OK. All I did to turn this off is Open MyComputer, right click on the CD player, Click on Open AutoPlay. At the bottom (of the window not the list) is a link that says ‘Set Autoplay defaults in control panel’; click that link and set your preferences. Simple!!!

  36. Henry

    This didn’t work for me, the run command didn’t work, however properties of the drive, autoplay tab – then selecting don’t do anything for every possible media option did the trick.

  37. chris

    i have tryed this but it cant find gpedit.msc, is there anouther way of doing this

  38. Lakshmi Narayanan

    Thanks a lot…I was fiddling with registry for this before…Thanks again…

  39. Mattey

    I have problem with hard disk, It is not open when I double click. It says choos aprogram…… open.

  40. SweBee

    You can also turn off autoplay feature for USB drives by editing Windows Registry:
    1. Find key HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Software | Microsoft | Windows | CurrentVersion | Policies | Explorer
    2. Create new entry to turn off autoplay function by right click Edit | New | Dword Value then name it NoSaveSettings
    3. Find an entry NoDriveTypeAutorun with a Dword value 91 and give a Dword value 95
    4. Restart your PC

  41. trubye

    Hi i have the exact opposite of this problem, autoplay does not come on when i plug my usb stick in my computer and i want it to come on. Any ideas?

  42. Jon

    Gotta love the silly virus. If you have the silly virus, disable auto play, get rid of the virus on your computer, and delete the files off your external or thumb drive. To delete the files off you thumb drive; open my computer, click tools>folder options. On the view tab, uncheck hide protected operating system files. eject and re-attach your external. It should open normally now and you will see a autorun.inf and a boot.exe or ah.exe. delete these files and you are rid of the silly virus. you external is not protected if you plug it into another computer but it will not transfer back onto yours so just delete the files when you see them.

  43. vikas gupta

    what a solution. we were formatting pc till date for this problem. thanks a lot

  44. SHYAM

    hi, it took me only a minute to solve this problem the way you have shown.thanks a lot

  45. Duc Nguyen

    Thanks a lot. You saved my life ;-)

  46. joe

    hi! i have a similar yet quite a different problem… i can’t open my c drive by double-clicking. when i do that, a window opens that says “choose a program among the list to open it” or something like that. this also appears when i right-click the c drive and choose either open (it didn’t change to autoplay) or explore. in short, i can’t open my c drive! what should i do?

  47. Nelson

    Check if there is a hidden/visible autorun.inf file on the root of the drive. if yes remove it.

    Also, some virus/trojens can create autorun.inf files that are completely hidden

  48. Thomas

    Bloody brilliant mate. Saved me from the most annoying part of my work. Everyday i hook up atleast 20-30 Harddrives to my computer to “ghost” them. And this saves me both time and stress. Thank you

  49. Sajan

    Autoplay was such an annoyance for me. Thank you for helping me getting rid of it.

  50. zeeshan ali

    Thanks alot nice post :)

  51. CharlesIV

    can the gpedit.msc solution be scripted ?

  52. Jon

    You should try to repair windows. If you cannot find the file, it’s probably because windows lost it or you have a virus. Try doing a virus scan as well. I recommend Symantec. Hey Diamond: you probably have the silly virus. Follow my instructions in my previous post to find it.

  53. Nemanja

    Works fine! Bravo! Thanks!

  54. Starko

    With TweakUI for XP you can choose which types of drives to disable:
    – removable drives.
    – fixed drives.
    – network drives.
    – CD-ROM drives.
    – RAM drives.
    – unknown type.
    – all types of drives.

    For instance you might want to disable Autoplay for USB sticks but leave Autoplay for CDs on, etc.

  55. Robert Bowden

    My Name is Rob and I have a problem with getting my autoplay back on my PC for Windows XP.
    I deleted Photoshop Album Starter 3.0 off my computer and ever since then my autoplay function has been missing.

    Can you please help me with this problem as I am sick of having to go through my computer followed by the scan disk to get to my folders.

    Many thanks Rob.

  56. Jansen

    I can’t find anything called System under Administrative Templates. There is just Windows Components.

    Got any idea guys?? ‘Coz it seems very weird to me while everyone’s Group Policy contains it but mine doesn’t.

  57. David Bond

    Great tip – thanks!

  58. Monolith

    Great TNX!

  59. dashakol

    It’s strange but when I run gpedit.msc and go to “administrative templates” I can only see “windows component”. The other three subcategory are not there . What’s wrong with my xp?

  60. Mario

    Yes, yes, yes
    thank you!!!
    it’s Great tip – many thanks!
    Mario :)

  61. mak

    @the OP of the guide (The Geek i assume :) )

    XP is OS which is running right? Which screen font is that? Its really smooth and looks lovely in cleartype.

    Can anyone tell me which font that is and how to change my XP to that font.

  62. Matthew

    I have XP home and downloaded TweakUI and i unticked the boxes but it hasnt done any good what so ever it still keeps on popping up.
    Please help me

  63. thanasi

    oh yeah! this is what im talking about!!

  64. Ashutosh Kumar Bhardwaj

    Hey guys you are great helpers at How-To-Geek I allways wanted to get the rid of the autoplay problems and your easy steps helped me

  65. jlib

    To those who can’t see it, the administrative templates are only visible to members of administrators group. And since you are there, those using the Group Policy method might as well turn off autoplay under the user section as well, or as as they so ineloquently word it “enable disable autoplay”. In this day of rapidly spreading autorun trojans, disabling autorplay is absolutely essential for those using USB drives between computers. Some methods only turn it off for CDs. The Group Policy editor allows you to turn it off for all drives.

  66. jlib

    Oh, and for admin users of XP Pro, in gpedit.msc you first need to manually add the system template to the administrative templates sections of computer configuration and user configuration sections. Just right click on administrative templates.

  67. Andres

    YEAHHH!! Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Hadas

    If you want to cancel autoplay only for Iphone but leave it active for the rest all you need to do is connect your Iphone (ignore or dismiss the autoplay) then go to my computer, find your iphone drive click the right mouse button, select properties, shift to the ‘events’ tab and choose ‘do nothing’ for the event of connecting.

    I presume this will influance the iphone device only.

  69. b

    Wow, this is so awesome, I have lots of computers, and lots of external hard drives, and I’m always swapping them around since I have to move lots of data often, and networks are just to slow when you’re shuffling hundreds of gigs around. Anyway, autorun has been really, really and I mean *really* annoying me for years. Having it gone now is like bliss, pure happiness. Thank you.

  70. Frank

    Thank`s for this information. The USB DRIVES AUTOPLAY were driving me crazy!

  71. tarun

    many thanks – for win xp home – downloaded…..ySetup.exe
    went to drives- autoplay and disable, its working

  72. jonathanMari

    thank you very much for your gives me more knowledge..hope that you will continue your teachings with other people who didn’t yet explore there computers..God Bless

  73. Nuno Brum

    I was so anoying the Scan for media….. completely useless in my point of view, specially when inserting media with lots of data.
    Thank you soooooooooooo much for this.

  74. pacific

    yeah u rule dear …..thanks for the suggestions for autoplay option…

  75. Vinh Lam

    Thank you, good way to do as suggestion… cheers for me :D

  76. Kadkhoda

    I found out about Autorun.ini being active on a USB drive when I saw the Recycler trojan coming via a USB flash memory.
    That was a few weeks back until today I saw the BBC article on Microsoft paying $250K bounty for finding some other virus maker that apparently also comes via USB and other autoplays. I was wondering why they have designed this feature in the first place and why is it “not so obvious” to remove the feature.
    Thank you for your straight forward instructions. Now my U3 doesn’t startup automatically either, which is a blessing because most of the time I want access to the storage area.

  77. Josh

    Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you. Autoplay has plagued me for the last time :D

  78. Jesuraj

    My computer restarts automatically as soon as i double click the setup file of the game medal of honour airborne, and installation does not proceed.

  79. Mike


  80. M

    Thanks a lot, it works great…

  81. The Doctor

    Thank you!

  82. Bob

    I liked the Tweak UI Microsoft program option. It allowed me to shutoff the USB drives, but still keep autoplay for the CD-ROM. Thanks to all for releaving all my future pains. I’m going to install this program on all my computers.

  83. Nick

    Every time I connect my USB Device windows want’s to go to the update site to find something and it want’s to istall the driver again and again. I have the software for the device installed but it can’t find it.

  84. AJ

    The best programme for fixing autoplay is AutoPlay Repair (see: Whether you want to switch it off or want it back, this programme will fix it. can can even switch off all potential drives (ie: s drive, t drive, u drive, etc).

    Note that many viruses use this facility to run their malicious code, so IMO it is best to switch it all off. It’s the first thing I do when I install Windows.

  85. Joyce H

    TweakUI was really easy to use. I was trying to enable my Autoplay for so long… And ‘My Music’ folder lost it’s default icon too. But with TweakUI, i was able to restore everything back to the way it was.
    Thank you John! =)

  86. Crow

    It’s strange but when I run gpedit.msc and go to “administrative templates” I can only see “windows component”. The other three subcategory are not there . What’s wrong with my xp? ”

    Same thing on my XP.
    But Henry’s advice above saved the day.

    This didn’t work for me, the run command didn’t work, however properties of the drive, autoplay tab – then selecting don’t do anything for every possible media option did the trick.”

    More specifically:

    windows XP SP3

    1 left click ‘My Computer’
    2 right click the drive in question
    3 if ‘autoplay’ is on the popup list ignore it!
    4 instead choose ‘properties’
    5 chose autoplay tab
    6 for every type of media in the list:
    a “select an action to preform”
    b ” take no action”
    c apply
    d OK
    7 redo the above and check for each type of media in the list that ‘take no action’ is indicated by color. It is easy to make a mistake while doing 6.
    8 Now ONE drive is done (maybe an external plug in drive E). So redo for each other drive (maybe the CD tray drive D).

    Anyways now the autoplay monster has disappeared for good on my system!

  87. IceMan

    Hope this keeps all USB Virus away.. Thanks for this article..

  88. Scud

    If System template is missing, right click on “Administrative templates”, select “Add/Remove templates…”, then click on Add, choose System.adm, click on Open, then close. Now you’ll see System under Administrative templates.

  89. Crow

    Thank you Scud!

    Now me and all XP users should be able to easily turn on/off autoplay.

  90. jeasneas

    I know you’ve heard this a million times before, but once more can’t hurt:

    1000X THX!!! that thing’s been driving me crazy!!!

  91. neo

    The solution is to globally block autorun.inf files from executing, without trying to use the dialog boxes in XP and Vista to do this. Here’s the procedure:

    Step 1. Start Notepad or another text editor.

    Step 2. Copy the following text from this page and paste it into your text editor (everything between the square brackets should be all on one line):

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\IniFileMapping\Autorun.inf]

    Step 3. Save the file with a name like NoAutoRun.reg, taking care to include the .reg extension.

    Step 4. Right-click your .reg file and choose Merge. Confirm any warning prompts to add the information to the Registry.

  92. jeff

    It didn’t work after I clicked “apply”. Fortunately Kaspersky caught the bastard on the external drive. I then OK’d and closed the window and got a Kaspersky pop-up warning me of a mmc change which I OK’d. I removed the external drive, but when I put it back on it still did an auto-play.

  93. jeff

    the suggestion by “Crow” worked.

  94. chaidir_yassin

    thanks Scud.. you’re my hero…

  95. aph7six

    This is a useful link, maybe answers some of the different behaviors seen by some people:

    Long, but with good links in it.

  96. Eddie


    u r the the best thanks alot
    Ur solution works like magic


  97. Bobsta

    Hey Guy”s,just a beginner here,Im a little confused on all the above.
    I need to disable auto play only for 3 wireless modem,is this possible,do not want to disable
    everything else,please help,maybe I’ve missed something.Cheers!!!

  98. Bobsta

    Sorry,I posted comment May 18,2009 5:46AM,WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS
    Windows Vista,need to remove autoplay only for wireless usb drive,
    not all drives ,is this possible!!

  99. Nick

    apart from autorun blocking, if you want to completely block a usb drive or ipod or digital camera of others but allow only yours on your laptop or pc you can try usb security products, some of them are upcopy and uhook personal 2.1

  100. ankur banik


  101. James

    The easiest way to block USB and other external devices on your network is to use a software called AccessPatrol (

  102. Deon

    Thank you for this advice I have been battleing with USB modem device in South Africa constant conflict what was happening the device keeps on wanting to install the connection software even though it is already installed hopefully this will kill the problem now

  103. dean

    Hey I got some virus called W32.silly.exe and its in a hidden folder on my USB called RECYCLER inside the recycle bin! and i cant see it! only my virus scanner picked it up and it wont remove it. Can any1 help me out here?

  104. Daniel

    To James from 3 comments above: I found an easier and less expensive way to block autplay on USB devices. It’s called “Auto Play Squelch” and you can find it on

  105. Clayton

    There must be a God because my prayers have been answered. -) I’m constantly having to switch out multiple external drives and the autoplay feature was driving me crazy!!! I ended up going with the Tweak UI solution because I still wanted my CD-ROM to use this feature but not anything else. Thanks again for the knowledge to overcome yet another “useful” Microsoft feature!

  106. Totem

    @Dean : Try running command prompt by pressing Windows hotkey + r and type in “cmd”.. You should now then be greeted by the command prompt window.. Assuming that you’re location is on the C drive, type “X:” where X is the drive letter of your flash drive.. Then after that type “attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d” and wait for it to finish.. It usually takes time to finish up depending on the number of files on your flash drive.. After that, open your flash drive through explorer.. And delete those recycle bin and recycler folders plus all the suspicious files and the autorun.ini .. Type those commands w/o the quotes.. Goodluck ;)

  107. junaid

    thanx dude it helped alot :)

  108. sixor

    no more usb autorun virus for xp, thanks a lot

  109. atanu786

    Wow ! Thanks dear. I have been suffering for a long time. Now have got relief.

  110. Jeff G

    Many many thanks. This petty annoyance has been niggling me for years in XP. However many times I set Autoplay to “do nothing” in properties, the wretched thing crept back. Hopefully it is now mortally wounded. RIP.

  111. Awais

    I m trying to open gpedit.msc but it is not opening on my computer. i have tried to search it but its not available on my computer. what should i do?

  112. Carl R.

    Thank you for that advice. It would take 5 minutes for my Sandisk Sansa Clip+ player to finish getting mounted. Now it takes 5 seconds!!!!!!

  113. Dmytro

    Man, that was much more helpful, than official Microsoft Help page!!! Thank you!

  114. BalzKI

    hahah disabling autorun will not delete the “virus” autorun, the reason why we disable the autotun is to avoid the double clicking the dialog box that appear when we insert a flash drive. if u use that dialog box. the virus will spread through your system.

    the main idea is disable the autorun to avoid the viruses, on of the reason why we get infected, we always use that dialog box when a USB is inserted

  115. Robert

    THANK YOU!!!!
    Autoplay has been a thorn in my side for years! I hope Santa gives you something extra nice this year!

  116. Aryan

    first of all i disable my usb in registry with 4 nomber but now i want to enable usb port but he is not doing. am i trying 3 nomber in usbstart in registry but he not doing enable .what can i do for enable that pls help me.

  117. jim

    I cannot thank you enough for showing me how to pull this stone from my shoe.

  118. rajkumar

    i saw the Group Policy window. But am select Administrative Templates then does not show System folder in the tree view plz how can reduce this problem…………… plz any one help me

    basically my problem drive does not open for double click but open SEARCH WINDOW…. WHAT PROBLEM.?

  119. taber big

    Man u r GENIUS. Many thanx to U…… worked for me. Actually i was trying to enable autorun for my usb drives wch got disabled some how. And Viola finally, becoz i recently had formatted my c drive and installed xp.

  120. Les

    Please can anyone help . . . . i re-installed my dell PC with a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro as was originally supplied by the manufacturer

    the installation went fine but now every cd or dvd that i put in the player opens windows media player and then comes up as not recognised with an audio track listed,

    Ive tried lookign in windows explorer but it still has everything as a audio file and doesnt see any other files

  121. Rune

    Hi, Les.

    There should be an option in Windows Media Player, which has an autorun policy each time it recognizes media in the cd-rom device. Should be around “Prefs” or “Alternatives”. Not that hard to find.

    Hope this helps. Unfortunately I dont have my WMP validated, so cant check it out myself.

  122. Nikhil

    thanks a lot.. it was frustrating me a loot ..happy escape!

  123. Randop

    Delightfully clear directions. Thank you!

  124. Angel

    Thank you very much!!!!! This site always helps me to fix my computer problems…… You’re the man geeker….

  125. Sam 2010

    THANK YOU! This has been driving me absolutely CRAZY! (ok…crazier…LOL) I’ve always turned off autoplay for CDs, but I had no idea autoplay even affected USB hard drives until I got hit with that annoying scrolling autoplay box every time I plugged in one of my USB HDDs. These drives are 1 TB in size, and a total PITA every time I had to go through that stupid routine. Now…it’s so sweet! THANK YOU!

    (I wish the instructions for the USB HDDs came with this info. It’d help a lot of folks. I just feel sorry for anybody that has XP Home,and not Pro. Every time I see somebody say there’s really no difference between Home and Pro I remember situations like this. PRO is worth its weight in gold, IMHO, because of situtions exactly like this.)

  126. Yanko G

    Thanks a lot, very useful post

  127. Kaligaclark

    So when I right click my USB drive I want to be able to click autoplay and autoplay is not there. I cannot find any options to fix this and still have not been able to find it. My drive does not autoplay and I do not want it to autoplay. I want to be able to right click and autoplay. Anybody seen this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

  128. imtiyaz

    thanx man “U ROCK”

  129. chepalopods

    Autorun is disgusting. It’s one of the most common way to contract virus. Microsoft is soooo stupid to make it a default instead of option.
    I’ve been tried to shut it off to no avail for years, thanks to this article, I finally made it shut up.

  130. Dave

    Thanks, Hadas! That autoplay thing was driving me nuts :-)

  131. aCe_vEnTuRa2

    Hi Guys,
    The solution you provided was real neat. For other guys for the autoplay to be activated for all drives choose the drop down and choose all drives instead of default option cd-roms.
    As far as the guys who have the default action of double clicking a drive giving an open with message is concerned is because the default command has changed to autoplay instead of open and that we have disabled autoplay. Do not worry….just choose the option Internet Explorer in the open with box and do not forget to check the box “always use this program”. that should solve your problem. This goes for any drive. Next time you double click the drive it will open.

  132. David Bell

    Thanks for this! It has been annoying me for a long time.


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    Stanilov Bulgaria

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    No more auto virus installation from usb!

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  138. RAMA D

    Thanks a million. It is so good. You saved me.

    BTW, Why does MS have such language?

    “Turn off autoplay” Disabled is – Enable Autoplay !!!
    “Turn off autoplay” Enabled is – Disable Autoplay !!!

    “Turn off autoplay” Disabled is – You cant turn off autoplay !!!
    “Turn off autoplay” Enabled is – You can turn off autoplay !!!

    Well, I am from India, a non native English speaking country. But I can tell you English is not as complex as this above (Or is it just Microsoft’s Logic).

  139. MAUVE

    This site is extremely helpful !
    Many many thanks ! !

  140. Paul

    I am on windows 7 when i connect my pendrive windows7 cant pop up autoplay menu ,i need to open it thro computer , how can i chage it so autoplay menu will appear.
    (Autoplay opens upon any cd , dvd )

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    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It stays done, not like fiddling with drive properties and setting all the kinds of files to do nothing.

    MS help is worthless on this.

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    my pc works on one click, which is causing me problems.
    How to I get it back to double clicks

  154. Dalsir

    Simple and fast advice, just like it should be. I`ve been searchin` through google and others are offering to mess up with registry. Hell no !

  155. RJ

    Thanks to the poster who suggested Microsofts Tweak UI.

    No thanks to How to Geek who doesn’t mention that gpedit.msc only works for some versions of Windows.

  156. Wilz

    thanks very much for the nice explanation and is pretty work very good

  157. wayne

    You will see the Group Policy window. You should select Administrative Templates \ System in the tree view:
    You will see an item in the right side pane called “Turn off Autoplay”
    i do not have this options under the said topic.

  158. Seasider

    Windows 7 HP. Windows cannot find gpedit.

  159. hemanta

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  163. ProfessorNinja

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  164. Phil

    Like some others, my administrative templates has only a Windows Components subdirectory. This is XP SP3, with all updates as of April 2011, except for Search 4.0 and Media Player 11.

  165. Mel

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    Thank you very much for your help. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It is simple and fast advice just what I need. Hope you will continue your teachings with some other problem. Again thanks for your article.


    ami asoley kub khusi, auto play ke bonjho korte pare. ati asoley khubi karzokor.

  168. Eric Schell

    HA! The advice from the other “experts” didn’t work; edit registry key thus:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\IniFileMapping\Autorun.inf]

    and yours did!
    Thanks for enabling me to get rid of one of XP’s annoying habits.

  169. JB Blackpool

    Hi, I have the external hard drive autoplay issue.

    I followed the original instructions above, but when I get into System & look at the group functions “Turn of Autoplay” is not there.

    Help please.

  170. iamthatis

    Thank you so much! I’m glad you took your time to post this up–most people figure stuff like this out and don’t share with the rest of us computer-illiterates. :)

  171. Maria

    I have a virus in my recycle bin, not 1 of my antiviruses can pick up my recycle bin to destroy the virus, and its accumilating. Calls itself Djetc… Pse help!

    I have a 32gb flash drive and 16gb flash drive, I copy music onto them, everything is there on flash drive, but when I disconnect, and connect again, only the first main folder has its music files in it, the rest of the folders are empty. How can I fix this, pse. did online fixing, did not help!

  172. ranjith


  173. sophia

    Thanks very much – its very helpful

  174. Original-Paulie-D

    Another interesting registry key is: HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > AutoplayHandlers

    …as well as it’s subkey “CancelAutoplay”

    It seems that killing the AutoPlay AND AutoRun features, as well as deleting the Cached (per-user) device info is a good approach to securing systems. HKCU > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > MountPoints2. While I’ve read suggestions to delete the entire key “MountPoints2”, one may wish to consider only deleting the entries not related to local volumes such as “C” or others that are unrelated to external devices.

  175. nunzio

    Original-Paulie-D, please,
    can you explain me better?
    I want enable Autorun and autoplay on all devices.
    How do with your settings above?
    Thank you. In awaiting, best regards.

  176. Sakis Papadopoulos

    I had lost the autoplay for my drives (Windows XP).
    Not «Tweak UI» nor registry settings but ONLY this could fix the problem :
    «The Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard scans your computer devices to find defective AutoPlay settings, and attempts to fix those it finds.»

    So easy… Thanx God !

  177. Sakis Papadopouos

    Only this works for me :
    “Autoplay Repair Wizard” from Microsoft.
    «The Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard scans your computer devices to find defective AutoPlay settings, and attempts to fix those it finds.»
    (Do this for every divice / “G”, “F” etc)

  178. Debayan

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  179. Ali

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  181. ritz

    i have enabled prevent access to my drive D …now when i open my laptop and type gpedit.msc in the RUN command it does not opens and after a long waiting or working when i shut down my laptop the group policy window pops up….plz help me to solve this issue i have many docs saved in the drive D…….

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