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Disable Administrator Logon Warning in Windows Home Server

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Windows is always trying to save you from yourself and with Windows Home Server it is no exception. Anytime you log on as the administrator, you receive an annoying caution message, but we can disable this annoying message from coming up every time you log on to your server.

Below is an example of the logon warning message which pops up inside Internet Explorer.

Admin caution

To disable it click on Start \ Run \ type in msconfig and hit enter or click OK.


In the System Configuration Utility click the Startup tab and uncheck the box next to Logon Warning.  Click Apply and OK.


Restart your server and you will no longer see the logon warning!


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  • Published 07/15/07

Comments (6)

  1. basha

    I am not able to log on administrator, user and guest accounts due ot virus problem something happened in my computer after scanning with sophos anti virus.

    I thougt it is deleted the file lsass.exe from system 32 folder

    once log on screen is coming and stop at there
    After switching in administator with correct pass word it is logging off and set the screen to logg on position

    what I have to do with this problem

    please give me reply

    regard basha

  2. mysticgeek


    I am going to answer this question for both WHS and XP. I have fixed this error several times in my IT career… especially when I worked at a community college … and the “SASSER” worm was going around.

    You can recover the LSASS.EXE file by inserting the original WHS disc and opening to see the files. Open the folder named SRV_2003 Next open the I386 folder. Inside you will find the file named LSASS.EX_ just copy that into C:\Windows\System32 folder. Reboot and logon as Admin

    In XP you can restore LSASS.exe to the Win32 folder by inserting the XP disc and opening it up to see the files. On the disc you will find a foleder i386 open that and find LSASS.EX_ Simply drag this file into C:\Windows\System32 folder and rename the file to LSASS.EXE … now reboot.

  3. conrad

    How do I disable the Login password from WHS edition?

  4. jaw69

    I have too many administer(user) files in my computer. I don’t know “how” this happened;but, it did.
    what is the safest and best way to remove these,and leave only one.
    I have tried some suggestions from other sites;but, they only caused more problems with my system. Last time I did what was reccommended–I had to load a restore point in “safe mode” to get back to windows. I am runnung XP Home Edition.
    I could some real help–A.S.A.P, please…….

  5. keith crum

    when i havn’t used my computer for a while,the screen goes dark as nomal but when i move the mouse to get the screen to come back up,my desktop and are not there anymore until i click on user computer administrater in order to get to my desktop and everything is nomal after that but can you tell me what to do so that i don’t have to click on the user computer administrater in order to get to desktop every time?


    how to log on as an administrator.

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