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Yahoo! Messenger for Vista Finally Released (Beta)

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It’s been nearly a year since the new Yahoo! Messenger for Vista was announced, and we were promised a beautiful application that utilized the new Aero features in Windows Vista. The new client is definitely beautiful, although not necessarily useful or especially functional.

You can see that the contact list has a slick new look… you can customize the size of the people on the buddy list.


You can even drag people to the Vista Sidebar so you can easily see their status, or click on them to start a conversation (in a regular conversation window)


It’s also got an abundance of bouncing, animated smiley faces for all your emoticon needs:


When you receive a message, they animate for a few seconds before going back to normal size:


If you click the icon near the bottom right, an animated “dialog” pops up that lets you choose from a number of different colors, including a pattern that looks like grass or something?


Instead of just using a picture, you can use the new Yahoo avatars, which will require you to go through a zillion pages on their website to customize it.


The preferences menu is actually somewhat hard to find… it’s right between the Feedback button and the minimize button. You’ll notice that some of the items have keyboard shortcuts…


They are supposed to be adding a lot more features over the next year, but I think I’ll stick with Pidgin or Adium since I don’t really use Yahoo messenger anyway…

Download Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista

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  • Published 12/6/07

Comments (30)

  1. Sherry Lefler

    Does it matter if the people I talk to have Vista or not?

  2. brenda moore

    I think it is sooo cool

  3. JC

    Sadly messenger applications like Yahoo, AOL, and MSN are dying because of Trillian and Pidgin. Which are far better in my opinion.

    Of course, I find the fact that Yahoo waited a full year to just release a beta version of the “new” messenger something of a sign of not caring about their consumer. Since problems or not, this is the first update I’ve seen on the messenger since Yahoo announced the idea to create a Vista themed messenger many ages ago.

  4. Wong Bater

    what a disappointment after so long they finally released it and it sucks. and it doesn’t look anything like the original picture looked

  5. Al

    How did you get the sidebar gadget working?? All I get is a “missing image” icon

  6. Swappy

    How can I use this messenger on XP?

  7. juicy b

    (Swappy) i think it only worx 4 vista users only.

    my question:

    after i installed it, i can’t log in eventhough i uninstalled ym8.

    do u have any solutions for this?

  8. Jan

    I tried it for a short while and I truly believe the old yahoo messenger is better (and works fine on Vista). I searched the yahoo site for simple things like how to import profiles and message archive. Nothing to be found about that. As long as it is not clear if importing that stuff will work and how it should be done, I’ll stick to the older version which works great (and version 8.0 also supports chatting with live messenger contacts).

  9. Shane

    I guess the older version is much better than this new one, nothing much featured in this newer version and it sucks u don’t even use your web cam how was that?, Only the environment is good, u can change color, the avatar and so on, but what happened ? I guess if u can do the same feature I’m gonna give two thumbs up.!

  10. kambizpascia

    it s cool but don’t have key yahoo chat.
    Great blog.

  11. saravanan

    how to in vite a friend to view my web cam or request for web cam in messenger for vista

  12. sunny

    i was just spend my time to find a answer that how to start webcam but now i just read the comments some of the fellow just wrote that you can not use ur webcam..if this is true then this messenger for wista is totallyy 100% sucks….we were wating for long time now we got it but i think we got nthing like expecting..this is totallyy sucks..old one is webcam wooo..huh

  13. afa716

    i like the new outlook of the newly designed beta, but if we cant use it for its purpose…. whats the point of using it???… hope they will improve it like the old messenger.

  14. priya

    i like this yahoo msg..buh i can’t make a call on this or i cant view webacam..or i ant invite anyone to view ma webcam…no webcam..nthin at all….old one is better than dizz…..

  15. Ling

    AT least u all can log in. But the first problem and the biggest problem i face is that i can not even log in in this new yahoo for vista…..

  16. Alien

    Nice outlook which goes with vista theme but huge lack of features … nothing in it but awesome outlook no cam no voice & chat room doesn’t work in vista even with XP versions of YM , when i downloaded Vista YM i thought i’ll be able to use chat room but ……………. :P

  17. Shaan

    Unable to view webcam option in Yahoo Messenger – vista. I am using compaq Presario V3000 series laptop with inbuilt Compaq web cam. pls advice.

  18. Raja

    it looks nice but old one is a better functional messenger…..Yahoo people must put the same things in it as well as are in old one….Will wait for some good things in it…

  19. Stuntman Mike

    Just tried it out and well am really disappointed… no webcam supportand voice support only works every once in a while. Its a pre-beta version as it looks … Very poor!

    Id stick with Trillian, etc. but not a single third-party multi messenger supports webcams and voice chat. They all develop useless stuff, like webbased messaging, etc. But maybe no one else is in need for a webcam support…

  20. Daniel

    It should be noted that Yahoo has dropped all plans for this Vista-only IM project, as is explained here:

  21. Adam

    The link given only goes to Messenger 9 not the Vista beta.

  22. Kurt

    I would love to get the setup files for this, I need it just for communication and I think it looks cool…any help?

  23. carol

    How do you access old archives from before downloading yahoo for vista

  24. Linda

    My question is this why is it that after downloading yahoo IM 9. whatever on my windows vista, It always screws up my picture resolution. I get extra lg icons, & the screen is black & white? I have to remove yahoo im in order for it to stop? does the beta do the same? thank you. Linda Z

  25. stalin

    Where is the web cam option?????????

  26. Jason Saggers

    This was scrapped my yahoo some time ago which is a pitty because it looks like a real nice application.

  27. ialeyass

    dear all i know it is very cool how i can download this thing please

  28. Rocio

    Hey need help login in to yahoo messeger its giving me an error… Messenger encountered a connection problem. Please check the network connection and then try again (81003004)

  29. Murad khan

    hmm nice i read all the comment’s but the question is this that where is the web came option, and how can we use this so plz any one tell me that how i use the web cam in this yahoo messenger12 beta
    so i think this is not a big problem if know some one.

  30. Angie

    I loved this version of Yahoo Messenger.

    Tabs + Matrix view = perfect.

    I stopped using YM because the new versions cannot compare to the one they had in this one!

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